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How to Get Wider Hips With Yoga|21 Yoga Poses For Wider Side Glute

If you have always thought that your hips were too small and you dreamt of ways to increase it. ย You have your wish today, this post will show some yoga poses for bigger buttocks and they are also great hip widening yoga poses.

Do you know that sitting down, reading, driving, workouts and watching those your favorite television shows could lock up your hip muscles causing you perpetual pain, and bad posture?

However, you can solve those problems simply by passing energy through your hips.

Also, if you just want to learn ways to increase your hips because you love to have bigger hips, this article is for you.

We shall give you a list of how to get wider hips with yoga by analyzing 21 yoga poses for wider hips.

However, getting any goal depends on a lot of hard work.

So, if you are willing to learn this poses that can greatly improve your hips flexibility, mobility, postures and general wellbeing read on. Also read this related article on 12 Easy Yoga Poses for Two People ( Friends, partner or couples)

How to get Wider Side Glute with Yoga (Yoga for Wider Side Glute )

To get a wider hip with yoga you are to pick any 8 toย  10 of this yoga for wider hips listed and then perform them on a daily bases following the instruction for each move below. Make sure to also read this on food for wider hips you should include in your meal.

And then you want to take 1 or 2 days off to rest within a week.

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21 Yoga Poses for Wider Hips| Yoga Poses for Bigger Buttocks| Yoga Poses for Hips

So letโ€™s explore the best poses you can do that will not only give you wider hips but keep your hips and body in excellent condition. Let us begin.

#1. Happy Baby Pose  โ€“ Yoga Poses for Hips

Lie on the mat face up, raise your knee to your chest level. Next, Push your lower back flat on the mat and clasp the outer souls of your feet. Carefully, pull down your feet bringing it close to your armpits and widen your knees too. Hold this pose for 60 seconds and smile as you do this pose.

#2. Childs Pose โ€“ Yoga Poses for Hips

This pose is simple to do. Enter a childโ€™s pose by kneeling on a mat and putting your big toes together and Rest your body on your heels and keep your knees apart. Now, exhale and lower your chest towards the mat and put it between your thighs. Next, thrust your arms in front of you. You will feel the stretch on your lower back, hips, quads, and shoulders. Stay with the pose for 30 to 60 seconds.

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#3. Eye of the Needle Yoga Pose For Wider Hips

To start this process, lie on your back on the mat. Bend your knees and keep your hip and feet wide apart. Next, take your right knee and put your right ankle across your left knee close to your chest.  Keep your head on the mat and raise your arms and clasp your left thigh, pulling it towards your chest to increase the pressure of the stretch. And hold the pose for 30 to 60 seconds.

#4. Cobblers pose

Sit on a mat and keep your spine straight. Next, exhale and fold your knees towards your groin and allow the knees to fall to the mat, put the soles of your feet together. You will feel this stretch on your hips and inner thighs. You can also extend your feet closer to your groins by grasping your ankles or big toe to tighten the stretch and hold for another 30 to 60 seconds. Learn how to get wider hips with Yoga by practicing this pose.

#5. Warrior II โ€“ Yoga Poses for Hips

Start this pose by standing on the mat, your feet, and hip wide apart. Next, turn to one side and expand your position to about 4 feet but make sure you align your feet well.  Also, turn the foot in front of you so that your toes face the front of the mat. Now, turn the other foot to about 45 degrees. Stretch out your arms in a parallel line with your palms facing the mat. Activate your core by bending the knee in front to 90 degrees angle. Make sure you keep your foot flat on the floor.

Next, look out on top of the arm in front of you to keep your balance and hold this position for 30 seconds and then switch to the other side.

#6. Modified Garland Pose

Seat on the mat and keep your feet wide apart, now bend your knees and sink down on your hips into a squat. Expand your thighs so that they are wider than your Torso while you keep your feet on the mat. Also, lean forward a bit and push your elbows inside your knees and clasp your palm in a prayer position and raise them to your heart level. Now raise your head up and extend your spine.

Hold this pose for 10 to 20 seconds and feel the effect of this stretch on your hips as your elbows loosely press against your inner thighs.

#7. Downward Facing Frog Pose

Start this pose on all fours with your knees wide apart and turn your feet on either side out. Lower your elbows and keep your forearms and palm flat on the floor. Next, Exhale and push your hips back a bit until you feel the stretch deep in your groin and hip areas. Hold this pose for 30 seconds and then swing forward but straighten your arms to go out of this pose.

#8. Camel Yoga Poses for Hips

To start this pose, kneel on the mat with your knees and hip wide apart. Next, plant the top of your feet and shins on the mat.  Put your hands on the sides of both hips and gradually lean back tucking in your chin.  Now, press your hips forward but keep squeeze your glutes to protect the lower part of your back. You either stay on this pose or reach back to grasp your heels. Also, make sure you lift upwards to avoid pressing into the lower part of your back. Now, stay on this pose for 60 seconds.

#9. Extended Leg Squat Yoga Poses for Hips

Start with a wide squat pose and turn your feet at angle 45 degrees. Push your hips down towards your heels and move your feet until your torso is not resting on your thighs. Make sure you keep your hands on the floor, next lengthen your right leg to the side, and allow your hips to move towards your left heel. Now lift your hands to prayer position to the level of your heart and hold it for 3 to 6 breaths and repeat the pose for the opposite side of your body.

