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7 Hourglass Figure Dressing Tips + 10 Best Clothes that Flatter a Plus-Size Figure

 An hourglass figure is every lady’s dream. Who wouldn’t want to look so stunning?

Who would not want heads to turn whenever they walk by? However, turning heads doesn’t come on a whim and some people believe that their body shape must spell out SEXY.

Sadly, many girls were not created with their ideal body shape and would have to spend long hours, working and dieting to transform our apple, rectangle, square, banana, or circle shape into that figure 8 fight they have always dreamed of.

On the bright side, your body doesn’t need to have the hourglass look. How then can you look completely sexy? Clothes. The right clothes.

Clothes were not only made to cover nakedness you know, but they are also designed to highlight your best physical qualities and curves, making you absolutely irresistible. Make sure to also read this article on Styling Tips+8 Multi-Purpose & Formal Dresses for Rectangle Body Shape

7 Hourglass Figure Dressing Tips + 11 Best Clothes that Flatter a Plus-Size Figure

Tips on How to dress an hourglass figure casually

Do you need a miracle dress that can easily transform your saggy body into a slightly bigger Cinderella,?  Or you need to know those kinds of clothes that flatter a plus size figure or best dresses for an hourglass figure.

You would surely need to know the kind of work clothes for an hourglass figure. 

Even after shopping, you would still need to know what kind of cloth combination that can help you achieve this. Can you wear them everywhere? How can you dress to give you an hourglass shape easily?

All these questions must be running through your mind right now. Here are some great tips on how to dress an hourglass figure casually.

  1. An hourglass shape consists of hips and shoulders of the same width, so you need to wear clothes that pronounce those features. If you have broad shoulders, dress to flatter your hips.
  2. Colours and patterns are very important. Wear clothes that match your skin tone and patterns that suit your complexion. Not too loud, not too pale. Just right.
  3. Focus on the middle of your body. While looking out for clothes that project your hips and shoulders, remember that a tiny waist is an ultimate goal. Wear a belt, some tight jeans or skirts which close up on your stomach. You may also check out some dresses for hourglass figure Petites or best dresses for large hourglass figures at the mall, to get the best fit.
  4. Keep it simple. Do not bury your body under many layers of fabric. Wear a simple gown, a skirt, or jeans that brings out your natural curves, instead of combining lots of dresses.

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Tips on How to Dress An Hourglass Figure With a Big Tummy

In their 40’s, many ladies usually grow some extra fat in their bellies and other parts of their bodies. This often ruins their once curvy figures of their 29’s and 39’s.

Can plus-sized people also dress for an hourglass figure? Yes!

Can you hide your belly and still have an hourglassfigure? Yes!

In the interest of our plus-sized ladies out there, we have put together some really useful tips on how to dress for an hourglass figure with a big tummy. Check them out!

Here are some really cool tips on how to dress for an hourglass figure with a big tummy.

  1. You need to wear the right type of leggings that push in your belly. Look out for leggings with stretchy fabric that can go high to your stomach and is still solid enough to hold in your tummy.  
  2. Do not wear clothes which are too tight. If you want to wear clothes which can give you an hourglass shape, do away with tight clothes. You wouldn’t want all your belly tires bubbling out of your dresses because they are too tightly tucked in. It is better to wear draping blouses, crossover blouses or jackets as well as dresses which have flares, which easily hide belly fat.  
  3. If you decide to wear tight or bodycon dresses, be sure to wear a hip pad or waist cincher or shapewear underneath your dress.
  4. Do away with symmetry.

Looking for clothes that flatter a plus size figure? Simply get a pair of leggings with tunics or asymmetrical tops that easily draw attention away from your stomach.  

  • Play with colours. Know when and how to wear bright and cool colours and what to pair them with.
  • Wear clothes that accentuate your neckline. This is very effective in shifting attention from the lower parts of your body to your face and neck.
  • Look out for dresses and blouses with patterns. Vertical lines, circles, and crisscross outfits work wonders to divert attention to those designs instead if your body. So you can look fabulous and hide those parts of your body you’re not so confident about.  
  • And finally can wear shapewear under your tight and well-fitted dress and you will look flawless. Check out the article on best shapewear to buy for your body type.

11 Best Style Of Dresses For Hourglass Figure Plus Size Ladies

For our plus-sized ladies, we have assembled a list of 11 best dresses for large hourglass figure and I also included work clothes for hourglass figure.

