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Set Curvy Body Goals That Works|How to Get a Curvy Body in 2 Weeks + Curvy body workout at Home

Setting curvy body goals is something most ladies are doing at the moment and this is due to the trend that favours ladies with nice figured hourglass body.  And today’s post we are looking at how to get a curvy body in 2 weeks.

We are covering every bit of the process to have a curvy body, including curvy body diet plan, curvy body workout you can do at home

And if you decide not to use the sample meal plan I will also give you a list of healthy food for curvy body to plan your meals.

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4 Tips on How to Get a Curvy Body in 2 Weeks ( Curvy Body Diet Plan & Curvy Body Workout)

Trust me, I love to have a curvy body and I have worked my ass to achieve this, trying different things because I was not naturally blessed with curves.

So I know all the best practice and what will get you result quick and fast.

If you are ready to get curved, let’s get going:

shapeminow curvy body workout and meal plan1 | ShapeMiNow is your go-to store for all kinds of body shapers, dresses, and statement pieces.

#0Tip:  Set Realistic Curvy Body Goals.

So I wanted to first, let this out and put your mind in the right perspective.

Though you can get your body looking a little curvier within a week or 2, but it’s important you know that getting your body to look curvy is one thing, and remaining curvy after you reach your goals is and another thing.

And that is where setting realistic body goal comes in action in the long run.

Why am saying this?

Well, it’s simple, things you quickly obtain are much easy to go away. Trust me getting huge curve is not just a 2 weeks’ things but you can get good results within 2 weeks. But to get a very huge curve will take longer and for it not to go away, you have to keep training to maintain them.

So if your aim is to train for just 2 weeks to have curve then stop, well I am sorry to say this; the curves will go away the moment you stop training.

My advice to you is that you make this 2-week curvy body goals a lifestyle. Then you want to continue pushing and pursuing it for a very long time even beyond weeks or months.

With those in mind, let’s move on to the 4 tips to help you get a curvy body in 2 weeks.

#1Tip: Eat Healthy to Have a Curvy Body

For you to have curves or hourglass body, you need to start eating healthy; there is no short cut to this.

The kind of food you put in YOUR body is what determines where your body stores the majority of the fat from the food.

So you want to get your food supply from healthy food option and below is a list of curvy body foods to include in your meals.

The list has 3 must have groups of food for curvy body in a meal to grow and develop your curves.

3 Class of Food for Curvy Body (Healthy Curvy Body Foods List)

There are 3 main class of food for the curvy body you should have in your meal and they are Protein, Carbs, and Fat.

These 3 groups of food are called macronutrients. They are the building block for developing and growing the booty muscle size which is what gives you curves.

To fully understand how these classes of food contribute to building your booty, please read this article on 51 foods that good to your hips and thighs.

So when planning your meal, you have to pick one or 2 food from all the class to include in your curvy body diet plan.

Here are the list:

i) Healthy & Complete Protein Food For Curvy Body

You need 1.5 gram of protein per kg of your body weight to grow booty muscles.

  • Meat ( includes lean pork, lean beef)
  • Fish, (salmon, catfish, jellyfish, etc)
  • Poultry (including chicken, turkey)
  • Beans (including black beans, chickpeas-hummus, kidney beans, refried beans, and pinto beans
  • Eggs  
  • Milk
  • Soy milk
  • Greek yogurt
  • Low-fat yogurt
  • Hard cheeses
ii) Healthy Complex Carbs Curvy Body Foods
  • Whole Wheat Bread
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Irish Potatoes
  • Pasta
  • Rice (brown or white)
  • Banana
  • Oatmeal
  • Corn
iii) Healthy Fatty Food for Curvy Body
  • Avocado
  • Olives
  • All kinds of NUTS
  • Fatty Fish.
  • Peanut Butter
  • Walnuts

For more for options on each of the list above, see this article.

So now you have the list of food for bigger curves that build muscles around your buttocks and lower body.

Let’s then move on to the curvy body foods that keeping your belly flat and waistline small to get your booty and hips look more prominent.

Curvy Body Food to Keep Your Belly Flat and  Waist Slim.