#10. Crescent Lunge Pose

Stand o your feet, put one foot forward and go into a lunge, bending your knees into the angle 90 degrees and keeping the balance with your toes. Next, lift your arms over your head and softly push your hips forward while you keep them in a square position. Hold for 60 seconds. Break the pose with your front heel and repeat on the other side of the body. If you are looking for how to get wider hips with Yoga try this pose.

#11. Reclined Hand to Big Toe Pose

Lie flat on your back on the mat and extend your legs in front ready with a yoga strap. Fold one knee and take it to your chest and loop the strap around the ball of your feet. Now, hold the band and straighten your legs carefully and keep the band as taut as you want it to be. Make sure you Flex your feet and keep your hips on the floor and open your lengthened legs to the side. Hold for 60 seconds and switch the pose to the other legs.

#12. Fire Log Yoga for wider hips

Start this pose by seating on the mat and put your left foot on top of your right knee, and push your right foot under the left knee. Next, press your hips down, and keep your chest open with a straight spine. Now, exhale and lean your torso to the front to keep the pose strong. Hold for 60 seconds then switch to the other leg.

#13. Downward Dog split

Start on all fours and keep spines straight, and push your hips up and suck your belly in. Next, open your fingers and raise one leg and stretch it up and behind you. Also, bend your knees and allow your feet to cover your glute. Open your outer hip a bit as you extend and open your hip. Hold this position and take 5-6 breaths and return to all fours again and repeat on the others side of your body.

#14. Lizard Yoga Poses for Hips

Go into the lunge position. Also, put your leading knee over your toe and lower your back knee to the mat. After that, sink into your hips and bring your forearms to the mat beside your leading knee.  Make sure you raise your head and chest up. Also, hold this pose for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side of the body.

#15. Half Split ย Yoga Poses for Hips

Start by going into a low lunge with your right foot forward, keep your toes beneath your knee and bring your left knee to the ground. Also, move your weight from the right foot to sit on your hips on top of your left knee. Next, square your hips looking forward and lean your chest to your right knee as much as you can. Furthermore, you can hold this pose for 30 seconds and then switch to the other leg.

#16. Half chair Ankle to Knee

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Start by standing straight, with your feet and hip wide apart on the mat. Next, bend your knees and sit your hip on an imaginary chair. To keep your balance, raise your arms over your head. Next, move your weight to your left leg and raise your right leg towards your chest and cross your right ankle over the left knee. Allow your right knee bend forward easily and hold this pose for 30 seconds. Then repeat the pose the other leg.

#17. Half Moon Yoga Poses for Hips

Start the pose with your feet wide apart. Next, turn your feet towards the front of the mat and turn your left foot a little. Next, stretch your hands to your sides to the height of your shoulder. Now stretch your hands to clasp your right leg or ankle or on the mat. Keep your shoulders straight on top of each arm and raise your eyes to look up straight to your left palm. You may stay in triangle pose or move your weight and put your right hand on the mat in front of your right legs. Next, start lifting your left leg, with your foot flexed until it aligns with the top of your shoulder. Also, you can stack your hips and spread open your Torso and keep looking up to the sky with your chest open. Hold this pose for  6 breaths and switch to the other side.

#18. Lizard Lunge Twist

Go forward with your foot into a low lunge and putting your left knee on the mat. Also, keep your right knee behind your foot. Next, grab your left foot and prop yourself up with your right hand, turn toward your right leg. Slowly pull your foot towards you and sink into your hips and spin. Raise your head and look up into the sky. Next, hold this pose for 30 seconds then change to the other side and repeat the pose.

#19. Modified Cow Face Pose

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Start with your legs stretched out in front of you. Next, fold your knees and keep your left foot under your right knee, and slide it to the other side of your right hip. Next, Hold the pose here and deepen the hip stretch by putting your palms on alternate sides of your legs and then lean forward a bit. Also, hold this pose for 30 seconds and repeat for the other side of the body too.

#20. Reclining Goddess Pose

Lie on your back while on the mat. Extend your legs in front of you and take your knees up so that your feet is behind your hips. Next, allow your knees to fall on both sides while keeping your soles pressed tightly together and hold the pose for 60 seconds.

#21. Seated Wide-Legged Forward Bend

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Start this yoga poses for hips by seating on a mat and stretch out your legs. Next, open your legs as much as you can bear. Make sure you point your kneecaps and your toes upwards. Press your legs into the floor and start walking your fingers in front of you while you lift your chest and head. Maintain your position as much as it feels comfortable to do so. So, if you are able, move your fingers until you grasp your big toes and keep your pose for 30 seconds.


In this article, we explored how to get wider hips with Yoga and gave you 21 yoga poses for hips that you can use to get wider hips.

Also, if you are consistent and stay on it for the long term these yoga poses will open your hips.

In addition, you can go from stiff hips to supple hips using these yoga poses in your daily workout routines.

Furthermore, they will increase how flexible and mobile you are. ย In fact, doing simple lunges will increase the elasticity of your hip. Try it today.

I hope this article has helped you? Please share to support us. Also, read this Post on 51 Food to Eat if You Want A Wider Hips

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