37 Awesome Big Glute Foods|What African Food Makes Your Glute Bigger?

Last week one of my lovely ladies on IG sent me an email and in the mail, she wanted the answer to this question ‘What African Food Makes Your glute Bigger”.

I quickly replied her but I then thought of the number of ladies who are misinformed on what eat to grow bigger glute, so I decided to create this post on  37 Awesome foods that make your but*tocks bigger

Some ladies even feel that the big butt will come miraculously as they eat big butts foods and they won’t have to do anything else.

But to be plain with you, there are no specific African butts foods that can make your Glute bigger directly but they won’t work without exercise. See this exercise routine to help grow your glute.

Why do I say this?

I say this because these Glutes foods alone will not do much for you if not complemented with an effective buttocks excesses.

so for any of the bigger bu*tt foods that make your but*tocks bigger to really work; they have to go hand in hand with glute exercises.

As a matter of fact, eating these foods alone on a high quantity without your butt exercise will only make you put on general body fat all over your body.

But if you were to eat them and perform booty workout, your body will use most of the nutrient and the excess calorie from the food to build glute muscle for you.

This has always been how it worked, don’t let no one decide you.

So why do you need these foods that make your glute bigger?

These food are important in getting you a bigger butt fast because your glute muscles go through a breakdown, tear and wear whenever you perform your butt workout.

The food helps to rebuild and rejuvenate the warn out muscle fibre and tissues which are made of protein.

So you have to consume certain foods to refill the protein tank and even get your energy from complex carbs and healthy fats for the butt to grow, build and regenerate new bigger and stronger butt muscle.

Those rebuilt and newly developed butt muscles are usually stronger and bigger, they keep growing as you eat more and train harder.

With that said, lets head on to my top 37 awesome African food to make your booty bigger.

These list of 37 foods that make your glute bigger should be your go-to options if you have access to them.

37 Awesome Big Butts Foods | What African Food Makes Your glute Bigger?

#1 Snail Stew

Snail stew is one very tasty and spicy Nigerian bigger butts foods to try out or include in your menu.

This is because snails are one of the healthiest superfood, rich in protein, Omega-3 and iron which are a very essential nutrient for the development of lean muscle if combined with glute exercise.

#2 Egusi 

Egusi  is a  very high protein soup, rich in vitamin A, C & calcium for developing strong bones and building lean muscle.

The preparation even makes the protein content much higher than usual making it an ideal soup for growing bigger glute. 11oz of Egusi soup made with meat or fish contains about 43gram of protein.

#3 Walnut

Walnut is plant-based protein food, 100g contains 15.23 grams of protein. This is good to add up to your daily protein need to your meal plan.

Walnut also has other benefits to health which I am very excited about. One of such is that it helps improve brain reasoning due to its high content of folate, melatonin, omega-3 fats, vitamin E, and high antioxidants.

#4 Mushroom


Mushroom is another local African Nigerian food with high protein. Extremely delicious and nutritious in so many ways. Ahh, I so love one called Ero Ububa in my language. ( Igbo language)

They contain protein, fibre, B vitamins (especially niacin), vitamin C, calcium, and selenium a mineral vital for healthy skin and are very low in calorie.

100gram of mushroom contains about 2.5grams protein if your find mushroom anywhere just enjoy as much as you like… your booty will love you for it.

#5 Oats 

quaker oatmeal

Oat is my everyday first choice of breakfast because of its high protein, fibre and carbohydrate for energy to execute my booty workout and recover quickly after a workout session. It keeps me full for a long time.

There is no list of superfood for booty growth will ever be complete without the mention of oats as breakfast for some days.

100gram of oats contains 2.5 grams of protein depending on the brand.

#6 Egg


Egg is one of the cheapest sources of protein in Nigerian. A single egg contains 6g of protein.

You can either eat the full egg or throw away the yolk since it contains more cholesterol and does not have much of the protein in it.

Eating 2 to 3 eggs a day will help pump up your protein level for the day.

#7 Goat Meat

gaot meat Peppersoup

Goat meat is an African Nigerian food high in protein. it can be used to prepare so many kinds of dishes, pepper soup, stew, soup, porridge e.t.c. I personally love it when it is used for pepper soup or stew, the aroma is one in a town.

A piece of goat meat of like size of a  marches box has almost 17gram of protein.

It also has less amount of unhealthy fat that is commonly present in the animal protein.

#8 Hemp Hearts

This is one hell of a delicious African food to eat, it has a good amount of protein in it, like 100grams of hemp hearts contains about 6.3grams of protein.

Very high when compared to some of the popular chia seeds and they are so low in calories, comes packed with healthy fat, and omega-3 for a maximal booty development.

Studies say that hemp seeds can help fight against heart disease, obesity, and internal metabolic syndrome because of the high omega-3 and fibre content it HAS.

#9 Soy Bean Protein

Soybean is one of the complete sources for vegan.

