12 Easy Yoga Poses for Two People( Friends, partner or couples Yoga)

Yoga poses 2 ppl : At this critical times, a couple or partner yoga poses can come handy during this pandemic when movement is restricted and we are all required to stay at home.  

Doing some yoga poses all by yourself can be fun and relaxing, however, when you have a partner to do yoga with, the experience can be very thrilling and electrifying.  

So if are bored, you don’t need to be anymore with yoga poses 2 ppl that you can do with your partner.

I am bringing you 12 stimulating easy yoga poses for two people that can be performed anywhere and at any time. These selections of partner yoga poses for beginners can also be modified to sort a little more advance individual.

Let’s get started with this yoga poses for couples or friends and partners:

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Yoga Poses 2 PPL: 12 Easy Yoga Poses for Two People ( Friends, partner or couples)

1. Double Tree Yoga Poses for Couple

The double tree is included in the easy yoga poses for two people which can help you and your partner on balance improvement and even weight distribution. Double tree yoga poses also aids in improving trust and communication between partners. This yoga poses 2 ppl is one of my favorite and hope you love it too.

How to perform double tree yoga pose for two people:

  • Stand next to your partner with your hips side by side, but roughly 1’ apart.
  • Raise your arms upwards while pressing your palms into each other.
  • Your outer hands should be in front of you but instead press your outside hand into your partner’s exterior hand.
  • Ensure you press equally through your palms, so that one partner is not leaning further than the other
  • You and your partner should then lift the outer foot into tree position, so that your inner feet are the standing legs offering support.

2. Partner Standing Forward Fold– yoga poses 2 ppl

The standing forward fold is one of the 2 person beginner yoga poses that can help intensify your forward fold w is an excellent way to deepen your forward fold without fear of tumbling over since your partner is strongly holding you from falling.

How to perform standing forward fold easy yoga poses for two people:

  • In an upright position, face away from your partner and your heels should be 6’’ apart
  • Stand facing away from your partner, with your heels about 6” apart.
  • Then bend frontward while reaching your hands at the rear of your legs to take hold of the front of your partner’s shins.

3. Double Boat Yoga Pose

The double boat is among 2 person beginner yoga poses for you and your partner. This yoga pose for two people is easy and doesn’t require the use of excess strength as it wouldn’t mount stress on your hip flexors.

How to perform double boat yoga poses for two people:

  • Start by facing your partner with your knees bent, both feet flat on the mat, and your toes touching your partner’s.
  • Hold each other’s hands.
  • Then while still holding your hands, lean back as far as you can bear with your right foot off the mat and your legs at 900.
  • The soles of your feet should be pressed into each other.
  • Then raise the second foot off the mat and press the soles of your second feet into each other.
  • Make use of your belly button and lift the spine tall as you make straight your legs in harmony with that of your partner.

4. Chair and Mountain Yoga Poses 2 ppl

This is among the list of yoga poses for two people easy that permit the partner below to check out new position, while the Flyer experiences an exciting intensification of the physical body that also appears to increase the disposition of the non-psychical body.

To perform the Chair and Mountain easy yoga poses for two people

  • The first partner begins in the chair position while the second partner places a foot atop the thighs of the first partner, just above the knee.
  • The two partners should lean away from each other as the second partner places foot on top of the thighs of the second partner.
  • Then start to pull away from each other as the second partner set straight legs to standing position.

5. Double Partner Upward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

This 2 person beginner yoga poses accurately pushes your shoulders away from your ears for the sole purpose of relaxing your neck.

To perform the Double Upward Facing Dog yoga poses for two people:

  • The first partner starts in an Upward Facing Dog position.
  • Then the second partner places hands on the shoulders of the first partner and gently steps onto the back of the first partner ankles so as to lift into Upward Facing Dog.

6. Flying Warrior Pose Couple

The flying warrior is a 2 person beginner yoga poses that allows one partner to assume an airplane position. It helps to build trust between partners.

