Welcome to ShapeMiNow, your space for health, style, and body positivity! ShapeMiNow is not just a shapewear, brand, we’re committed to shaping a world that celebrates every body size and every curve while fostering healthy lifestyles. We believe fashion should boost your confidence and make you feel great about yourself, and not the other way around.

At our heart lies the idea of transforming the way we view ourselves. No more ‘one size fits all’ viewpoint, instead, we celebrate and promote your individual style while honoring the diverse beauty we all have to offer!

We embrace beauty’s diversity as the foundation for all our success. Our mission is to help our clients feel good about themselves when looking in the mirror; that’s why our workouts with healthy lifestyle content alongside our shapewear celebrate who you already are as an amazing individual!

Our passion lies in designing stylish yet comfortable and high-quality shapewear pieces, classy, fashionable clothing, free healthy lifestyle, and activewear to suit every woman’s body type. Each and every one of our clothing is carefully tailored to move with your body while fitting comfortably and giving you a sense of confidence!

ShapeMiNow remains committed to our mission of self-love, acceptance, and body positivity; remember, we’re more than a store; we are committed to you and look forward to celebrating unapologetically with you.


Our mission is to be the leading company focused on satisfying the needs of our customers by researching, developing, and providing quality shape-wear and general well-being products to improve the lives and confidence of our clients. We are also committed to quality and will continue to provide the best price on all products.


Our values are always to let the customers sit on the throne and be satisfied. We are Honest and trustworthy when dealing with customers and will not intentionally compromise our customer-first ethics.

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