15 Yoga Challenge for One Person to Lose Weight(Yoga Challenge For 1)

cat cow pose

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Have you ever wanted to lose weight and you are not sure which yoga poses is the most optimal in helping you lose weight.

Well this article on 15 yoga challenge poses for one person to lose weight will guide.

Here I will show you some of the easy but best yoga challenge poses for 1. So each of the yoga challenge for one person below will have a how to perform it instruction and image to help you execute the yoga challenge for 1 appropriately.

So now if you want to begin your fitness, healthy life and Yoga journey, you don’t have to be discouraged because you have no partner.

Although there are lots of two-person yoga poses, there are tons of yoga challenge poses for 1. Here is 2 person or partner yoga pose you can do with friend.

You can master this poses and before you know it, you will be able to move through flexibility enhancing and strength building poses. If you want to keep practicing yoga as a single person, keep reading this post.

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cat cow pose

The cat cow position is one of the best yoga challenge poses for 1. To begin this yoga pose, get down on your knees, and make a tabletop position. You wrist should be on the mat below your shoulders while the knees should be directly below the hips.

Now, begin to inhale and release your stomach just directly to the mat. While doing this, tilt the tailbone and raise your chin upward as if you are facing the sky or ceiling. Now, switch position by exhaling and bringing your chin to the chest.  Continue by alternating between these two positions.

Uses: The Car Cow position makes the spine more flexible and warms the body. This pose stretches the neck and torso when increasing the strength of abdominal organs.

High Lunge

This is one of favorite yoga challenge for 1 you can do and you do not require a partner. You absolutely can perform this on your own.

To begin this pose, bend and stretch your left knee to the front just directly towards your nose. The left foot should be stretched to the back to a low lunge. 

Now, raise the arm upward and let the left knee remain bent at about 90 degrees. The knee should not move from the ankle. Now take deep breaths and then switch the leg.

Benefits: The high lunge is a one-person yoga challenge pose that helps to keep the legs strong and improves stability. It also helps the hip and feet with mobility.

Downward dog

To start this yoga pose as a single person, go down on all fours. Now, tuck your toes and make sure your hips are above the ground.

Your buttocks should also be raised upward. Now, let the heels drop back towards the yoga mat and drop the head.

To increase the wrist pressure, press the forefinger and thumb knuckles. Take three deep breaths here.

Benefits: With this yoga pose, the shoulder, hand, spine, and calves are fully stretched. It rejuvenates and energizes the full body and gives strength to the shoulders, legs, and arms.

Warrior Two

Bend down on all fours and round the left knee directly facing the nose. Let the left foot be between the two hands and spin the right heel down until it is angled out.

Spread the arms open and keep the palms facedown. Reach the back of the mat with the right arm while you reach the front of the mat with the left arm. The left knee should be at about 90 degrees with the left knee.

Now, drop your shoulders away from the front ribs and ears. Remain here for some time and repeat the one person yoga challenge pose again.

Benefits: If you are having a backache, then this pose is a good one for you. It also helps to stretch other parts of the body like groins, legs, and chests. Furthermore, it is useful in strengthening the thigh and buttocks muscles.

Wide forward bend

This is an effective one person gymnastics challenge. You begin by standing on the yoga mat all straight.

Then widen the right foot by steeping it out and just parallel to the feet’ outer edges. Inhale deeply and then reach the foot with the arms.

Maintain a long spine and exhale, push the hips forward until you reach the ground with your hands. Now, relax your head toward the ground.

Benefits: This yoga pose actively relieves any tension in the neck, spine, or back. You can also use it to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.

To keep strengthening the thighs and knees the wide forward bend is an effective yoga challenge pose for 1.

Tabletop crunches

To start this yoga challenge for 1, go down on your knees and hands. When you are down, let the knees be hip apart and feet behind the knees.

Now, raise the palm under the shoulder and keep your fingers inward.

Let the back remain flat and keep the ears and shoulders apart. The tail bone and back wall should be toward one another and raise the head crown to the wall. This will lengthen the spine.

Keep the left leg back and then bend the knee towards the nose. Do this three times on both sides.

Benefits: It helps to stretch the spine and improves the posture of the body.

Knee to tricep

This is another yoga pose that can be done by one person. You need to bend down on all four and then stretch forward on your toes. Now, raise the right leg very high to the right tricep.

The navel should draw towards the spine with this pose. Inhale and exhale deeply and then repeat for the left leg.

Benefits: This yoga pose helps to strengthen and build the arm muscles. It helps in building your upper body strength and helps the shoulders and arms.


To begin the plank pose, spread out in a tabletop position. Then, change the position into a pushup with the arms just beneath the shoulder.

The hips need to maintain a straight line with the shoulder and hips.  Hold this position for a few minutes.

Benefits: This yoga for 1 pose helps and strengthens the abdominal muscle and the spine.

Forward fold wrist taps

With this pose, you need to be in a downward-facing dog position. Let the hands be touching the feet and torso folding towards the thighs.

The right leg will be kept slowly off the floor and toes should be tapped to the right wrist. Do this to both sides.

Benefits: This yoga pose helps in strengthening the hips, arms, shoulder, and spine. It helps with mobility and posture.


This is yet another one person yoga pose. You need to step the feet out and draw heels and toes out. Once you are in that pose, lower into a squat position slowly.   

Lift your chest and let the palms remain at heart. Push the knees forward using the elbow.

Benefits: It helps to improve a person’s flexibility. The squat position makes it easy to tone the entire body.

Stand forward bend

Bend at the hips and draw torso towards the ground and let the hand touch the hands. Now, let the palm remain on the ground slightly in front of the feet.

Benefits: This is a yoga pose for 1 that has great benefits. It helps the liver and kidney for stimulation and relieves stress.

Furthermore, the pose can improve digestion and helps to relieve menopause symptoms. You can also try it out if you are struggling with insomnia and headache.

Half split

To begin the half split, you should be in a low lunge position with the left foot slightly forward. If it is not comfortable, you can bend the knee.

Then, release the right knee and reach the hip with your hands back. Now lengthen the left leg and fold forward towards the left thigh.

Benefits: This pose helps with the hips flexors.


On a down dog position, lift your left leg high to the split. After doing this, open the hip widely and bend your knee. Proceed by stepping the left foot outside the left hand.

Now, go down to the ground with the right knee. Now, reach to the chest through your arms and relax the head just in line with the spine.

Benefits: This yoga pose for one person improves stability and flexibility.

Standing split

You should start this in a standing forward position. Put both hands on the ground and bend,  lift the left leg high after transferring weight to the right foot.

Point the toes upwards and walk back in line with it. After doing this, drop your head. Repeat the process with the other side.

Benefits: This pose is for one person and helps to strengthen the back, knees, and ankles. It also helps with improving your body’s balance.


This is another yoga pose for a single person. You need to start by getting into the plank position.

Now, raise your body by dropping your palms towards the ground. Lengthen the spine and keep the chin tuck. Inhale and exhale in this position.

Benefits: It helps to lengthen the spine and helps with the arm muscle.

Conclusion on yoga challenge poses for one person

This post has listed 15 of the one person yoga poses and gymnastics challenges that you can do alone without any help.

These poses help with different parts of the body. They keep your body in great shape and strengthen mobility.

If you love this yoga challenge for one person please share this article and don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference.

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