There are few plants that have the complete essential amino acids need to grow a big hip and bigger glutes and soybean is one of them.

If you are a vegetarian growing your butt this is how to make your booty bigger, you eat complete plant-based protein, not in incomplete ones.

soybeans are common to source locally and they are very nutritious and delicious. You can find a complete and incomplete list of all protein food in this post

#10 Okra Soup

Okra soup is one healthy and very very high in protein soup in Africa Nigeria. Has a turn of vitamins and minerals to help promote booty growth. If you don’t know.

Just make sure you are not using a bag of baked garri to eat a small plate of okra soup.

Be watchful of the palm oil you add because that is saturated fat. Not very healthy for weight loss or fat control though.

Okra is also packed with a lot of valuable nutrients. Amongst it is, it ’s high fiber content which helps you remain fuller for longer.

Most of which is the soluble fiber in the form of gums and pectins. Learn more about this here

Still, on the 37 Awesome foods that make your Glute bigger, there is  pork meat

#11  Pork Meat

Pork meat is one of that uncommon food in Nigeria and a whole lot of people try to stay/ run away from it,  just because they feel it is too fattening but the truth is it has a whole lot of healthy fat in it.

So it is not a bad idea if you eat it every once in a while, like once a week or 3 or 4 times a week. It will really help your booty journey.

# 12 Cow Meat

Cow it is one common meat you see in Nigeria as everybody eats them except for vegans.

And they are really nice healthy,  tasty with a complete protein component and  could be used to make so many kinds of dishes  locally

They are very affordable as well so try to eat a little more of them if you really want bigger glutes naturally.

#13  Seafood

If you have access to any kind of sea creatures or animal, please  make sure you have them in your meals regularly

They are super packed with protein and minerals, vitamins and so many necessary nutrients for building and developing clean booty muscle.

So if you have access to them and can afford them, buy a lot and eat them however you like to.

#14 Snail

This is the real Big Butts Foods for so many kinds of ladies that enjoy eating snails.  A snail is an animal ideal for different category of people and health conditions.

If you have any health issue preventing you from eating beef/cow meat, then snail might be the best option for you.

They are usually recommended protein and vital mineral sources for some persons with health issues.

So if you’re trying to build your booty and you have any health condition maybe you should resort to eating snail because it will provide you with the protein quantity you need to build your booty muscle

#15 Suya

Suya is commonly found in Nigeria and it could be made with different kinds of meat. There is chicken suya or cow meat suya which is red meat or beef.

Suya is usually garnished with pepper, crayfish, Maggi and others, you can even make indomie with suya, ohhh very yummy!!

But beware not to eat too much, cause it can result in gaining too weight all over the body aside from the booty.

This is one of my best foods that make your butt bigger anytime any day.

# 16 Vegetable Beans

You can never go wrong with porridge beans I mean in terms of the taste and protein content though it is not a complete protein except for soybean category which I already mentioned.

Beans is a plant-based protein and do not have all the amino acids that make up protein, but they can help boost your protein need for the day.

Beans should only be eating as a complementary protein. They are also a good source of carbohydrate to your booty.

# 17 Soy Milk

Soy Milk is one of my favourite complete plant-based dairy protein to grow a bigger booty.

I enjoy it though am not vegan, but if you are a vegetarian and wants to grow your booty, you should taking a lot of this.

It contains lots of protein and very common in Africa and very cheap too.

You can even make soup with the beans. The soybean soup looks some like an egusi and other popular soup in Nigeria.

#18 Tiger nut

tiger nut1

(100pieces = 7 gram protein) This is another plant-based high protein food in Nigeria.  I snack on this one a lot.

It has a lot of health benefits. The fiber in it is also amazing including other nutrients Vitamins such as E and C.

A Good Source of Magnesium, Potassium and it helps protects one against Cardiovascular Diseases.

#19 Moi Moi

Moi moi is made from beans, very tasty and helps for weight your management at the same time in building booty muscle.

They are rich protein though depending on the species of beans used, it is not a complete protein source and all essential amino acids. So just eat moi moi as complementary protein but not your main source for the day.

Majority of the bean’s protein is not complete but you can look up complete protein sources in this article.

#20 Fish

high protein food in nigeria

This  is one most healthy protein option to choose from when you want a healthy high protein source of food for your body with less fat and healthy fat

It has omega-3, which boost your immune system and promotes muscle/booty development.

You can ake fish your major protein sources in addition and just snacks all the way on foods that not complete protein source.

I bet your booty will start popping, it has a lot of vitamins and minerals as well which helps promote the growth all have to be together.

#21 Peanut Butter

This is another choice of foods that make your butt bigger that will nourish your glute or butt muscle.

Peanut butter is a good source of protein, it’s a  plant-based protein and healthy fat option for your muscle.

#22 Avocado

Avocado is another awesome food that make your glutes bigger

This is my most loved fruit, food and healthy fat source, so easy to get, very tasty to eat with bread.