So if you want any of those then take you time because you will surely find one or two if not more dress hourglass dress style that you will love.

These dresses highly rated and very beautiful, and are of great quality and especially the very much retailed at affordable price.

1. Romwe Women’s Sweet Scallop Sleeveless Flared Swing Pleated Dress

The first clothes that flatter a plus size figure here in my list this Romwe woman’s sweet Scallop Sleeveless flared dress

This dress is a beautifully designed outfit which slims the mid-section giving a flat tummy and small waist  appearance.

This mini dress comes with an invisible zipper closure, halter neck and scallop hem for enough covering at the neck and yet a sexy all in one look. The dress offers maximum comfort and special fitting for any size.

The semi mini- dress features spaghetti straps which can be adjusted for your convenience and a stretchy fabric heavy enough to prevent embarrassments which come with flare dresses.

This mini dress is suitable for parties, weddings, beaches and casual outings. Goes well with a pair of heels, sandals and sneakers. Can be worn with a purse, beach bag or casual sling bag.


  • Fits in the whole body in one piece
  • Hides excess fat, back flaps, and arm fat
  • Very flexible and comfortable
  • Elegant and cute
  • Suitable for occasions


  • Not Every One love sleeveless

2. Dressystar Women’s Halter Floral Lace Cocktail Party Dress Hi-Lo Bridesmaid Dress

The Dressystar Women’s Halter Floral Lace Cocktail Party Dress Hi-Lo Bridesmaid Dress is a unique dress specially designed to give women a full hourglass shape. The polyester/lining dress comes with a zipper closure for control and support.

The dress is sleeveless and features a vintage Round neck for that extra controls with no much skin to reveal

The dress is ok for machine material and comes in all colours and sizes. Even plus-sized ladies can enjoy an hourglass figure with this sexy dress.

This women sequin-trimmed dress has a special woven sheath design which compresses the middle area and still offer comfort and flexibility. 


  • Very soft and comfortable material
  • Gives an overall fitted look
  • Suitable for all body sizes
  • Come in different colors
  • Comes with a mid-woven design for comfort


  • The material may be too delicate and sensitive

3. UONBOX Women’s Cut Out One Shoulder Sleeveless Split Club Party Fashion Bandage Dress

This is a cut out one shoulder sleeveless split bandage fashion dress. This dress is very chic and gives whoever wears it, a really class look. The dress comes in a one-shoulder cut for an extra sexy look and clasps the stomach and waist tightly to accentuate the curves and project the hips, no matter how small. This is truly an hourglass dress.

  The dress comes in a specially fitted bandage material for that extra firmness and extra stretchy feature to hold in excess body fat.

 The quality of this outfit is incredible and it offers maximum support to the body, while projecting the curves and holding in belly fat. Very suitable for weddings, clubs, parties, birthdays and dinner. To be worn atop high or low heels.


  • Gives a very fitted and slim look
  • Tucks in stomach fat
  • Gives your legs a smooth look
  • Affordable
  • Very classy and sexy


  • Might be too tight
  • Doesn’t support full body flexibility

4. Women’s One Shoulder Side Split Bandage Bodycon Club Midi Dresses

This high quality one shoulder women’s midi dress is very good for an hour glass shape. The dress comes in very soft and comfortable rayon material which holds the body in tight and allows for flexibility and easy stretchiness.

The thick, hard wearing dress is very shiny and attractive, giving you that head turning effects wherever you go. Comes in various colors to suit skin tone and complexion and match your taste. The dress leaves you feeling comfortable, cool and sexy.

Suitable for heeled shoes and for parties, cocktails and clubs.


  • Very comfortable
  • Provides slimming effects
  • Affordable 
  • Comes in various colors


  • Might be too revealing

5. Madam Uniq Women’s Bandage Dress Strap Sashes Sleeveless Rayon Bodycon Dresses Club

This thick strap sleeveless body on dress parties, cocktails, clubs and best of all, this dress is very suitable for prom.

The bodycon dress will definitely give you that sexy hourglass shape you desire with its well fitted Cool and comfortable material. the dress comes fitted for small, medium, large and extra-large, meaning everyone can look fabulous in this shiny body con.

It is very thick and holds the body tight while giving a slimming effect, smaller waist and more projected curves. It is recommended to choose a bigger size if you do not feel comfortable in very tight dresses. 


