how to dress a rectangle body shape

9 Styling Tips on how to dress a rectangle body shape

How to dress a rectangle body shape? We all have bodies that are special or unique to who we are. This is one of the reasons why your style should be something personal. There are dresses for a curvy body lady and there are rectangle body shape dresses.

The truth is an apple body type or a curvy body female can get away with almost anything in terms of clothing and style but that is not the same for a slim or a plus size square body shape lady. There are better dress for rectangle body shapes and better skirts and pants for rectangle body shapes

And that is why in this post we are going to talk about rectangle body shape characteristics and then dressing tips and clothes for square shape body or a petite rectangle body shape lady.

So whether you are a slim or a plus size rectangle body shape, this post will provide the information you need to better style your body type very well.

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It is important to dress in a way that flatters our shapes and shows the assets we love the most.

The only way can do this is by wearing clothes that fit our body frames. You need to know the shape of your body and educate yourself on the styles that will make you look good.

How to dress a rectangle body shape

Having a square body type is not bad at all, in fact, it is a good thing health-wise when compared to a pear body. According to the Association of waist-to-hip ratio with Metabolic Syndrome in women, having a square body type means that you have a lower risk of developing metabolic syndrome, heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes compared to other body types like a pear body.

 So don’t beat yourself up and let’s look at how to style you and still look elegant.

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Rectangle Body Shape Characteristics?

While referencing to rectangle body shape you should also know that is the same thing as a square body shape.

So in this post, both square and rectangle body shape will be used interchangeably.

What is a square body shape?

Rectangle or square body shape ladies are also often referred to as athletic body type. What determine the body shape you have are the measurements of your body.

To know whether you have a square body shape or not, here are what to look out for when considering the characteristics of a rectangle body shape:

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Square /Rectangle body shape characteristics

  • Broad Shoulders, square hips, and bust all are uniform or the same proportion.
  • Flat hips and butts
  • Little or no waist definition
  • The shoulder makes a straight line
  • No curvy on the entire body.

So basically those are the physical attribute that characterises a square or a petite Square body shape type.

Next, let’s look at dressing tips that will help you look stylish irrespective of whether you are a slim or a plus size rectangle body shape female.  

After then we move on to both casual and formal dresses for rectangle body shape including a pick of other kinds of clothes for square shape body.

Dressing & Styling Tips on how to dress a petite rectangle body shape

#1. Reduce the attention to your shoulder and waist: 

You can do this by flattering your figure with V-neckline dresses and tops. A V-neckline dress or top will draw attention away from your shoulders and towards your chest rather, creating a more elongated shoulder-to-waist appearance thereby reducing the rectangle shape.

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#2. Choose dresses that embrace your curves: 

Square-shaped ladies often have well-defined shoulders and no waist definition and you can create more definition and curves by wearing fitted tops and dresses that accentuate your waistline. Examples of these could be corset tops, shapewear, bandage dresses, or corset dresses. And also flared dresses will also take attention away from the narrow hips since they are wider and will not show the actual hip size making the waist appear to be more narrow and defined

#3. Add a touch of feminine flair to most of your outfit: 

As I already mentioned above you can balance your shoulders with a slightly fuller skirt or dress other than just wearing straight and loose outfits. A flared, an A-line, a puffy skirt design dress and skirt, or an empire waistline dress are all going to be flattering for square-shaped figures.

Here are some this I will recommend:

#4. Accessorize  Neck strategically.

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Okay, this sounds serious but it is simple, accessorize to add some kind of outlook, dimension, and balance to your figure. Why? Well, let’s say you have dangling earrings on or a statement necklace that calls for attention and you walk into a party or are talking to someone their mind will be more drawn to  your facial features and accessories  and how you wear them elegantly as against them analyzing your entire body 

#5. Think proportions when picking or shopping for panties:

Whenever you’re picking out or event shopping for panties and bottoms, I want you to think proportion. Since your hips are a little narrower than the shoulder, it’s ideal that a wider-leg trousers or jeans will create the balance needed to reduce the emphasis on your upper body. or you can go loose and bright-colored panties generally since they will somehow reduce the attention of the narrowness of your hips.  Pairing white pants with a form-fitting top or blouse can be an ideal combination for balancing out your shoulders-to-hip ratio.  You can choose some wide-leg panties in our bottoms category here

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#6. Use belts and waistlines to emphasize smaller waistlines:

Accessorizing with belts around your waistline can create the appearance and illusion of a narrower waist. when you have a cute belt on, people’s attention will be drawn to your stylish belt more, and you can go for belts that are adjustable, so you can play around with fitting you. The tighter you fit the belt on your waist; the more defined and smaller it will make your waist to shoulder and hips look. In addition, you could go for waist trainers as they help in shaping and reducing waist size up to 2 + inches. We have seamless design waist trainers, that will just blend into your clothes without no one noticing it. I suggest investing in a latex waist trainer as they are stretchy and comfortable.  

Here are a few from our store:

#7. Avoid harsh lines and patterns on your upper body: 

This is as simple as it is, too many harsh lines or patterns can accentuate your shoulders and make your frame appear larger. On the flip side, you can wear stripes and patterned panties and skirts like the one below

Summer Casual Strip Wide Leg Pant

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#8. Experiment with different colors when picking and matching outfits: 

Generally,  darker colors can help to slim your figure, while lighter colors add volume, so if we are looking at making our hips-to-shoulder balance, it’s ideal to wear darker colors on your upper body and brighter colors on the lower body.

#9. Find your personal style: 

And finally, you have to find your style and what is personal you feel confident and comfortable in. Don’t let this article limit you and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and clothe selection to find what flatters you best. I hope you find this to be helpful.

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