How to Get Bigger Hips Naturally and Fast + Best Exercises For Bigger Hips

The fact is it’s not every woman that is born with a curvy shape but with the right kind of hips exercises for bigger hips, you are sure to get a piece of the curves.

The thing is, some people have to go under the knife to get their desired shape while others work hard to get that shape through exercise and healthy eating.

This approach to me is a best and lifelong approach without unforeseen future disastrous consequences that come with plastic surgery.   

If you want to see how to get bigger hips naturally and fast, then this post is for you. The truth is you need to be willing to put in the work required to achieve the result you wish for. No good thing comes easy, you have to work for it.

With lots of work, consistency, you will be smiling when you take a look at your hips in the mirror in a few weeks or months from now after implementing the tips and exercises for bigger hips in this article to your glute routine.

You will be able to tone your hips and achieve a curvier look. There are lots of exercises and dieting tips you can engage in and follow in order to get your desired body shape. This post will enlighten you on how to go about it.

If you slim the steps and principles is still the same with just a slight difference. You might want to watch this video here for additional tips on how to really build bigger hips.

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Dieting tips on how to get bigger hips naturally and fast

You are what you eat!

The food we consume daily has a lot to do with our body. Eating the right food can give you wider and bigger hips. While exercising, you should not ignore the food you put in your body.

Your diet will determine how effective the changes will begin to appear. To get toned and bigger hips, you need to add the following to your diet:


You need to increase your intake of protein since they are the primary nutrient for muscle recovery and for building bigger glute and muscle growth. So, you should ensure to get your protein from the natural sources. See this list.  Take more chicken, milk, turkey, tuna, eggs, legumes, cheese, fish, and lean red meat. Check out this list for more side glute food. You should also consider taken protein shakes as your post-workout meal.

You meant to eat about 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight. Meeting protein need daily will help boost your energy level and will help build muscle on your hips efficiently. If you are not able to meet up with the protein requirement per day, then check out this article on my top 4 bigger glute supplement to help grow your butt and side glute fast.

Healthy fats

Nuts are food that contains healthy fats that will help to make your hips bigger. You can take nut butters like peanut, almond, and cashew butter to get their nutrients. It is possible to take them with other meals. Other sources of healthy fats are virgin extra olive oil and fish oil.


Also, increase your intake of vegetables since they are rich in antioxidants and will help increase your bowel activity while helping you maintain a tight lean midsection. So eat veggies like kale, spinach, and broccoli, and cabbage, lotus and so on.

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Exercising Tips on How to Get Bigger Hips Naturally and Fast

When it comes training in increase your hips side, there 3 main things that triggers glute and muscle growth.

And they are:

  1. Tension on the Muscle.
  2. Progressive Overload on the Muscle (that will be the side booty here)
  3. Rest and recovery days

Let break this down.

Tension on Muscle

Any muscle of the body is only triggered to increase in size, if it passes through tension and studies show that, the muscle is false to make this increase if the tension is stretched a little long by completing more reps of the physical exercise or even using weight and resistance band to increase the intensity of the workout. One way to quickly increase workout intensity is to use a resistance band or form of weight.

So if you want to your hips muscle to grow, you need to create tension on your hip muscle by exercising the muscle regularly.

Progressive Overload on the Muscle

The next factor that triggers glute growth or muscles growth is Progress overload.  By definition, progressive overload is the gradual increase of exercise intensity and overall volume of the workload performed by a given muscle.

So in the case of your hips, it simply means that of your hips to increase in size you have to be doing more work on the hips muscle.

That is mean if you started out your first week just performing 15 reps and 3 sets of 5 different hip exercises, you will need into increase the workload and intensity in week 2 or week 3 by aiming for more reps or more sets. Like 20 reps or 4 set and then keep increasing as you keep getting stronger the moves becomes less challenging.

Also, if you don’t want in increasing the reps of the exercises, then you also increase the intensity or workload by using weights or resistance band.

Rest and recovery days

This is one of the steps a lot of newbies get wrong and that is because they are trying to get the results faster than the usual and the truth is working your hips every day will now make increase in anyway and that is because rest is part of the muscle building process.

So this is what happens, during your workout, you are basically tearing down your hips muscle and while you are resting, your body starts rebuilding the damaged muscles and time it’s even building stronger and much bigger set that will be able to withstand the next stress you put it through.