Though I don’t really advise you to be eating bread all the time except for whole wheat bread which I will highlight our mention later in the post.

But avocado on it own is a good source of healthy fats for that bigger butt and at the same time, it has lots of vitamins for your general wellbeing and healthy skin..

#23 Chicken

Chicken is one high protein, vitamins and mineral food to include in your diet. It is white meat and super healthy for your body.

Chicken breast contains the highest portion of protein when compared to other

#24 Cocoyam


I use to think that cocoyam was sorely carbohydrate, but I recently discovered it is high in protein. It has about 4.8% protein higher than other Tubers in it family.

And it also has other amazing health benefits  It can be consumed in so many different ways, e.g.  Roasted, cooked, fried, baked, pounding, milling etc.

In my place, it is used in making soup as well. Have you heard of “ofe Ede”? That is cocoyam soup we are talking about.

#25 Cow milk

Cow milk is extracted from a cow, so it is very high in protein. But note that cow milk is a dairy protein of which is not advisable to take everyday especially the processed one.

But it is a complete source of protein to help grow the butt. You ARE only allowed to include them in your meals maybe 3 or 4 times per week.

#26 Nuts

Nuts are a healthy source of fat and proteins vitamins and fibre to help you develop all the vital organs of your body including your booty, so eat nuts have then on a daily basis and I sure guarantee you will never regret that decision

#27 Wheat

wheat bread

Wheat is another way to go if you are trying to lose weight and build your booty. It has is high in protein, fibre and has so any other vitamins and minerals good for health.

Some might debate that too much of it is not good for the health and I will say too much of any food is not good for the health.

That is why God gave us varieties of food so we can combine food differently and get the benefit. I eat the right amount of wheat almost every day in form of swallow or bread.

A cup of wheat contains 11 grams of protein

#28 Yoghurt

Yoghurt is a dairy source of protein and healthy bacteria to help you break down food and regulate your stomach organs

It is one common dairy protein you can see here in Nigeria. You can even see them in traffic.

1 cup of yoghurt contains about 8-12 grams of protein, so it’s a really High protein Foods in Nigeria.

I recommend you check the label for the protein content when you buy them so you are sure of the quantity/quality of what you are eating

#29 Potato Chips

This may come as a surprise to you, but potato chip contains protein though it is much higher in carbohydrates.

It’s an additional source of protein to help with your booty business

All you HAVE to do is slice some and make a chip out of the potato and you have something to compliment your major protein sources daily.

#30 Skinless Turkey

Just like chicken turkey is similar to chicken and has high protein as well, just make sure you take off the skin and enjoy.

#31 Egg white Protein

If you want a super lean form of protein that can be sourced locally around you, then this is it. A very cheap source of clean high protein, like 100gram of eggwhite, contains about 11grams of protein.

You can take as many egg whites as you want without fear of any health risk. Including this in your daily meal is really how to make your booty bigger

#32 Frog Leg.

Did you imagine this coming? yeah, I got you!  For you ladies who like to eat frog meat, please fire down.

Nothing to be ashamed of, I also eat frog, just that is not easily seen where I live.

100grams of frog meat contains about 16 grams of protein which is like super higher than the recommended dose per serving of your protein in a single meal.

# 33 Shrimp Rice

If you want tasty and healthy WAY to make your rice, please do so with shrimp.

It is super tasty and will  provide you with enough vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate and protein to put on lean muscles on your booty

A good source of energy for a workout.

#34 Crayfish

Crayfish is seafood rich in  protein, vitamins and healthy fat, ideal for every kind of person except you are olumba olumba

#35 Yams

Yams are a healthy source of complex carbohydrates for your butt to grow. So you don’t want to be eating unhealthy carbohydrate things like the simple carbs which include sugar pastries and soda.

Those simple carbs will not give you a sustainable kind of energy to execute your booty training effectively as to trigger muscle growth and they do not have the needed nutrients for your muscle growth.

Eat yam but don’t overdo it.

#36 Pasta

Pasta is a source of healthy complex carbohydrates to help with the full development and retention of your booty muscle.

They prevent muscle breakdown during your training and will also help you remain full and energic during and after your workout.

#37 Catfish Pepper Soup

If you’re in Nigeria you must know this one, it’s a very common kind of pepper soup YOU can order anywhere in the local restaurants and you can even prepare it at home

Just go to the market and buy the catfish then make pepper soup out of the fish and enjoy your high protein and healthy fat food for your butt.

So this is the list of 37 awesome food that make your but*tocks bigger and any lady out there trying to grow bigger butt.

And my answer to this question “What African Food Makes Your Bu*m Bigger”. I will keep updating this list as more food comes to my mind.

I want you to  never forget that none of the listed butts foods above will work miraculously without proper booty training (ie. booty exercise I mean). Watch this routine below to start your booty training today.

Feel free to share this post on Facebook or pin it on Pinterest.  I will see you later.

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