8 Ways on How To Look Good In Jeans With Big Thighs

How To Look Good In Jeans With Big Thighs

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Everyone wants to look good in every clothing they wore. Some are obsessed with their looks as they believe whatever they put on, they will still be admired.

On the other hand, some ladies and women consider being attractive means being thin, especially as super-slim models and Fashion magazines seems to credit this belief. You may also love to read this Guide on Buying Jeans That Make Your Booty Look Bigger

 For those with big thighs, having a big thigh is not a flaw like some do believe. Everyone is unique in their way.

Those with big thighs, should Not be intimidated by those stunning photos on a computer, and lithe specimens. Trust me, most are photoshopped.

What matters is wearing what fits. If you’re a jean person and you are looking for how to look good in jeans with big thighs, this article will guide you.

If you are genuinely unhappy, about your big thighs, first, you need a good view of yourself.

Also, you don’t have to starve yourself to look that way! Do you know Genes could play a role?

Just like having a big thigh, some people are thin and angular by nature. But if your genes have designated you, to have a rounder figure and big thighs, you were simply not programmed to be thin.

If you have a bigger high, you can still look good in jeans whether you accept or not.

With that being said, and now that you have the right mindset, let’s talk about how to look good in jeans with big thighs.

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8 Ways on how to look good in jeans with big thighs

1. Go for dark Color or denim jean

When thinking about the color of jeans you will love to put on, as a lady with big thighs, you should not be thinking of faded color. You should avoid whiskering.

Dark color or black denim jeans are a perfect fit because it reflects less light, which not only moves easily, from day to night but also creates one virtual line.

It’s no secret that dark colours make you thinner. Instead of focusing to the area of bleach or whiskered area of the jean, like on the thigh, crotch or knees, a dark colour, makes the leg looks thinner thereby elongating the leg.

You may check this one on Amazon out it is a good for a big thigh.

2. Avoid Jean with Embroidery

Make your thighs thinner in jeans by avoiding any jean with an unnecessary added touch of design above the knee.

I mean, any kind of embroidery or design avoid it. You may feel like wearing jeans with these cute designs however they call more attention to you thighs and so will make them appear bigger than they already are.

By avoiding those designers or embroidery jeans, there is nothing to focus on around on your thighs. But I can assure you, that a simple pair of jeans, will be more attractive. The result will give you a thinner thigh and you like your thigh to have more style to it then going for ripped jeans this below will be much better than embroded jean. See this one on Amazon.

3. Wear Straight Cut Jeans

Any shape of denim that is similar to or closest to straight leg jeans will be perfect for you. They fit at the widest area of the hip, and straight to the floor. Some have a little flare or wide leg, I prefer the ones with slim fit legs like this one above.

This look balance the size of your thighs. They are best for bringing out your curves and making your legs look longer. This particular style

of Jean is great for wearing to work but that doesn’t mean you should reserve them for work only.

Your co-workers will be amazed at how you look thinner in jeans, even though, you have big thighs.

If you love wearing jeans two to three times a  week, get one that is good to wear with flats, and another, that is, good to wear with high heels. You can jeans fitting on Amazon.

4. Stick to a 1-Button Style

Another way, to achieve your look of a thinner thigh in jeans, is to avoid multiple button styles. Any jean that has visible or revealing buttons are going to make people notice your crotch and thigh area, making it appear bigger.

The shiny buttons cause a vertical line focusing directly to the area, your wish was skinnier. If you want a glamorous effect, stick to a one-button style for people, to keep their focus elsewhere, like paying attention, to your upper body and gorgeous face.

5. Go For Mid To High Rise Jean

Another clue, to look at for when shopping for jeans is to focus on the rise. If your goal is to make your thighs look thinner, mid or high rise jeans will be the best.

You should pay attention, to the fit when examining or assessing the rise of the jeans.

The crotch should sit at your private area without any line, mark or pulling, and it should not fall to the middle of your thigh.

If that’s the case, you will only give extra weight to your thigh area. You can find mid to high rise jeans for different body types, including petite, regular, plus size and tall. It doesn’t matter about your height.

 if you carry weight in your lower half, you should consider petite pants a

try. It may fit better in the rise and essence, draw less focus or less attention to the thigh area of your body.

A high rise that comes above your belly button near your waistline, makes your leg appear longer and gives you a beautiful hourglass shape look.

6. Wear Leg Jeans with good Stretch

If you are thinking of how to look slim and tall, consider wearing straight leg jeans with

good Stretch. Stretch jeans are made of stretchy denim fabric. This kind of denim cotton has a small amount of elastane.

One to three percent- woven into fabric. Elastane is stretchy, synthetic fibre, commonly listed as spandex or lycra on garment tags. Stretch denim, will make your thighs look thinner in jeans. You should try wearing a stretch jeans with likely about 2% stretch. So, you should wear straight jeans to look thinner. The Jean above fits this description very perfectly well.

7. Wear Jacket with a strong shoulder

Look for jackets with a strong shoulder, by creating an illusion of slimmer thighs. If your thighs are bigger, this will widen your upper body, by balancing your physique. If you are short, you should wear a jacket, that sits at the top of the hip.

A longer style may cover your butt area. That means it will hit at mid-thigh, creating an unattractive line across your thighs.

8. Wear a ¾ Length Top Coat

This style of coat is a perfect fit, at making your thighs look thinner in jeans. If you are an average height, this coat is perfect for you. It creates a long straight line, and cover up the hip and thigh area.

You may want to check this one here on Amazon out. they very nice will go well with pear of jeans above.


I’m sure, you love these tips on how to look good in jeans with big thighs.

Always remember to assess or examine the design, you are shopping for. Make sure they don’t have unattractive designs that will make people focus on your thighs, and always go for a dark or black wash over a lighter!

Avoid bleached or whiskered fabric. To all the glamorous ladies, I hope you find these tips!

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