I recommend you take a day off after each of your side glute workouts but this doesn’t mean you cannot train other parts of your body, like abs or even do your cardio session on the rest days. It simply means you are not training with high intensity or do any focused glute workout your rest days.

With this in mean lets now get down to the hips exercises you should be doing if you are really looking at how to get bigger hips naturally and fast

There are various exercises you can do if you want to increase your hips, however, If you are a beginner, then you need to take it easy at first.

You should not push your body beyond its limit or excessively but rather focus on getting into a regular habit of working out right with correct form to engage the target muscle. In this case the target muscle will be your glute and side glutes.

Once you get comfortable with these exercises, you can then introduce a light weighted dumbbell and slowly increase to heavyweight as you progress in strength and endurance.  

This post will mention the 7 best exercises you can do to grow your hips naturally. You can choose five of them and perform at least 3 times every week.

You will need to take a few breaks in between sets. However, you need to be persistent and consistent if you really want to see changes.

Once your body start getting used to these exercises, you can continue increasing them and in few weeks’ time, you will be smiling at your new curvy hips in the mirror.

7 Exercise for Growing a Wider Hips        

Sumo Squats With Dumbbell

This is a well-known exercise that is used to tone and increase the lower part of your body while holding on to a dumbbell in front. To perform this move right you have to maintain a straight posture while keeping your feet wide apart toes pointing out.

Bend your knees and slowly lower yourself as if you are about to sit and the dumbbell between your thighs. Make sure your back is straight and your hands are stretched in front of you as you lower yourself. After maintaining the position down for a few secs, get up and then repeat.


To begin this exercise, lie down with your back on the ground while holding a dumbbell on hips in front.  Then, bend your feet while keeping the back straight. Ensure your arms are straight at your side with your palms facing the ground.

Inhale, squeeze your glutes and pelvic floor before lifting your hips off the ground. Once on top, pause for some seconds and then return to the starting position then repeat for 15 reps to 25reps or till failure.

Squat Side Kicks Exercise

To start this, you need to stand and widen your feet. Make sure it is about shoulder width apart and then bend your arms in front of you.

Now, bend down slowly until you are sitting on an imaginary chair. Stand up kick your right foot to the side. You can go as high as you can.

Once the leg touches the ground, go back to your previous squatting position and then repeat with your left foot.

Weighted Side Leg Lift

This exercise targets the hips and makes it bigger.

To start, lie down on your right side and keep your head, neck and back in a neutral position. Put your arm under your head.

Then put your legs on top of each other and begin to raise your left leg as high as possible. Once it gets to the top, pause for few seconds before slowly lifting it down. 

Weighted Split Leg Squats

Stand with your legs apart while backing a low stool. Put the top of your right foot on the stool while holding one dumbbell in front or on a barbell on your shoulders. then lunge your left foot Make sure your right knee touches the ground and keep your chest up.

The left thigh must remain parallel to the ground. Return to the starting position and go again.

Yoga pose

There are a few yoga poses that can help in making your hips bigger here are a few yoga for wider hips to practice.

Stand straight, keep your feet together, and your arms down beside you. Then bend your knee and raise your two arms way above your head. Squat for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. Keep your head straight and keep looking ahead also perform more yoga for wider hips in the video above.

Banded Donkey kicks

Wear your Resistance band and then get down on all fours and keep your knees apart. Place your hands under your shoulder and back straight.  Now, begin to raise your right leg up and kick the air once it is off the ground. Ensure the hips remain pointed to the ground as you return the legs to the starting position.

4 signs your hips are widening and getting bigger

  1. You begin to notice an increase in your overall body weight.
  2. A bigger hip will make you appear curvy in clothes especially hug fitting outfits.
  3. The measurement of your hips increases.
  4. Your waist begins to appear smaller and toned.

How to get bigger hips in a day 

It is totally impossible to get naturally hips size bigger in a day. However the only way makes your hips bigger in a day is by wearing is either a fake hip or a side glute pads. There are even cosmetic surgery takes more than a single day. However, if you follow the tips in this post consistently, you will definitely begin to see positives change in your hips.


If you are not born with big and wide hips, there are ways you can gain them naturally. By engaging in the right exercises and improving your diet, you will begin to notice significant changes in your hips.

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