So in addition to having the 3 macronutrients above in your meal, you also need fruits and veggies in the meal to help keep your belly flat.

Fruit and veggies have a lot of fiber which helps with your bowel activities and it also helps reduce hunger thereby controlling your total food consumption so you don’t eat over too quickly.

They also provide your booty with minerals and vitamins that helps in the booty building process.

So pick 2 or 3 vegies and fruits from the infographics above.

You also want drink a lot of water.

Having known your food selections for curvy body, let’s look at tips number 2

#2 Tip:  Lose Body Fat to Have Hourglass Body & Curvy Body

So for this step you need to work on your body fat and reduce than. Mind you if you are already skinny or slim,  then you will have to read this article where I shared tips on how to go from skinny to curvy

But if you are chubby and do not have curves then you have to lose body fat for your curves to show, especially you want those midsections to reduced so your hips and booty to appear bigger and curvier.

Apply the following steps for a quick fat loss:

#1. Cut Down Your Calorie.

And to lose body fat you have to cut down on your calorie. Calorie is the energy unit in foods.

To know your fat loss calorie, please go to this page and enter your age, height, current weight, and activity level to get your deficit calorie need. then you have to eat accordingly.

#2. Do Cardio and Total Body Strength Curvy Body Workout 2 to 3 days a week.

Performing strength and cardio training helps increase your metabolism which will facilitate the fat loss process.

A good total body cardio and strength curvy body workout to do are: jump squat kick back, reverse plank, leg kicks, Burpee to Squat and deadlifts, etc.

Please watch the video below to see strength and cardio for curvy body.

My Best Cardio for Curvy Body

For all the exercises, you want to aim for 30 to 45 seconds for each workout move.  Then you want to do 2 or 3 set per day for 2 to 4 days per week.

#3Tip:  Do A Targeted Abs and small Waist Exercise.

So on your cardio days, you have to finish off your training with an ab and oblique targeted workout.

The reason you need this very importantly is because, it is the only way to tone, tighten and burn fat directly from your belly and waist so they get smaller.

Here is a video of a small waist workout or a curvy body workout at home to do.

15 Min Small Waist Curvy Body Workout at Home

Please perform 2 set of this routine per day. You can do half in the morning and finish off in the evening or try to complete the entire routine in one session whenever time you choose to workout.

You need to go for 3 or 4 days a week.

#4 Tip:  Perform Hips and Bum Workout to Build Curves.

So while eating to lose body fat, most ladies are always afraid to perform booty workout because they are afraid they will lose the little curve they already have.

But trust me, you are not losing any bit of your curve if you follow this system of training and eating pattern I shared here.

When training your lower body, you have to keep progressing your training continuously.

You need to follow the hips and booty workout below then perform them 3 or 4 days per week. make sure to push your self to failure each time you train your lower body.

Curvy Body Workout at Home to Do (Exercise for Curvy Body)

For each day you are to aim for 15 to 25 reps for each exercise then go for 2 to 4 sets per day.

Take 1 minute to 5 minutes’ rest between sets.

You will need a resistance band for this routine which you can get online. See this quality and highly rated one on Amazon.

If you can’t buy a band right now, please feel free to start off without the band then plan to get one later to keep challenging your booty muscles.

As a beginner, you can start without the band for a week or 2 and then start using a band.

Read this article what is takes to grow any booty muscle grow bigger.

So here, you have it all just follow the tips to get a curvy and hourglass body.

Yes, I promised I was going to give you curvy body diet plan, I didn’t forget. Below is a sample meal plan to follow.

Curvy Body Diet Plan with Curvy Body Foods

This plan is meant to show you what your meal should look like. If you are using this plan, feel free to adjust your meal portion to the specific calorie deficit you had calculated for yourself from this site.


In this post, we have looked at setting realistic curvy body goals and we have seen how to get a curvy body in 2 weeks.

And I have also shown you both exercises for a curvy body plus at home curvy body workout routine to follow for another 2 weeks to build your curves and have an hourglass body.

You also have the list of curvy body foods or food for the curvy body you have to include in your meal while planning your meal.

It is now left for you to apply them to see results. I wish you success in this journey.

I hope this article has really helped you? Please help share this post if it was helpful to you.

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