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Symptoms of Hip Pain and Causes of Hip Pain in Ladies + Hip pain treatment

If you are feeling any form of pain on the hips, this article guides you on how to get quick relief from any pain you may feel. The article discusses in details some of the common hip pain causes, outer hip pain causes hip pain symptoms and some hip pain exercises for quick relief.

There are a lot of hip pain causes and symptoms,  but the two most common ones are mentioned below and they are the ones I had personally experienced.

Let’s first consider the two hip pain symptoms and causes I have experienced personally and then we will go on to talk about the general ones.

shapeminow hip pain symptoms and causes that I have personally | ShapeMiNow is your go-to store for all kinds of body shapers, dresses, and statement pieces.

Two of the common hip pain symptoms and causes that I have personally experienced are:

  • 1) Very sharp pain in-between the hip bone. That is, between the femur and ilium (See images).

When I had this issue, I was not sure of the cause  but after doing research on the topic,

I discovered that the pain is mostly as a result of my poor workout posture when performing unfamiliar hip exercise moves.

So what I did was to correct my form and make sure my posture is right when performing any hip exercise moves.

If you feel this pain and you do not exercise, it may be that you have arthritis. We will discuss more arthritis as we go further

  • 2) The second hip pain symptom I have experienced happened recently and it happened while I was constantly working on my hips almost every day in order to grow it.

I started to feel a burning sensation on both sides of my hip muscles. It was more than the normal kind of soreness I usually feel after doing my normal hips workout. So I just knew that something wasn’t right.

Later on, I realized the muscle was inflamed and this occurred as a result of overtraining the muscle.

I was exercising too often and not giving the muscle time to recover.

In order to continue my training, I had to stop exercising for days and also, I applied an ice pack on the area twice daily.

Asides from the symptoms and causes of hip pain from my personal experiences above, there are lots of other factors that could make your hip burn or cause pains in the hip.

These factors could range from age, hip fractures, arthritis, muscles strength or weakness, activity level and even infection on the muscle caused due to other factors.

If you are within the ages of 18 to 35 and you are very active the chances are, your hip pain could be caused by muscle strain or inflammation from not having enough rest from your workout session.

Or it could be a result of one of the conditions included in the list below.

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Some General Causes of Hip Pain in Ladies are:

shapeminow HIP PAIN 1 | ShapeMiNow is your go-to store for all kinds of body shapers, dresses, and statement pieces.
  • #1 – Inflammation of the Hip Tissues.

Tendinitis and bursitis and some other ligaments around the hip connecting the muscles to the joint could get infected.

Those ligaments get infected due to overtraining and performing of strenuous exercises too frequently without much recovery and rest period in-between causing the muscle to be inflamed.


  • #2 – Arthritis

This is a chronic joint pain on hip pain that torments a lot of ladies. Often, this is caused as a result of inflammation on the joints, resulting in wear-and-tear of tissues around the joint in some individuals as they age/get older. The ball & socket joint of the joint begins to wear out causing you to feel pain.

This sort of joint inflammation pain is regularly felt in the front of the thigh close to the hip area or even in the crotch.

  • #3 – Gynaecological and Back Problems

Hip pain or torture in ladies can also be caused by gynaecological problems. It’s vital not to just assume that your hip pain is caused due to joint pain, bursitis, tendinitis, arthritis, and inflammation or even muscle soreness. Depending on your age and other medical problems, the pain in your hip could be originating from things like age and pregnancy.

For instance, when the uterus lining grows somewhere else this could cause pelvic sensitivity, which is considered as hip pain for some ladies.

Spine and back pain sometimes can also be felt at the buttocks and hip area. So look out for when you started experiencing the hip pain and what led to it.

  • #4 – Hip Fracture

Hip cracks or fractures are mostly seen in advanced women, particularly persons with osteoporosis (Osteoporosis is a decreased bone density). Symptoms of a hip crack or fracture consist of pain when you try standing straight, lifting, or stretching out your legs.

Additionally, the toes on the affected side will seem to turn out, a sign that you need the help of a doctor.

shapeminow Symptoms of Hip Pain and Causes of Hip Pain in Ladies | ShapeMiNow is your go-to store for all kinds of body shapers, dresses, and statement pieces.

5 Hip Pain Treatment Without Surgery

Different Hip pain treatment options will depend on the symptoms, cause or diagnosis of a doctor.

But hip pain caused as result of overtraining or any form of sports can easily be treated with stretch, rest, heat and ice or an anti-inflammatory medicine prescription from a doctor.

So let’s look at the break down of each hip pain treatment and where they apply and then we will move on to our 7 best hip pain exercises to add to your routine which can help prevent and treat hip pain.

  • 1) Treatment for Hip Inflammation, Soreness, Tendinitis and bursitis.

Use Ice to treat any form of Inflammation of the Hip like Soreness, Tendinitis and bursitis. Ice is one of the best remedy or treatment for an inflamed tissue or joint, due to overtraining or even due to bursitis. You can wrap an ice pack in a towel and place it around the side of the hips you feel the pain for some minutes. Or you can also apply it directly on the area.

This can within a matter of hours gives you relieve which makes it one of our best hip pain solution.

Adequate stretching can also help relieve this kind of hip pain (see recommended stretches and Hip Pain Exercises below after reading through)

*Please do not to use heat for this kind of hip pain because it can worsen the problem.

  • 2) Use Heat to Treat Arthritis

If the cause of your hip pain is Arthritis, it is recommended that you apply hot /warm water to it or a solution.

A bath with warm water can calm your joint pain or arthritis pain so quickly.

Beware however not to use cold water if your hip pain is caused by arthritis because it can worsen this type of hip pain.

Try to participate in low impact exercises and even some stretching as well, this helps a lot.

Also, if for instance, you have osteoarthritis in your hip, which is a joint inflammation that is caused as a result of wear and tear of the ligament in your joint, then losing a couple of pounds can help relieve the pain.

  • 3) Relieve Bursitis by Stretching

If you just have Bursitis then adequate stretching will suffice for this kind of hip pain as well.

  • 4) Strengthen Inner and Outer Thighs

At times, you could feel pain on your hips due to the weakness of the muscle around the hip area.

For this kind of hip pain, it is best you work on the muscle of the outer and inner thigh to build strength and the pain will slowly reduce over time.

If you are not used to exercising, I suggest you try exercising in water.

Exercising in water enables you to strengthen your muscles without putting too much pressure and weight, making it an easy and fun activity.

There are lots of other exercises that I would recommend you do which does not require water.

Please see the list of the Best hip pain exercises to strengthen both inner and outer thigh below.


  • 5) Relieving Hip Pain From Muscle Soreness.

Try to know the differences between muscle soreness and actual hip pain, these two are different.  Muscle soreness will not last for days and it does not come with a burning sensation or sharp pain on the joint. Muscle soreness is very normal after performing an exercise challenge which usually will stop by itself after proper rest for a day or 2.

But a fast way to also relieve soreness so you can work out more frequently is applying ice on the affected hips or you can also take a cold bath.

Be conscious of your main hip pain causes and then apply the applicable hip pain treatment specific to you and all the problem is solved. You can as well visit a medical practitioner to get expert guidance and treatment.

I really hope this article has help you, please be sure to share it with your friends

Take a look at some of our recommended Hip Pain Exercises in this video below or you can take a look this article my recommend exercises for hip pain relieve :

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