How to perform flying warrior easy yoga poses for two people:

  • The first partner should lie on back keeping the knees bent and legs raised toward the sky.
  • The second partner should stand in front of the first partner, clasping hands, and adjusting the stance so that pelvis remains in line with soles of the first partner’s feet.
  • The feet of the first partner will be turned a little so that when the second partner leans forward, the sole of the foot it supporting the hip of the second partner.
  • The second partner is the flyer, but will still have to steady core so as to maintain a proper balance.


7. Supported Backbend yoga Pose

Yoga backbend poses with support will prevent you from crunching your lower spine. So, the supported backbend 2 person beginner yoga poses will help you engage in deeper backbends poses without fear of injuring your spine.

How to perform supported backbend easy yoga poses for two people:

  • Face your partner with your toes coming in contact.
  • Observe your lower back. If you feel is tight, then your feet should be apart. However if your back is flexible, then you can stand with your feet joined.
  • Hold of your partner’s forearms.
  • Breathe in as you lift upward, and breathe out as you bend backward.

8. Wide Legged Boat Pose

This yoga poses for two people easy is performed while holding your partner’s arms or hands and demanding that your shoulders release tension.

How to perform wide legged boat for 2 person beginner yoga poses:

  • Your knees should be bent and apart and face your partner.
  • Keep both flat on the mat, with your toes should make contact with that of the other person.
  • Then proceed to the next phase by reaching inside your legs to hold your partner’s hands.
  • This will allow you to lean back to in order to raise both feet off the floor and taking your legs into an rough 900, with the aim of pressing the soles of your feet into the soles of your partners.
  • Employ the core to steady as you set straight your legs into straddle.

9. Double Dancer Yoga Pose

Yoga poses 2 for ppl or couple is  double dancer yoga pose.

The double dancer yoga pose has one partner providing support to the other for proper balance. This is among the list of 2 person beginner yoga poses that is easy to perform and requires little or no strength.

How to perform the double dancer easy yoga poses for two people:

  • Start by facing your partner a little less than mat’s distance apart.
  • Raise your front leg arm towards the sky as you take hold of the outside of your back ankle into Dancer’s Pose.
  • Bring your front arm forward to rest on top of your partner’s, palms will be at the top of the shoulders.

10. Double Partner Camel Yoga Pose

This yoga pose for two people easy is ideal for working toward Forearm Bridge. You don’t necessarily need to be bothered about being intense to harm yourself since your partner is there to support you.

How to perform double camel 2 person beginner yoga poses:

  • Start on your shins facing away from each other
  • Partner with a back with isn’t flexible should move closer to his or her partner so that your feet line up with your partner’s ankles.
  • If you are very flexible, you can simply be touching toes.
  • The first partner should lean backward into Camel, but instead of reaching for their ankles, takes hold of the partner’s thighs.
  • When the first partner is bent backward, then the second partner should reach out to take Camel, gently resting the back of the head on the first partner’s chest with palms falling around the hips of the first partner.

 11. Partner One Legged Wheel Yoga Pose

One-legged wheel is included on the list of easy yoga poses for two people. This yoga pose is easy when you have a partner to press into for stability compared to when you are carrying it out alone.

 To perform the one legged wheel yoga poses for two people easy:

  • The partners should begin by assuming the Wheel Pose facing away from each other and tips of toes touching each other.
  • Both of them should raise opposite legs up to the sky to press soles of the feet together.

12. Double Partner Reverse Plank

The double reverse plank 2 person beginner yoga poses entails the flyer partner to steady more and necessitates the base partner to support more weight.

How to perform the double reverse plank for two people easy

  • The first assumes the Reverse Plank position.
  • Then the second partner begins in Reverse Tabletop position while placing the hands on top of the first partner’s ankles.
  • The second partner places one foot at a time on the other partner’s shoulders, lifting the hips up to the Floating Reverse Plank.

Concluding On Yoga Poses 2 PPL: 12 Easy Yoga Poses for Two People

These are the easy yoga poses for two people that enhance flexibility, strength, trust, and communication between you and your partner. With these 2 person beginner yoga poses, you can start with the ones that you consider less challenging.

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