Will Or Does Birth Control Change Your Body Shape As a Lady?

Will Or Does Birth Control Change Your Body Shape As a Lady?

Will Or Does Birth Control Change Your Body Shape As a Lady?

The main purpose of birth control is to prevent pregnancy. It is one of the most effective ways of preventing pregnancy.

These pills are also used to relieve menstruation pains. However, apart from all these, birth control has a lot of effects on the female body.

Just like every other drug, it has its effects and risks. These effects affect every woman differently.

Birth controls are methods that are taken to usually prevent pregnancies. There are various types of pills, and they all have the same benefits and risks.

However, since our bodies are different, they will also respond to these pills differently. This is the reason why the drugs need to be prescribed by medical personnel. 

They will choose the most suitable and effective one for your body.

Will or Does Birth Control Change Your Body Shape As a Lady?

One of the most common beliefs with birth control is that it increases weight. Whether pills increase the weight or not depends on body type.

Although it is a rare occurrence, there are women that gain a little weight once they start taking birth control. Gaining weight is one of the side effects of using the pill.

This is usually because of fluid retention and not fat. There has been no evidence that most women gain weight when on the pill.

 For the few who got a little weight after using birth control, it usually goes away after a few months.  

If you notice weight gain after taking birth control, then you need to visit a doctor. Your doctor will then give you another pill that works well with your body.

There are two types of pills named the progestin-only pills and the combination pills. The latter contains progestin and estrogen.

Almost all birth control has estrogen however it is indifferent doses.

As for the hormone progestin, different brands use different types and in different doses. This is the reason why each brand of birth control offers different side effects.

Your doctor is in the best position to prescribe the best birth control that will have no effect on your body.

Pills are no longer what they use to be. In their early years, they had a high dose of both estrogen and progestin. A high level of estrogen can indeed lead to weight gain.

This is due to fluid retention and high appetite. However, recent birth control has low hormones and is not likely to make you increase in weight.  

No matter the birth control you end up with, you should use it for three months so that the side effects will pass.

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What birth control makes your breasts bigger?

It is possible for birth control to increase the size of your breasts. The reason why this happens is that the hormone in some contraceptives might make the breast tissue start growing.

They make the breast feel large as a result of fluid retention. This usually happens during the menstrual cycle.

So, when you stop using the pill, this effect will most likely stop. It does not matter whether you are on pills, patches, implants, intrauterine devices, or shots, this side effect will occur.

Some of these birth controls usually have progestin and estrogen while others have only progestin.

They also have a different dosage of these hormones. Therefore, if your birth control has a high level of both hormones, there is every possibility that you will notice significant changes to your breasts.

Other birth control that does not have hormones will not affect the size of your breasts in any way. They include condoms, sponges, diaphragms, copper IUDs, and spermicides.

The effect of birth control on your breasts is not something that will affect everybody. The effect might vary from one person to another.

Some will notice significant physical changes to their breasts while others will not. The breast changes you will notice will appear once you start using birth control.

As time goes on, the changes might disappear and you will no longer see them.  Additionally, once you stop using the hormonal birth control, it is unlikely you will still see any changes in your breast.

If you would want to avoid any increase in your breast when using birth control, you should consider ones that are non-hormonal.

The ones with high dosage of hormones will increase your breast.

Does birth control make you lose weight?

Whether birth control causes weight loss or weight gain, itโ€™s a question that bothers lots of women. There has never been a report of birth control causing weight loss.

One of the biggest effects of using pills is bloating. It is a side effect that affects lots of women.

With that, the only weight that you might lose is any one that is caused by retaining water. So, you might lose about a few pounds if you are on birth control for some months.

It is unlikely to lose a significant amount of weight with the help of the pills.

There was a study sometime in the past involving 300 women. After using certain birth control for 6 months, they lost about 2 pounds each.

However, this did not last for a long time as the weight returned later. So, the conclusion is that there is no correlation between birth control and weight loss.

All the pill does is to decrease your body water. All it does is to get rid of the weight of water in your body while your body fat stays the same.

If you want to lose weight, it is advisable to opt for an effective and healthier way. Do not rely on birth control to help you lose weight.


Birth control does not change your body shape in any way. Whatever side effects you might have depends on the reaction of your body to the changes in hormones.  

Any weight gain that may occur with the pills only manifests in bodies of few women. Any woman who gains weight easily could be affected by this side effect.

It is a total myth that birth control makes you lose or gain weight. To know the best birth control for your body, seek the counsel of a medical professional.

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