How to Get Slim Hands in a Week + Finger Exercises for Guitar and Slim Fingers

How to Get Slim Hands in a Week + Finger Exercises for Guitar and Slim Fingers

Everyone wants great hands, it can be strong hands for lifting stuff, tender hands for holding their loved ones, and slim hands for aesthetic purposes. The good news is that there are things you can do to get slim fingers in some weeks. 

The hand is one of the most functional external parts of the body. It can carry stuff, it is used as a support to prevent a person from falling, it can help a person cook, flip a page, hold their children, tap their smartphone, open a door, drive a car, and a host of other things too numerous to mention in this article.  Read this Post too:

In this article, we will be exploring the following topics;

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Guitar players in particular need finger exercises to retain a level of nimbleness in their fingers while playing. 

How to get slim hands in a week

There are several exercises you can undertake to achieve the result. These exercises are targeted at the fingers and are generally not meant to be too stressful however you need to also engage in running and general fat burning exercises to lose overall weight and reduce your food consumption. Because without losing overall weight, you cannot spot reduce just your hands and fingers.

They include;

  • Making a fist
  • Stretching the fingers
  • Pinching stuff
  • Molding

Now that we know some exercises for the fingers. What type of exercises do guitarists need to increase their proficiency? 

7 Finger exercises for guitar and slim fingers

No 1. Stretch exercise

The fingers have to be stretched to avoid mild cramps. You can stretch the fingers using your other hand by bending all the fingers slowly backward until you hear the knuckles release. You can also push the fingers back one by one to ensure they are all evenly stretched. This is one of the 7 exercises for guitar and slim fingers. 

No 2. Holding down strings

When trying to play the guitar, some notes require the string to be held down. This can actually be a form of exercise. This is one of the finger exercises for guitar players. The great part of this type of finger exercise is that you end up becoming better at playing the instrument. 

No 3. Warm up exercise 

There is a popular exercise known as the 1234 exercise in which the interested party. The goal of this exercise is to get the participant to play the 4 notes using his or her four fingers. The goal is ultimate to improve speed and finger dexterity. Every time you play, your fingers have muscles that have the capacity to remember motions and movement. It is called “muscle memory.” The more you carry out these exercises by playing the guitar, the more your finger builds its muscle memory until you can play Taylor Swift’s  “Back to December” without really thinking of it. This is one of the exercises for guitar and slim fingers. 

No 4. Pick a pattern exercise 

This is also one of the exercises for guitar and slim fingers. For this exercise, the person undertaking the exercise decides on note patterns to play. He or she then starts playing the strings according to this pattern. It is a lot similar to Piano Tiles. When you use this app, you have to learn to identify patterns very fast to move to different stages of the game. But as you identify the patterns and click, it actually becomes music. They can do example give you Piano tiles that when clicked correctly will play “Fur Elise” by Beethoven.  

No 5. Note flipping exercise 

These are sometimes referred to as chord flipping exercises. In this exercise, you flip the notes and focus on the fingers moving from note to note. The notes can be played in patterns of 1-2-3-4 and then flipped to 4-3-2-1. Very similar to the solfa notation “D-R-M-F-S-L-T-D” that can be flipped in a Piano as “D-T-L-S-F-M-R-D.” Isn’t music just beautiful? 

This is also one of the top exercises for guitar and slim fingers. Why these exercises are so efficient and effective is really because the people doing them already enjoy music. Why the practice of anything is generally not fun, the opportunity to listen to great music while doing something not so fun is motivating. Besides, it is like killing two birds with one stone. Practicing and developing great music fingers all at once.

No 6. Fret exercises 

The core concept of the guitar is strings that can play several notes depending on which area of the string is played. After the pattern exercises, the person playing can decide to do some frets. The more frets you do, your fingers will be curled completely around the guitar. If you avoid resting your palm on the fretboard by the time you have completed the exercise your fingers will feel a bit sour. But that is expected. This is my 6th exercise for guitar and slim fingers.

No 7. Left hand strengthening exercises 

If you look at guitar players you will see that you have to hold the guitar with the right hand and still play with your left. If you are interested in playing this great instrument and you are like me, you will not find learning it very easy. One way to make it easier though is to do finger strengthening exercises.

Position your finger on the strings using the aids of guides and tutorials on YouTube and then play the strings fret by fret and then repeat the motion. 

Like the popular saying “No pain, no gain”, you can’t be a good guitar player without spending time learning it. You have to exercise those fingers until all they know how to do best is play the guitar.

Who knows, if you exercise your fingers enough you may even figure out how to get slim hands in a week, how to get skinny fingers exercises, and how do you get rid of fat on your fingers. Why are My Upper Arms so Fat

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