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How To Get A Bigger Chest At Home and 8 Exercise For Bigger Chest At Home

Most women desire to have a fairly big chest. Also, many young adults wish to have a bigger chest but only a few are willing to do the kinds of exercises that will develop the chest muscles and make it outstanding. that is how you make your breast look bigger.

But, this dream to get bigger chests at home and grow your bo..obs demands rigorous exercise and strict diet routines that most people are not able to follow.

That is why we have researched the best exercises that you can do inside your home to give you a bigger chest size that not too difficult but will get you real result..

Therefore, in this post, we will show you how you can get a bigger chest at home using 8 exercises for bigger chest at home female.

So let us begin the process immediately.

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shapeminow How To Get A Bigger Chest At Home | ShapeMiNow is your go-to store for all kinds of body shapers, dresses, and statement pieces.

How To Get A Bigger Chest  At Home and 8 Exercise For Bigger Chest At Home


You may have visited some fitness websites or seen pictures in magazines of women with well developed upper body muscles. These mean have sculpted and built up pectoral muscles.

After seeing them, I bet you would immediately wish to have a well-toned chest like these women in the picture. To look strong and fit and develop bigger chest muscles is not a little task.

Medically your chest muscles are the most powerful in the upper part of your body.

For instance, it helps you to do a lot of activities like pushing a door to open it, putting soap on your hair an so on.

So it is vital to create exercises or workout routines that target the development of that part of the body.

We will give you this routine to follow that will help you to work on those chest muscles.

Furthermore, the chest muscles have two muscles called the major and minor pectoralis. The major one is wider than the other one and stretches over the upper chest and hooks up to the shoulder and the breast bone looking like a fan.

While the minor muscle is small and slim and triangular in shape and rests on the pectoralis major. Their work is to control how your arm moves, lifting things, rotating and swinging it.

Also, because it covers a large part of the chest if you wish to tone your body you have to work on it and burn a lot of metabolism on the body to be able to lose weight.

In addition, you can do these workouts in this post whether you have the equipment or not. As you do them they will tone your chest muscles. Let us begin with the simple and popular one we all know.

Note, that it is how consistent you are with these exercises and the time you take to do the exercises that will make it effective to give strength to your upper body. Also, you have to combine this exercise with nutrition tips in the post to see a better result

The right way to do push-ups

  • Put your hands immediately below your shoulders
  • Make sure your head, back and buttocks are in a straight line
  • Stretch your legs to transfer your weight to your toes
  • Keep your core and glutes in place
  • Extend your shoulder blades down and back
  • Now, control the lowering of your body until your elbows are at angle 90 degrees
  • And tuck in your elbows close to your body

8 Exercise For Bigger Chest At Home

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  • Constant Push-ups

This is an old body exercise that you are familiar with. You can start with it and it will give your upper body the workout it deserves.

But you must do it with arms wide apart and a firm grip to enable your chest muscles to feel the resistance of the routine.

Another way to make the exercise harder for your chest is to put your feet in a higher place.

  • Incline Push-ups

If the usual push up is a bit hard for you to do, you can begin by doing an incline push up. Make the incline push up very steep so that you will barely be pushing up less body weight.

This makes it easy for you to work your chest muscles gradually. Also, you can do this exercise routine, particularly to target your lower chest muscles.

  • Decline Push-ups

Do this decline push-ups to focus on your upper chest and the deltoid muscles. It will need more of your body weight than the classic pushups that you do.

Furthermore, because it adds more of your body within this exercise, it is harder to do. The harder the push the more effect it will have on your chest muscles to create the resistance it needs to grow.

  • Plyometric Push-ups

All this while you have been taking it easy. So, let’s raise the exercise bar a little higher. You can do these push up in a fun way. Clasp your hands and carry your upper body weight with the clasped folded arms on the mat and execute the push-ups to give your upper body a burst of plyometric routines that will set your muscles on fire.

  • Increase the Time under tension Push-ups

You may not believe this but when you slow down a movement and do a routine correctly, it will condition your body faster and you will get a better result. So, lower yourself very slowly down into a push-up position. Also, push back slowly into the start position and this will increase your muscle mass.

Furthermore, to make it work harder on your chest muscles do the routines like this below:

Count up to 3 seconds as you lower yourself down. Stop briefly at the lowest position of the movement for another 2 seconds. Then use another 3 seconds to push yourself back up to the starting position.

Simple Chest Workout at home with Dumbbells

Another easy way to exercise your muscles is to add some weight to increase the resistance of the exercise routines on your chest.

So, using dumbbells will increase the pressure on the chest muscles and expand it faster. In addition, you can do a chest press and chest flies with the dumbbells at home or in a gym.

Note, that if you are a beginner you should use light weights at first until you are able to carry heavier weights to make the last 3 to 4 reps harder to do.

Let’s target some muscles with these weights now.

  • Regular Chest press with Dumbbells

To do the regular chest press with dumbbells begin by lying flat on a bench carrying the dumbbell in each hand. Now stretch out your hands over your shoulder, with shoulder-width apart.

Inhale deeply and slowly go lower until your elbows are parallel to the floor at angle 90 degrees. Now, push the weights up as you exhale and then return to the position where you started from.

  • Incline Chest Press

Again start by lying on a bench that is raised higher than your knees level. Carry A dumbbell on each hand.

Now raise the dumbbells shoulder-width apart, and stretch out your arms and then turn your wrists and allow your palms to face each other.

Hold the dumbbells tight all this while and slowly lower the weights as you are inhaling. Next, exhale as you raise the dumbbells up using your chest muscles to push your arm up.

  • Chest Fly

To start these routines lie down flat on a bench carrying a dumbbell on each arm. Let your palms face each other. Now, stretch your arms above your chest, shoulder-width apart.

Make sure your elbows are free so, do not close your elbows. Next, lower your hands on both sides in a wide arc until you start feeling the tight tug on your chest. After that,  you can close your arm by raising the dumbbells upwards.

Furthermore, make sure you carry the dumbbells during this movement and bring them to the level of your shoulder joint (not just at your arms or elbows).

Routines to Give you a  Bigger Chest  At Home

Do the following exercises three times. They are eight in number. Do this routine when you are in good form.

Do not mind it when your body starts feeling fatigued. However, in these exercises, you should value your form over the speed of execution.

  1. Do 10 normal push-ups
  2. Do 60 seconds star jumps
  3. Carry out 10 incline push-ups
  4. Do another 60 seconds start jumps
  5. Do 10 Decline push-ups
  6. And carry out another 60 seconds star jumps
  7. Do another 5 regular push-ups and increase the time under tension
  8. Finally, do 30 mountain climbers.

Conclusion on How To Get A Bigger Chest  At Home and 8 Exercise For Bigger Chest At Home

This post showed you how to get a bigger chest at home using 8 exercises routines for bigger chest. Make sure you do these exercise routines with a level of balance so that you target the muscle group of your chest and other areas of your body each time you do these routines.

Also, the balance on the body will help you to avoid injury and posture problems. Kindly share your experiences here by commenting.

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