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Dos & Don’t+ 19 Best Outfits for Inverted Triangle Body Shape Ladies.

If you are one of beautiful inverted triangle apple body shape ladies who regularly read our blog then you will know try the most we can to show best ways ranging from both exercises, meal plan to shapewears and outfit and dresses to get into that hourglass figure.

And in today’s post, I am going to show you how to dress for inverted triangle body shape.

I will even pick out skirt, Jeans, shorts and tops for inverted triangle body shape and casual occasion general outfits for inverted triangle body shape.

I am also going to include some very nice winter clothes for inverted triangle body shape to keep you worm while looking stunning in the winter season.

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How to Dress for an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

So having those in mind let’s get started with what an inverted triangle body shape means.

What is a inverted triangle body shape?

This phrase is commonly used to describe ladies who have smaller glute and hips than their mid-section, shoulders and upper body generally.

And this because ladies naturally are meant to have larger glutes and hips, a small mid-section and not so broad shoulder and not the other way.

So basically when a lady’s upper body builds is larger than her lower body, people refer to her shape as an inverted triangle body shape.  

And yet other describe I such body shape as an upside down pear shaped body.

The inverted triangle body is a little similar to a rectangle body shape which I discussed here but they have different unique characteristics. And below are the specific features of an inverted triangle body.

Here are Characteristics of inverted triangle body shape

Below are specific features that characterizes an inverted triangle body or an upside down pear shaped body.

  • A  wider or broader shoulder
  • Large/Huge breast.
  • Bigger under bust or large upper waist.
  • A smaller lower waist, hips and Glute Maximus.

So now that we know what is an inverted triangle body shape meaning let look at how to dress for inverted triangle body shape but before that is an inverted triangle body shape attractive? Let’s talk about this first.

Is inverted triangle body shape attractive?

Well, to me, the answer to this is subjunctive to the lady and she caries herself confidently irrespective of her body shape.  So yes, an inverted triangle body shape is very much attractive and that is because even an upside down pear shaped body female can dress her body in the most stunning and breath taking way that everybody will love. And this can be achieved by simply wearing the right pear of clothes and accessories that suits her body shape.

Now let’s take look at what inverted triangle body shape should not wear?

What inverted triangle body shape should not wear?

As an inverted triangle here are some the design and style of clothe that you should not wear.

  • Do not wear overly tight clothes: overly tight clothes will highlight your broad shoulder and wide waist even more especially when the clothing is tight on the butt as well. However, if you can prefer to wear tight clothing, it is best to wear clothing that is tight up and loose down. This way, the loose bottom with balance up your upper body so your figure comes hourglass kind off. 
  • Be on the look for dresses, tops, skirts or panties with patterns. Vertical strips will be best to be worn as tops for inverted triangle body shape while horizontal, circular and crisscross outfits will work best if it goes as pantie or skirt for inverted triangle body shape. Also, the horizontal, circular patterns will fit an inverted triangle lady if it a dress.

Additional tips how to dress for inverted triangle body shape

1. Wearing Leggings

When wearing leggings, you need to wear the right type of leggings that push in your belly. This takes away the attention from your belly and you can also pear this with loose long top.

Be sure to also go for stretchy fabric leggings that cover your stomach but still solid enough to hold in your tummy.  

2. Wear brighter colors down.

 Knowing when and how to wear bright and cool colors and what to pair them with is what makes the difference.  A brighter color amplifies, so it best for you as inverted triangle person not to wear brighter colors on the upper body that is already huge. You don’t need more conspicuity.

3. Avoid Tucking in your clothes

Try to stay away from tucking in your tops, blouse or shirts. Be it a shirt or t-shirts. When you tuck in your clothing, it creates a division that will amplify the size of both your upper body and lower body. So that means for your upper, it looks even bigger and your lower body looks more smaller.

4. Wear loose jean pants.

Wearing a loose jean trouser or short for inverted triangle body shape will help amplify your glute size, making it look a lot bigger and fuller to match your upper body. However this does not mean that you cannot wear tight or skinny jeans also.

My top tips for you, in this case, is that you try out different styles and designs of jeans to see what fits you best because the truth is only when you wear it, you truly can tell if it really fits you or not. And this applies to even for the jeans, I will recommend here in this post. See also this other article I wrote earlier on choosing the right jean for the various body. I think it will be of help to you as well, so you might have to also read it.

14 Tops for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

1. CHEROKEE Workwear Revolution Mock Wrap Scrub Top      

The Cherokee workwear revolution is a mock wrap scrub top with shoulder yokes and two patch pockets, an instrument loop, princess seams, and side vents and the front and back as well as interior pockets.

This specially crafted design comes as a shirtsleeve top with special patch pockets inside and outside the blouse.

The classic polyester and spandex short sleeve Modern Classic fit mock wrap has a center back length of 26″ and ensures comfort and flexibility.

