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11 Yoga for Upper Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades (Yoga Stretches for Shoulders)

The shoulder can be the most flexible joint in the body if you regularly perform yoga stretches for shoulders, however; it often can locks up as well due to the limit in our motion every day.

In this post I am going to talk about stretches for upper back pain in between shoulder blades that will take care of neck and shoulder tension.

So if you are looking for yoga for upper back pain between shoulder blades, then this article some very nice yoga for upper back pain and yoga for neck and shoulder pain relief

There are various reasons why people do yoga, back pain is one of those. Yoga is a therapy for the mind and body which is usually recommended to treat stress and back pain.

It is a form of exercise which helps in the mind and body relaxation. Practicing yoga for few minutes every day can help your body in unimaginable ways.

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It will bring balance and alignment in your body. If you have any tension, Yoga will help you release it.

Waking up and experiencing upper back pain between your shoulders blades can be discomforting. This pain is medically known as interscapular pain and yoga most times help with the pain relief.

This pain is very common and this is mostly due to the obsession with technological gadgets. The constant use of tablets, smartphones, and laptops can affect the posture of the body and reduce the range of motion which will lead to upper back pain between the shoulders.

If you are familiar with this pain, then you should know that yoga is one way to get rid of it permanently. This post will mention some of the best yoga and stretches for upper back pain between shoulder blades.    

6 Yoga for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief (Yoga for Upper Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades)

There are various things that could lead to neck pain. Having a poor posture, indulging in certain activities, and holding the head in a particular position could lead to neck pain.

All these and many more could lead to neck pain and if you do not try to get rid of it, it might extend to other parts of the body like the shoulder.

Yoga is a recommended way to get rid of that pain you feel in your neck. With daily practice, you will relief yourself of that chronic neck pain. The top 6 yoga exercises for neck and shoulder tension are:

Standing forward bend pose

This is the first yoga exercise for tight shoulders and neck pain. To begin, stand with your feet under your hips. Then bend your knees slightly and fold your upper body forward.

Put your hands either on your legs or the ground. Relax your head and neck as you tuck in your chin to your chest.

Once you do this, shake your head slowly from one side to the other or in a circular motion. This will get rid of whatever tension you have in your neck and shoulders. Remain in this position for a minute.

Then stand up by raising your arms and head up.

Neck side bend and rotation

To begin this yoga exercise, you can decide to stand or sit on the mat. Then proceed by tilting your neck to the left. This is a way to stretch your neck to rid it of any pain.

After holding this position for few seconds, roll your head in a counterclockwise position towards your right shoulder and pause for some seconds.

Then bend it again to where you started from to complete the rotation. You can repeat this yoga exercise for few times.

Chair rotation

This is another exercise to relief yourself of tension in your neck and shoulders. To begin, sit on a chair sideways.

Ensure your right side is directly resting against the back of the chair.  Then keep your legs stable and begin to rotate your torso to the right. While rotating it, hold the back of the chair.

Hold your upper body in that position and stretch your arms deeper so that your muscle will loosen. Remain in that position for some seconds and then repeat on the other side.  

Child pose

Lower yourself to the ground on all fours. Spread your knees far away and let your big toes touch themselves. Then sit back onto your feet.

Make sure you sit down and extend your two arms far above your head. Then bend at the waist and lunge your upper body in between your legs.

Touch the floor with your forehead, let your butt remain on the ground and spread your shoulders. Hold this position for 20 seconds.

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Extended triangle pose

The extended triangle is a yoga exercise that helps to relieve tension and pain in the neck and shoulders.

To begin, keep your feet wide apart and ensure they are wider than your hips.  Now, turn your left toes at an angle and right toes forward. Keep your arms up and let them remain parallel to the floor.

Bend at the hips and reach forward with your right arm. Then, lower the arm and lift your left arm up toward the roof. Start rotating your neck by looking up and down. Maintain this position for few seconds before you switch sides.

Thread the needle

This is a yoga exercise for yoga for tight shoulders and neck pain. Get down on all fours and keep your wrists under your shoulders. Let the knees remain directly under the hips.

Now, raise your right hand and move it to the left with your palm facing up. Rest your body on your right shoulder and look left while you use the left hand to support yourself. Maintain this position for few seconds.

Now, after release, you can switch to the child pose as explained below to catch your breath. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

5 Stretches for Upper Back Pain in Between Shoulder Blades

Yoga is an excellent way to eliminate upper back pain. There are lots of stretches that can help with upper back pain in between shoulder blades. As long as you stick to a routine, you will be able to get rid of this pain. Some of the stretches are:

Shoulder blade stretch

If you are feeling a pain in your upper back in between the shoulder blades, then this stretch is one of the best to get rid of the pain. It helps to remove any tension you might be feeling in that area.

 To begin, place your right elbow on your left elbow. Then interlace your left hand with the right arm. Apply pressure until you feel your back opening. You can remain in this position for few seconds. Then repeat on the other side.

Door frame stretch

This is one of the stretches effective for upper back pain in between shoulder blades. It helps to release tight chest muscles that might be contributing to the shoulder blade pain. When you do this daily, you will be able to get the proper posture.

Place two arms on the two sides of a door frame. Make sure it is at a 90 degree angle, then move your right leg forward through the door and put pressure on it.

While doing this, do not stick your head forward or arch your back. Keep them straight and stretch. You can hold for some seconds and then repeat for few times.

 Leg extension stretch

This is a yoga exercise that is effective for upper back pain. To start, lie down on your stomach and let your legs, feet and pelvis remain on the floor. Begin to lift your neck, head and chest up.

Raise your feet towards the ceiling or sky and grab them by stretching your hands backward. Inhale and exhale as you hold the position for few seconds.

Forward stretch

This is a common and simple yoga for upper back pain. Sit down and keep your legs straight and joined together. Now, bend forward and touch your feet with your hands. It helps to relief neck and back pain.

Forward fold

This stretch helps the flow of blood to the upper body and also helps to get rid of upper back pain. To begin, stand and keep your feet at hip distance. Bend over your legs and lengthen your spine.

Then press a palm to the ground and you stretch the other arm up. Now, move your torso in such a way that it faces the same direction as the hand raised up. Hold the position and repeat.


In summary, this post mentioned excellent yoga poses for neck pain and stretches for upper back pain between shoulder blades.

Yoga is one best and healthy way to remove the tension you feel in your neck, back, and shoulder.

I hope you find these listed yoga for neck and shoulder tension relief helpful,  if you find this post on stretches for upper back pain in between shoulder blades useful please help share it.

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