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11 Best Yoga for Overweight Beginners + How Often Should a Beginner Do Yoga

A lot of overweight individuals trying to get into yoga always wonder if there are beginner yoga most appropriate for them, something like yoga for overweight beginners? And the answer is yes absolutely.

But how often should you do yoga as an intermediate trainer or beginner? Well, that’s why in this post, we will look at how often should a beginner do yoga likewise an intermediate trainer.

And finally, I will show you my top 11 yoga for overweight beginners to start with. This will include a total body yoga poses, targeted abs yoga pose, leg/ hips yoga poses, arms shoulder and glute yoga pose.

The best thing about Yoga is that it for everybody irrespective of your body size; you are good to begin anywhere you right at your fitness journey.

If you are overweight, yoga is the best way to lose fat and if you want to stay in shape, it is also a way to do that.

Yoga does not discriminate based on body size, gender, age, body type, or flexibility. As long as you are ready to work out, you are good to go.

There are lots of yoga exercises to do for overweight people. So, you should not think it is only a sport for people that are in shape or flexible.  You too can become fit and flexible by practice.

The only thing you do to begin your yoga journey is discipline and ultimate dedication AND to do this you need to pick a routine that works for and try to master it of which below yoga pose go a long way. And if you like to follow along as it goes, then check this Yoga DVD program, it will take you by the hands as you progress. Once you have these two, you will be able to lose weight and retain your shape.

When yoga is done at high speed and not slowly, you can shed as many calories as you will with any intense workout.

If you are a beginner and just starting your yoga journey, then you will have to take it slow. You will start with simple poses before you gradually get comfortable with harder ones.

This post is going to mention some of the yoga poses you can try as an overweight beginner.

How often should a beginner do yoga?

As a yoga beginner, the first thing you need is your mindset. You need to be dedicated and define your goals.

You need to practice as much yoga to satisfy your desire and fill your heart. This is the only way you can achieve your desires.

The next thing is to look for a stable yoga teacher. Your instructor will be the one to teach you and lead you through the path of mastering pose.

If you are moving from one instructor to another, then it will be difficult to achieve your goal.

Since you are just starting, it is advisable to practice yoga regularly. You can make it daily if possible.

One thing you should do is not to relent no matter what. It might take you years to master a particular pose.

Practicing regularly is the only way to adapt to a new lifestyle. Regular practice helps you to feel relaxed and focused.

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How often should you do yoga as an intermediate?

Yoga is a lifestyle. It is not something you do when you have the chance. The moment you start your journey, you should decide that this is your new reality.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or intermediate learner, you need to practice your yoga poses daily or regularly.

It takes years of learning to become an expert in yoga. So, you need to dedicate as much time necessary if you want to master yoga.

There are lots of benefits when you practice yoga regularly. It removes stress from your life and harmonizes your body and mind. Furthermore, yoga helps to regulate the flow of blood and improve your metabolism.

11 yoga for overweight beginners-friendly

So below are my top yoga poses for plus size beginners which can absolutely perform at the comfort of your home. All you need is a yoga mart and yourself.

Cow Pose

This is the very first and one of the most basic yoga for overweight beginners to practice which work not only to abs but also on the back and arms.

To start this pose, you should go down on all fours. Keep your hips apart and let your hand be below your shoulders.

Breathe in deeply, round your back, and tighten your abdominal walls. Start raising your back as if there is a rope pulling your stomach upward. Inhale deeply and exhale as you repeat this pose as much as you can.

The Yoga cow pose is done to warm up the body. It is a great pose for you as an overweight beginner. It is quite easy and comfortable to get into.

Cat Pose

The cat pose is done alongside the cow pose. As you are finishing up the cow pose, you can go into this pose. Exhale and make an arch with your back.

Once you have done that, push your buttocks out and keep your shoulders to the back. Doing this allows you to stretch your back as much as you can. Make sure you feel the stretch consciously.

The two yoga poses are great to begin as an overweight that wants to lose weight.

Bridge pose

To start this pose, lie on your back and bend your knee. After bending your knees, ensure your heels are behind your buttocks.

Now, start lifting your body with your core. Make sure you do not use your hands. This is because the pose helps your core muscles.  Your arm strength is not needed to lift anything up. You should be in this position for 20 seconds before going back to the default position and going again.

Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)

This is a good pose to maintain your balance as an overweight beginner. You should stand with your shoulder and feet wide apart.

Then raise your hands and keep them together at your heart. You can also decide to raise your hands up in the sky for this pose.

Bend your left knee and prop in on the standing right knee with your hand.

To go further, you can also lift your hands in the air once your feet are stable enough. Another way to challenge yourself more is to close your eyes. 

After maintaining this pose for some seconds, switch the legs, and go again.

Pigeon Pose

Our hips muscles are usually tightened due to our daily sitting down lifestyle. To start, sit down on the ground and keep your two legs apart.

Now, bend the left knee and hold the foot between your thighs. Bend your whole body towards that direction.

Turn your right leg until it is facing down. Switch the pose after few seconds.

The pigeon pose is effective for overweight beginners and serves as a hip opener. It makes your hips flexible and makes it possible for you to be able to perform some poses much better.

Half lord of the fishes

This is another yoga pose for overweight beginners. It improves body posture and lets you decompress the spine.

You should sit on the ground and then stretch your body by twisting it to the left side. Furthermore, put the right elbow outside of your knee.

Press the elbow against the knee as you twist your body. To avoid straining your neck, you should also turn the head in the same direction.

Hold this pose for some seconds and repeat on the other side.

Warrior II

This is a great yoga for toning your legs even if you are overweight. It is a great pose for beginners.

Stand on your feet and point your front foot forward. However, keep the back foot at a 90-degree angle.

Now, try to put the bent knee at the same angle.  The hips should remain squared and face the direction your back foot is facing.

Mountain pose (Tadasana)

To begin, stand straight and keep your arms beside your torso while the heels are a little bit apart. Then lift and spread your toes and balls of the feet.

 After lifting, place them on the floor gently and put all your weight on the feet. Raise your ankles and rotate your thigh muscles as you keep them firm.

Inhale and stretch out your torso, then exhale and release your shoulders. Make your collar bone broad and strengthen your neck. Let the rest of your body remain in one line.

Downward facing pose

This is a yoga pose for overweight beginners that stretch out the chest, hamstrings, and spine. It allows blow to flow to the head.  

To start, stand on your heels and raise your arm to the mat. Then bow down your head, and be in a stable position.

Push your hands forward and let your legs remain straight. Start raising your hips while pressing your heels down. Then, tighten your head and hand your head freely.

Chair pose

Keep your feet apart as you stand straight and stretch your arms completely. Bend your knees and breathe in while you push your pelvis to the ground as if you are sitting on an imaginary chair.

Your back should remain straight and your hands parallel to the ground.  Maintain a stable pose and ensure your knees do not move over your toes.

Child pose

This is yet another pose for overweight beginners. It helps with physical, mental, and emotional vitality.  Slowly bend your knees on the ground and then sit on your heels.

Let the hips remain on the heels as you bend your head to the mat. Raise your hands forward and keep it by your side. Now, breathe as you press your things and chest against each other.

Conclusion: This post has explained some of the best yoga for overweight beginners and also talk about how often should a beginner do yoga and how often should you do yoga as an intermediate yoga performer.

 If you are just starting yoga, then you need to begin with light poses and most basic poses like the ones listed here or you check out this yoga Program to begin with.

Those are ideal yoga poses for plus size beginners and then you can progress as you get stronger and more flexible.

Do not try to force your body to avoid hurting yourself. Begin with easy poses and gradually move to the harder ones.

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