The Ideal plus-sized mock strap shirt does well to push in the stomach and chest fat giving an all in one look.

Suite for any body type and shape. Its thick material tucks in back flaps and arm fat and functions as an overall body compressor.

The workwear revolution mock wrap scrub is very comfortable and ensures the skin breathes fine by allowing the right amount of pressure. It doesn’t cause skin inflammation or limits flexibility.

It is highly effective for young and older plus-sized ladies, giving them a youthful look no matter the age.


  • Fits in the whole body in one piece
  • Hides excess fat, back flaps, and arm fat
  • Very flexible and comfortable
  • Suitable for occasions

2. AMCLOS Women’s Floral Tie-Dye Tunic V Neck Tops Button-up Casual Flowy

If you are looking for a perfect tops for inverted triangle body shape then this top will give you that fitting your require while reducing the conspicuity of your upper body.

You wear this all kinds of pants be it jeans, leggings or skirt. This is made with 95% viscose, 5% spandex and a button closure.

Very soft, supper stretchy at the same time flowy and it comes in various colors.  A tie-dye color, V neck, Long sleeves and 3 buttons in the front.

Please be sure  take time to read the Size Chart provided in product page so you can page the right size for you.

As of the writing of this post the top is retailed for $13 to $23 depending on the size you pick.  The larger the size you go for the costlier it becomes and for the current price, please view details link below.

3. SLIMMING GRIL Women’s Casual T-Shirt V Neck Cold Shoulder Tops

This is yet suitable outfits or tops for inverted triangle body shape. This top work wear revolution women’s v-neck scrub top offers a stylish fit for ladies of all sizes. This specially designed top creates an hourglass figure look by tucking in the stomach region and flattering the waist.

It also accentuates the shoulders and makes it appear proportional to the waist while reducing the attention on the glute size.

The v-neck provides a casual look with its straight pencil stitch and double patch pockets, logo label with bungee loop, and a Center back length of 27”.

The high quality material is very easy to maintain with machine wash and does not require bleaching as it retains its rich color overtime.

The modern classic outfit is ultra-soft and very elastic, giving you a feel good flexibility when you stretch or bend, during any activity.


  • Very soft and comfortable material
  • Gives an overall fitted look
  • Suitable for all body sizes

4.  Luvamia Women’s V Neck Tops Ruffle 3/4 Sleeve Tie Knot Blouses Button-Down Shirts

 The Women’s Casual Deep V Neck 3/4 Sleeve Button Tops Shirts and Blouses comes with a unique tie knot feature. That means you can also have your desired hour figure even at work.

With its ruffle sleeves, this blouse offers a class and sexy look with a button down v-neck and self knot tie hemline at the front and cool fitting tucking effect at the stomach and back. It is also suitable for casual outings, holidays, school, and vacations and can be matched with leggings, denim shorts or a corporate skirt.

The solid material blouse is available in various colors ranging from white, black, blue, coral, yellow, leopard print and floral printed to suit your dynamic tastes. Provides a button closure for you to control how much you reveal. Readily available in all sizes.


  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Allows you control how much you reveal
  • Comes with a special self knot helm
  • Available in various dynamic colors.
  • Quite affordable for career women.


  • Does not provide a slim fit

5. Allimy Women Summer Casual Split V Neckline Chiffon Blouses Loose Tunic Short Sleeve Tops

    This is a very sexy and classy combination. The Alimmy women summer casual Split V Neckline Chiffon Blouses Loose Tunic Short Sleeve is an exquisite blouse which offers a shirtsleeve top with special v-neckline to flatter the neck and reveal a little cleavage. Now that’s sexy.

The summer casual chiffon blouse is highly functional as it flatters the chest region and pushes up the breasts and give the stomach a slimmer and smaller appearance. It is very comfortable and allows you move and flex your arms and waist in its modern chiffon design.

Comes in different colors and sizes and fits any kind of body shape. It doesn’t add too much pressure or cause skin abrasions. While holding the body up for a straighter posture.


  • Flatters the neck and shoulders
  • Fits in excess fat
  • Gives a class and chic look

Here are some additional inverted triangle body shape tops you might also love and they will look stunning on you. Click on each of the image representing the style you like to view the full details of the tops

Nest let’s move on to some of stylish and easy going  winter clothes for inverted triangle body shape

1 Short for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

12. Luvamia Womens Ripped Denim Jean Shorts Mid Rise Stretchy Folded Hem Short Jeans

This one the my favorite and stylish short for inverted triangle body shape that you can get to make your casual days looking classy and stunning.

The Luvamia women’s ripped jean shorts is truly ideal for projecting your natural curves. The casual mid waist ripped destroyed short jeans gives a slim fit and tucks in excess tummy fat, giving you a flat stomach look while its lower flare makes your lower body look bigger and classy.