  • Gives you a fitted and sexy look
  • Very suitable for balls and proms
  • Creates a slimmer waist look and bigger curves


  • May be too tight
  • Compresses the stomach

6. Madam Uniq Women’s Hollow Out Bandage Party Dress Sleeveless High Neck Bodycon Dresses Club

The next on this list of best dresses for large hourglass figure is this unique Madam Uniq dress design which can goes for both casual and occasion dress. The hollow out bandage dress is very classy and creates the ideal hourglass figure. The bandage dress comes in a unique design which pushes in back flaps and tummy fat to give a fit and properly caved out figure.

The bandage dress is thick shiny and very stretchy. Goes well with a clutch purse and high heeled shoes.

Available for all heights and body sizes and shapes this dress rhymes the entire figure to gives proportional shoulders, slimmer waist with no belly fat and heavier, bigger curves. The tight fitted dress is very cool and comfortable.


  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Allows you control how much you reveal
  • Available in various dynamic colors and sizes
  • Quite affordable
  • Comes In lots sizes and color


  • Not very flexible

7.  Meilun Women’s Strap Bandage Dress Bodycon Stripe Midi Dresses

Melium women’s strap bandage bodycon dress is a stripe midi dress which gives an extremely sexy and class look.

The high quality fabric used to create the material is thick, shiny and very stretchy. It can accommodate all sizes and shapes.

The dress should be dry cleaned only for long lasting use. The dress flatters your curves and pushes up the chest and breasts which makes you look like you work out even if you don’t. interesting, right?

Melium stripe dresses serves its purpose so well that about 78% of its customer base return for other purchases. The dress is durable and very comfortable. Suitable for official or casual outings and goes well with heels and a clutch purse.


  • Offers a classy, sophisticated look
  • Doesn’t place too much pressure on the waist or lower back
  • Flatters even the smallest rear


  • Leaves the arms bare

8. Women’s Sheer Chiffon Folds Hi Low Loose Dress Delicate Gold Belt

  This classy dress offers an attractive look with its clean, silk material and comes with a natural hourglass design to show off your curves and tuck in belly fat.

The exquisite hologram and belt adds sparkle and tease to your entire figure which gives you a classy feminine appearance.

The dress comes in bright and cool colors, suitable for all sizes and ages with an added slit to complete the chic look.


  • Super comfortable
  • Light material allows your skin to breathe and reduces inflammation
  • Very flexible and stylish
  • Comes in white and black color


  • Might not be very durable
  • May be too revealing

9. Meilun Women’s Rayon Bandage Dress Lace Up Cross Criss Bodycon Bandage Dress

The melium women’s Rayon bandage lace up crisscross dress bandage dress comes true to size is a very beautiful design to give ladies an hour lass shape at maximum comfort.

This dress features a unique lace up closure and slim fits the body in its quality fabric, making you feel good about yourself and how you look, as well as super comfortable and flexible at once.

The dress is suitable for all sizes and body shapes and heights, giving petite women a very feminine and classy look.

Best worn with heels official or as a casual outfit. You can order a smaller or bigger sizes for your convenience.


  • Very good for a sexy hourglass look
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Flatters the hips and shoulders


  • Easily runs out of stock

 Click here to view on Amazon

10. AmélieBoutik Women One Shoulder Ruched Cocktail Dress

This one shoulder Ruched cocktail dress is the true definition of a sexy and curvy outfit. The high quality material offers comfort and does not put too much pressure on your body. It pulls attention away from fat reserves and flatters the arms and legs to give a well fitted overall look and a slimmer waist.

The cocktail dress flatters your figured and projects wider hips with a tight waist area. You may choose a bright color to accentuate to make to super alluring.

 Very suitable for cocktails and evening events and best paired with heels. Here some of its benefits and disadvantages.


  • Very comfortable
  • Allows for flexibility
  • Accentuates the bust


  • May be too thick

What to Consider When Looking Out For an Hour Glass Dress


  • This should be a top priority with hour glass dresses. Get dresses with soft and firm materials which guarantee you ultimate ease and flexibility.


  • Always pick the right sizes to prevent your order from running loose or too free after a while.


  • Always look for colors that go well with your complexion and skin tone. Its best you go for cool and bright colors to project the hourglass effect. This list already has beautiful and varieties of colors for hourglass figure dress style.


  • This is why you should check the material components to be informed on its durability.

Having featured 11 best dresses for large hourglass figure, I hope this article has helped you with figuring out the right kind of dress to pick for an hourglass figure.

If you find this post to be helpful please don’t hesitate to share it by pining the image above on Pinterest.

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