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6 Supplements High In Protein & Vitamins for Bigger Buttocks and Hips

Let us face it many supplements in the market do not work the way you expect them to despite all the hype and advertisers claims. So, you would feel apprehensive when I tell you to get the lited supplements and products to make your buttocks bigger.

Yes, I know, of course, you wouldn’t want to throw your money away. However, be rest assured that you would get your money’s worth if you “get any of these mentioned Supplements here” in this post.

Although many advertisers make empty promises, some supplements truly work and help you to reach your dreams of a fit and beautiful body.

As you have already guessed, in this post, we are exploring how to grow your Butt 2-3 inches bigger using the best supplement in the market. However, you cannot get booty gains by using supplements only. If this were true, then everyone would get bigger butts.

Overview On How to Make your Buttocks Bigger Fast at Home or Gym

Firstly, if you are here to learn how to make your buttocks bigger fast at home by just drinking supplement, well  I will say that is wrong because building your glute weather at home or GYM requires a well-structured  Hypotrophy glute training in combination with consumption of protein-rich foodvitamin, minerals or supplements like below-mentioned products to make your buttocks bigger.

So these products basically supply you the deficient minerals and vitamins for bigger buttocks and hips to complement your food source while helping you reach your nutrient and protein need per day.

And that is because it not always easy for some persons to source and meet their nutrient requirement per day in to develop their glute, so with products for bigger buttocks you are sure to have the needed nutrient daily for glute growth.

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6 Supplements Supply with High Protein & Vitamins for Bigger Buttocks and Hips

Like I said earlier, booty gains depend on you meeting certain conditions before you even think about buying any supplements. It is just like building a house, where you can’t build a huge structure without laying a proper foundation. That is how it is in this case if you want to grow your butt.

Let us set the foundation first so that you get the best out of the whole process.

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Setting the Foundation to give you Maximum Glute Growth

You should know these 2 vital things that would help you get maximum booty gains. In addition, if you do those two things, you are assured of success.

  1. First, you must do steady glute training 3 to 5 times a week only for your Glute
  2. Second, you must eat High Protein foods and eat on a surplus Calories

Haven listed the key success factors; you should also note that if you fail to stick to the weekly Glute workout routines and just eat healthy food, you will not get the result you seek.

Now that we have established the foundations and what you must do to succeed, let me give you the Butt training sessions that will fire up your Glute and give you the highest growth possible.

You should visit this link and go through the (Glute Builder checklist) to give you a brief of what you must know and do before you begin the real glute training sessions.

Well, it is time to show you the amazing supplements with high protein supply and vitamins for bigger buttocks and hips that would help you get clear results in a short time.

Here is a list of Supplements/Products to Make Your Buttocks Bigger

No1. Protein Powder for Growing your Glute

This is the first supplements we recommend that you will need to use as you begin your quest to grow your Butt.

You need this product because you may not be getting your total daily need of protein from nutritious food. So, you need something to support you and give you surplus calories. That is where carefully formulated protein shakes, will come in handy at this time.

Facts on grounds show that you need at least 1 gram of protein for each bodyweight to grow glutes. To make this clear, if you weigh 120 pounds, you will need to eat (1g x 120) to give you 120 grams protein each day to maintain the growth of your glute muscles.

Another thing you need to know is that there are superior protein powders and there are some that are not up to standard. For instance, we know that you can get 20 to 30 grams for each scoop you take from a protein powder.

Let us go back to protein supplements. Like I said some of them do not do what they claim.

I am also sure that you may see many ads on the internet or received them from marketers who are selling different protein supplements daily. But, I must warn that most of these powders have unwholesome ingredients and you should avoid them.

Also, you know that you cannot replace your body so you must go for the best because health, as they say, is wealth! Besides, you do not want to be wasting money on useless products that don’t deliver what they promise.

Here is a list of Unhealthy Ingredients you should look out for and avoid.

  • Vegetable oils and fats
  • Fillers – Used to make the protein powders bulkier to save money for the makers
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Thickeners and Gums like Xanthan gum manufactured from Soy or Corn of GMO foods

You are aware that the healthier the food you eat, the stronger and more vibrant you would be. In addition, we have analyzed the protein powder in the market and wish to say that we have identified the best 2 that you can safely use. They are:

  • Also, the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder
  • Plus, Vega Sport Premium Protein Powder – Recommended for Vegans and Vegetarians

These protein powders have been tested and found to have complete nutrition requirements that you need to help you gain glute size fast.

Let’s now move on to the next product or supplement you need to grow and build your glute muscle effectively while exercising alongside drinking the supplements.

No 2. Creatine Powder (Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder)

If it is hard for you to gain weight on your butt Creatine Powder will work like magic for you provided you use it properly.

You usually find Creatine in your muscle cells. It enables your muscle to give you maximum energy when you do deep workouts. So, to get the highest benefit from Creatine powder, you must use it before and after you do your Butt routine exercises.

