7 Exercises For Hip Pain Relieve Fast ( Best Exercise for Hip Pain and Lower back)

So you have been feeling some sort of severe hip pain or back pain and you really want them gone, this article discusses in details some common causes of hip pain symptoms here and the 7 best exercises for hip pain and lower back to give you relief instantly and within days.

You may experience Hip pain as a result of injury or muscle weakness, strenuous exercises or tissue inflammation. It may even be that you just feel a burning sensation on your hips when walking naturally without really identifying what caused the burning sensation.

Whichever type of hip pain you may be dealing with, we are covering some simple exercises here in this post to give you relief. I only included the best exercise physical therapy for lower back and hip pain.

When you have hip pain some simple stretches for outer hip pain can most times relief pain but there persistent pain that requires more best stretches for outer hip pain and the lower back to effect and that is where this list comes in very handy.

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 7 Exercises for Hip Pain (Exercise for Hip Pain and Lower Back)

Exercise 1. – Hip Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling is one of the best hip pain exercises I would ever think of for muscles soreness, inflammation, strain and any form of hip pain symptoms.

Though this exercise requires you to purchase a foam roller, it is a great investment because you can use it anytime you experience pain on the hips.

So if have the money, please invest in a foam roller. Check this one on Amazon.

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How to Perform Foam Rolling?

To perform foam roll on the hips, simply lie on your right side to begin,  then place the roller on the right hips.

Keep your foot firm while sitting on the mat, use your hands to push up your upper body from the floor and to support yourself.

Then,  roll your right hips on the roller, starting from the pelvic bone all the way down to the mid-thigh and roll right back up toward the hips.

Repeat the move for about 1 to 3 minutes on the right hip then switch and perform the move on the opposite hip for the same duration of time.

Exercise 2. – Lying Lateral Leg Raise.

The next hip pain exercise to consider is Lying lateral leg raise. This exercise is ideal because it helps strengthen the hips muscle to prevent it from any sort of injury, pain and to develop the muscle to its full potential.

How to Perform Side-Lying Lateral Leg Raises.

To perform this exercise, lie down on your right side using your hands to support your head.

Place the top hands on the floor in front, then raise your top leg up toward the sky as high as you can go then bring it back down to meet the leg on the floor.

Repeat for 1 minute and switch side, perform the move on the opposite leg, be sure to engage your core muscle as you carry out this exercise.

Exercise 3. – Glute Bridge

Third exercises for hip pain I recommend is glute bridge, this exercise is very easy to do and will help build strength on your entire lower body muscle including the hips muscle.

How to Perform Glute Bridge.

Lie on your back and have both legs bent, bring your foot toward your buttocks. Then lift your butt off the floor toward the sky and squeeze your butt as you take it off the floor,  then bring your butt down to tap the floor and take it back up.

Repeat motion for 45 seconds to 1 minute.

Exercise 4. – Frog Pose

This is a great stretch for both the inner and outer thigh, one of my best stretches for outer hip pain and even the inner. This pose is very good for hip mobility, strength and it will take away any form of hip pain when walking.

There are variations of it as you can see from the image above, so choose which one best works for you.

How to Perform Frog Pose Exercise.

To perform the first move, simply sit on your mat and then try to curl your leg with foot pointing back, then your body forward and go all the way down.

Be careful with this move so you don’t break a bone. Move slowly till you get to the point where you no longer can bend forward then stop there and hold for 20 to 45 seconds.

Slowly release your body and come back to sitting upright again.

Then try to replication the second variation lying your back

Exercise 5. – Side Lunge

This hip pain exercise works all angles of your legs and butt. It works the front, side and back all together.

I recommend you do this to strengthen the hip muscle and bones in other to relieve and prevent any kind of hip pain.

How to perform Side Lunge.

Come up to standing on your right leg with chest and head straight up then move the left leg to the side and bend the knee of this the left leg while trying not to allow your knee go past your toe.

Keep your back straight on the lunge position, then come back and repeat move on opposite leg.

Perform this exercise for 20 to 45 seconds in a day.

Exercise 6. – Forward Lunge

This is a variation of the side lunge, but for this move you will lunge forward as shown in the image above.

Remember to keep your back straight, chest out and look forward. Do not let your knee go beyond your toes.

Hold and alternate move on both legs for 20 to 45seconds

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Exercise 7. – Knee to Chest

Knee to Chest stretch is one of my easiest moves to help with hip pain.

To perform this move, just lie flat on your back then bring one leg in toward your chest with your knee bent to a 90-degree angle.

Hold the leg for few seconds, release and perform the move on the other leg. Stretch both legs for about 1 to 3 minutes daily.

Final tips here are some Exercises to Avoid.

You will need to stay away from any high impact form of exercises if your hip pain is caused by arthritis or by performing specific unfriendly exercises to your body and bone structure.

A high-impact activity like running and jumping can worsen bursitis condition, so it is better you avoid them.   I recommend walking instead, it is a much better option for this type of condition.

so here you have them all, my top selection of 7 exercise for hip pain and lower back make sure to leave us feedback in your get some relief.

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