how to lose fat in calves and ankles

How to Get Rid of Calf Muscle & Fat For Women (+Slim Calves Workout)

Most ladies are bothered with the question of what causes big calves and why are your calves and legs are so big and muscular? And that is probably due to the fact they have big calf and learn how to get rid of the calf muscle or fat.

Having great and perfectly toned legs is a feature every woman wants. Big calves can be of great concern to some women and affect their self-esteem.

If you are unhappy about the size of your calves and they are of great concern for you, there are various ways you can work on them naturally. In this post, we will provide a guide on how you can get rid of calf muscles. a related article to this post is this article on how this lose thigh and leg fat for teenagers and women. The nutrition side of things losing fat on your legs is cover more in full there so you might want to check out the post.

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Are calves fat or muscular?

The fat stored in your calves cannot make it big. This is because the fat stored in the calves is not very much and it is the main reasons why liposuction will not reduce them.

The main cause of big calves is having big muscles. If you want to reduce the size of your calf, you will need to work out and target the muscles. The exercises you need to perform will target the muscles and make your legs appear great.

However, there are people that gain excess fat to the back of their legs. If you are like this, then there are various ways you can also get rid of those fat and make your calves slimmer.

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What causes big calves and why are your calves so big and muscular?

The major cause of having big calves is genes. If your parents have big calves, there is a probability that you will also have big calves too due to hereditary. It is usually difficult to get rid of a genetically inherited calf with exercise or a healthy diet. The medical way to reduce it will be a calf reduction surgery. 

It is totally possible to gain big calf even if you do not have it naturally. You can gain it with resistance exercises such as jumping, climbing, incline walking, and much more. Another way to build calf muscle includes walking on your front feet.

Is it possible to reduce calf size?

It is totally possible to reduce the size of your calf. There are numerous exercises that will target your calves and make them appear thinner. Regular exercise will help you work out the muscles in your calves and reduce its appearance. With the right lifestyle, you will begin to notice impressive changes in your calves.

Dieting tips on how to lose weight in your calf

The most effective way to tone and work on your leg muscle is by doing exercises. However, you also need to reduce your general body fat especially if you are one that gains fat to your calves.

The best way to do this is to reduce your consumption of calories. Watch the food you eat and you should be able to minimize the number of calories you consume daily. Watching what you east can help you a lot and if you want more tips on losing fat or weight so your calves can go off as well, then read this post on how to lose 10kg weight in 14 days

Exercising guide on how to get rid of calf muscle

There are lots of exercises that can help you eliminate calf muscle. Removing calf muscle takes time and you should not give up because of the slow transformation. It takes patience, hard work, and consistency. Ensure you sacrifice time every day to perform the exercises in this post. Once you start, you will begin to see the effective result in your legs.  

5 Exercises to Get Rid of Calf Fat at Fome (Exercise to Reduce Calves Fat)

If you typically gain fat to the back of your legs, then there are ways to get rid of it. Below are 5 exercises you can do from the comfort of your home to reduce calf fat.

Standing calf raises

This is one effective way to get rid of calf fat and get perfectly toned legs. It is an effective work out which targets your calves and hamstrings.

To begin, you need to stand and keep your feet wide apart. Push your chest out and roll your shoulders to the back. Then keep your hands firmly on your waist and keep looking ahead. Then, raise your heels and ensure your body is balanced on the balls of your feet.

Maintain this pose for a second and then drop your heels to the ground. Repeat

You should feel a burning sensation in your calves when doing this exercise.


Lunges is a great exercise to strengthen your legs effectively. It helps to outline and define your leg muscles. Furthermore, lunges also help with the buttocks and inner thighs.

To begin, you need to stand straight and put your hands on your hips. Now, put your right leg in front of you and your left leg should move to the back. Now, create a 90 degree angle by bending your right leg at the knee. Now, balance your weight to your heels and go back to your initial position.

After completing the exercise, switch the legs and go again.

Weighted sumo squat with calf raise

This exercise is another great way to get slimmer calves. To make this exercise effective, you need a dumb bell.

Stand up straight and keep your legs wide while holding the dumbbell. Now, turn out your feet while your back is straight. Chest out and roll your shoulders. Now, begin to lower your torso and keep your hips in line with your thighs.

Maintain this pose for sometimes and raise your body slowly. Before straightening your legs completely, raise your heels. Once your heels are on the ground, flex your knees and do a sumo squat.

Plie calf raises

This is an exercise that targets the calves and makes it toned.

To begin, you need to stand straight and then begin to squat. When squatting, you need to keep your back straight and put your hands in the front. Keep your hands joined together in front of you. Now, raise your heels and keep the balance of your body on your toes.

This pose should look like you are wearing heels. Start to lower your heels to the floor and raise them back before they touch the ground.

Arm Plank with knee dips

This is another exercise that will help in the reduction of your calves. Furthermore, it also works on the shoulders, core, and hamstrings.

Start by first getting into the elbow plank position. Then, flex your left knee and use it to touch the floor. Return it back to the plank pose. Flex your other knee and also use it to touch the floor.

Make sure to follow along this video for additionally exercises that will help you lose those calf fats without much stress.

Conclusion: As a woman, you can work on your legs muscle and make them look different. With the right diet and exercise, you can say goodbye to your calf fat. 

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