The jean short is folded at the hem and looks cute with, crop tops, peplum tops, a simple vest, blouses or slouch t-shirt. A traditional five-pocket layout, the multifunctional denim shorts is suitable for sneakers, heels and even flip flops for parties, beachwear, shopping or any casual outing.

If features a slim fit summer wear which puts adequate pressure in the right places, a zipper closure for maximum control and supportive thickness for all sizes. Comes in extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.


  • Offers a youthful, active look.
  • Doesn’t place too much pressure on the waist or lower back
  • Flatters even the smallest rear


  • Not suitable for all occasions

2 Dresses for inverted triangle body shape

15. BUENOS NINOS Women’s V Neck Floral Maxi Dress Boho Printed Adjustable Spaghetti Strap Ethnic Beach Long       

This maxi dress is the true definition of class on the beach. The 100% rayon boho maxi dress jumpsuit comes with an adjustable spaghetti strap and a pull on closure. Pulls attention away from fat reserves and flatters the arms and legs to give a well fitted overall look and a slimmer waist.

The Sleeveless V-neck Printed strappy long maxi dress hides your figured and projects wider hips with a loose waist area. You may choose to add a waist belt for a curvier appearance.

 Very suitable for beach or holiday events and best paired with flip flops. Here some of its benefits and disadvantages.


  • Very comfortable
  • Comes with adjustable strap


  • No strong figure shaping effect

16. LookbookStore Women’s V Neck Mesh Panel Blouse 3/4 Bell Sleeve Loose Top Shirt 4.0 out of 5 stars.

The lookbook store women’s V-neck mesh panel blouse is a special edition loose top shirt which provides maximum comfort and projects the tiny waist and wide hips. The quality material outfit is ideal for plus size ladies who desire to flaunt their proportional shoulders and big bust.

The v-neck provides a very stylish revealing feature and hides stomach fat residue beneath its loose-fitting, closing the right places to give a high shoulder and chest and wider hip look.

Ideal for any occasion and can be worn atop a pair of jeans or a corporate skirt.


  • Super comfortable
  • Light material allows your skin to breathe and reduces inflammation
  • Very flexible and stylish


  • Might not be very durable
  • May not be suitable for all body types.

3 Additional Outfits for inverted triangle body shape

17. BESTENA Sports Bras for Women, Seamless Comfortable Yoga Bra with Removable Pads

This sport bra offers maximum comfort and pushes up the breasts to provide an ideal hourglass figure. The multifunctional bra tucks in excessive chest and back fat, giving the stomach a slimmer and more upright posture.

This yoga bra comes with a removable pad feature which controls the amount of pressure on the breasts. The material allows for easy skin breathing and prevents compression of the ribs or skin inflammation.


  • Very comfortable
  • Provides slimming effects
  • Goes well under any outfit
  • Pushes up saggy boobs


  • Does not provide full body support

18.  Avidlove Women Lingerie Lace Babydoll V Neck Sleepwear Strap Chemise 

The Vidlove is a unique design which creates sexy body shaping in a super comfortable outfit. The v-neck outfit is flattered in an exotic lingerie lace baby doll design to allow for a feel good and comfortable fit.

The modern comes in an ultra-soft material to avoid skin abrasions and inflammation giving you high flexibility needed for night time, with a slim fitting effect which compresses the mid stomach areas and accentuates your natural curves giving you the ultimate hour glass figure.

Available in every size and very durable, this hourglass lingerie in high demand for living up to expectation in making ladies feel sexy and comfortable, all at once.


  • Very comfortable
  • Tight in all the right places
  • Very affordable
  • Provides a slimming effect
  • Very durable
  • Great for taking baby bump photos

19. SATINA High Waisted Leggings – 25 Colors – Super Soft Full Length Opaque Slim

A pair of leggings can never do you wrong if you get the right one and pair it with a fitting top. This Satina high waisted leggings pushes in stomach and leg fat to provide a slimmed down effect and fit appearance. Its sleek design gives your legs a smooth look and draws attention to your now tiny waist and wider hips.

This pair of leggings comes in up to 25 amazing colors and all sizes. The elasticity of this leggings allows it to go all the way up and compress your stomach yet project your hips and make them look wider. That means you’ll get sleek long legs, a tiny waist and very sext look from only a one-piece outfit.

Suitable under any blouse, or dress and on any occasion; even to the office. Goes well with sneakers or heels.


  • Slims thighs and legs
  • Tucks in stomach fat
  • Gives your legs a smooth look
  • Very soft and comfortable.

What To Consider When Looking Out For An inverted Triangle shape


  • This should be a top priority with hour glass dresses. Get dresses with soft and firm materials which guarantee you ultimate ease and flexibility.


  • Always pick the right sizes to prevent your order from running loose or too free after a while.


  • Always look for colors that go well with your complexion and skin tone. It’s best you go for cool and bright colors to project the hourglass effect.


  • This is why you should check the material components to be informed on its durability.

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