Also, you should take the powder 45 minutes before you begin your workout to give you the energy you need and power the glute muscles to their highest point.

According to studies, they increase muscle mass. So your target, in this case, is the size of your glute. Another benefit is that it also builds your strength when doing your booty workout routines.

Also, researchers state that it is safe for you to consume.

Furthermore, we have found out after careful research that one of the safest creatine powders on Amazon is that one made by Optimum Nutrition. So, if you truly desire to grow bigger Glutes, you should start by including this product in your diet.

Next product on the list is BCAA Powder

No 3. Branched –Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) (This is Optional)

This amino acid was made popular by YouTube and you may have heard of it. However, we would like to state that you may not need it.

Although, you can use it and it can improve your chances of getting bigger glutes too.

Furthermore, Essential Amino Acids are gotten from Leucine, isoleucine, and Valine, and comprise about 35 % of the body’s muscle protein.

The sorry part about this amino acid is that your body cannot make it so you must get it for your food.

For instance, your body gets BCAA from the following foods:

  • Lentils
  • Brown Rice
  • Eggs,
  • Beef and chicken
  • Nuts
  • Baked Beans
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Be sure to check out this article for a comprehensive list of all the food class you need to grow your glute muscle in conjunction with your glute training routine.
  • Another fact you need to have is that BCAA helps your body after rigorous workouts by speeding up muscle protein recovery.

In addition, there are up to 20 amino acids but leucine is recognized as the top among the list for building muscles.

Also, just as you may have guessed already, there are many brands of this product selling on the Web. So to cut to the chase, go for the BCAA made by Physique Formula.

And my last recommendation is below vitamins for bigger buttocks and hips.

No 4. Vitamins For Bigger Butts

We all know that if you take nutritious food you won’t need to buy multivitamin supplements. However, due to what you go through daily, you lose a lot of these essential vitamins. Hence the need to replenish them.

Furthermore, you can get these supplements easily from the Amazon or the next door pharmacy.

You shouldn’t bother going through the tons of brands on the internet. So take time tested brands that deliver real value. They are NatureMade or One A Day For Women. I personally prefer One A Day For Women but they both are great products to supply you with the needed mineral and vitamins for bigger buttocks and hips.

So we those in mind lets take look at common questions ladies me on products for the glute.

Frequently Asked Questions on Products & Vitamins for Bigger Buttocks and Hips

#1. Do Fish Oil and Vitamin E make Your Buttocks Grow Big?

You may have heard that Fish oil and Vitamin E can help you get bigger butts. Well, they say so because of these facts. 

Fish Oil is totally made up of fat. So, some people believe that because it is fat that the body easily absorbs it and that it would go straight to their glutes to build the muscles there.

Whereas, they feel that Vitamin E will help to reduce stretch marks in the butt and also make the skin smooth. This is a fact.

So, let us address whether fish oil can make your Buttocks bigger. We are sorry to disappoint you because there is no scientific proof that if you rub fish oil on your butt it will make it grow bigger.

Therefore, the final answer to this question is that you can get fish oil and Vitamin E because they are good for the body but they do not make your buttocks bigger.

#2. Should I take Estrogen Pills to grow my Buttocks?

The reasoning behind this thought is that because Estrogen helps to develop feminine features like development of breast and hips, they assume it will do the same for your butt.

Here again, we would state that there is no scientific proof that this claim in some products is true.

You should also put Butt enlargement creams and pills into this category.

Our final answer is that we do not recommend taking estrogen to grow your Buttocks.

3. Will Maca Root give you curves and Bigger Glute? Should You get it?

If you heard Maca Roots Grows the Butt and you wish to buy one. Should You get it?

Maca Root will give you some valuable health gains. They: include

  • Raising your mood
  • Helping Athletes perform better
  • Dealing with some types of Menopause problems

Furthermore, there is no scientific record anywhere that it can help you grow your butt.

So our final answer on this issue is that it does not make your butts bigger though it serves some other health purposes.

I personally do not approve that you use it for getting bigger glutes. For all those maca root buttocks results before and after pictures you see are as a result of general weight gain all over the body.


We hope you are not feeling overwhelmed by the range of products in this post.

Also, you can get what you need. In addition, just to put it straight, we recommend that you must get 2 vital products first.

They are:

  1. Top Rate protein powder ( You can either buy the Optimum Whey Protein or you buy the Vega Protein)
  2. Get Creatine Powder

You need these two products in your Butt Growing Supplements to help you grow larger and rounder glutes fast.

Just make sure you follow this guide and set the exact foundation we talked about earlier. If you stay on this quest for the long term, you will be blessed with that booty you seek.

So this is basically how to make your buttocks bigger fast at home. I hope this post on Minerals/ vitamins for bigger buttocks and hips and products to make your buttocks bigger helped you choose the right supplement to meet up your protein/nutrient need to complement your food supply after your workout.

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