How Skating is possible on ice

How Skating is possible on ice (What type of force is ice skating)

Ice skating is fun to watch and even more enjoyable when you get to participate. However, have you ever wondered how Skating is possible on ice? As I watched skaters glide gracefully, I had the same puzzling question; I did some research and mand an exciting discovery. Read this also

How Skating is possible on ice

Due to the phenomenon of Regelation, it is possible to skate on ice. In summary, Regelation can be described as the process of a substance melting under pressure and then freezing when the pressure is lowered.

According to many accounts, Regelation may be shown by wrapping a thin wire around a block of ice and attaching a hefty weight on it.

Breakdown: Whenever you apply pressure to the ice with skate blades, the ice will convert to the water where the pressure is used, and the water created will function as a lubricant for smooth blade movement across the ice.

In summary, a conclusion can be made that Regelation is a mechanism that aids in ice skating.

Keynotes of this article:

  • What type of force causes an ice skater to begin to move
  • How do you professionally skate on ice?
  • Is ice skating harder than roller skating?
  • At what age should you start figure skating?
  • Is it too late to start figure skating at 15? 
  • What age is too late to start figure skating?
  • Is it easier to ice skate if you know how to do you roller skate?
  • Do roller skates help with ice skating?
  • How do you transition from ice skating to roller skating?
  • What is harder, ice skating or roller skating?
  • How to start competitive figure skating?

What type of force causes an ice skater to begin to move

While ice skating might look simple, there are some interesting facts of science behind it.

What type of force is skating?

By combining the core forces of friction and momentum is essential in the process of ice skating. When appropriately employed, these forces enable ice skaters to achieve incredible speeds on the ice. Also, with these two elements in play, figure skaters can do better carrying out complex maneuvers and leaps.

Keynote: What type of friction is ice skating? The type of friction put into practice in ice skating is kinetic friction. Kinetic friction is another name for sliding friction. Sliding friction is friction between two areas in contact, especially when they move relative to one another.

Practical breakdown: When there is little to no movement, friction is lacking. This requires the skater to press against the ice at a right angle; when this is done, they can produce the suitable friction they need to move. When they push off with their skates against the ice, they impart downward and backward force to the ice.

Do you need friction to ice skate?

In the equation of ice skating, friction is an essential element that cannit be replaced. To create the force needed for movement, skaters must overcome, reduce or eliminate friction.

In the overall process of acceleratingย the skater, the thigh muscles must press against the blade. While the blade penetrates the ice, there should be sufficient friction for it to adhere to it.

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How do you professionally skate on ice?

If you want to skate competitively, you must be willing to develop your skill while being dedicated to the overall process. If you’re committed to studying and attending lessons, you’ll be able to improve your skills quickly.

While ice skating may appear frightening, you may learn to enjoy it tremendously with the appropriate equipment and instruction.

Keynote: Skaters generally perform two numbers, one technical and the other artistic, at professional contests. Numerous triple leaps, footwork routines, and spins will be included in the technical program.

Whereas there are lesser complex tricks in the artistic number/segment when compared to the eligible level. In this aspect, presentation, creativity, and interpretation are given greater emphasis.

Is ice skating harder than roller skating?

Considering various variables, I concluded that, Skating on ice is more complex than skating on a rollerblade. Ice skate blades are designed to save you from falling through the ice. As a result, they are pretty frail; however, you have four tires with rollerblades that help maintain balance.

For beginners, this makes ice skating a challenge. The most challenging aspect of this game is maintaining balance.

Note: Nevertheless, Roller skates are likely to be easier for young toddlers who want to have fun while slowly gliding along with the snow. While teenagers and adults generally improve faster on inline skates since they are nimble and can readily ramp up speed outside. 

There are several locations where you may need to roller skate. For example, you may skate on the sidewalk in front of your house or your parking lot. First, however, you must find an ice rink to ice skate. Many appropriate ice skating spots may be found throughout the winter.

At what age should you start figure skating?

There is no specific age when a youngster should be taught the joys of ice skating. However, if you look at things practically, as long as a child can walk, they have gained the essential requirement needed skate.

However, if balance is poor, the overall learning experience will be a steep one. Therefore, you must watch your child throughout the process because you are the best judge of your child’s talents and disposition. 

What age do we recommend?

I believe that the optimum time to begin skateboarding is when a child is six years old. Unfortunately, based on experience and research. Consequently, they may become irritated and give up skating altogether.

Therefore, to ensure that their learning experience reaps results, you must set the stage right. The best age to start ice skating classes for kids is when you are confident that your child can handle balancing enough to stay safe.

Is it too late to start figure skating at 15?

At the absolute least, starting your skating adventure at 15 is not a bad start. Depending on various circumstances, such as time invested and inherent talent, you may improve your abilities.

Setting a target of landing a double or two with ease isn’t too far-fetched. But, in the end, it all comes down to your desire; if you work hard enough, you might be able to pass specific high-level examinations.

A skater of 15 years old would have little trouble tackling the challenges encountered in primary levels. On the other hand, figure skating may be difficult for them to master quickly at this age. Learning axels or jumping is difficult for the body. 

What age is too late to start figure skating?

Skating is accessible to people of all ages; however, it would be advisable for the aged to be a bit more safety conscious. Nevertheless, participating in the thrilling sport is a fantastic way to unwind and relieve stress as you glide along.

People of all ages, youth, adolescence and even adults can take part in this sport. You could even give learning figure skating a try in the hopes of mastering various techniques.

The critical part of your overall journey is to make your learning goals as realistic as possible. In all, the most important thing is to ensure that you have an enjoyable learning experience. 

Is it easier to ice skate if you know how to do you roller skate?

If you’re used to ice skating, you could find it simpler to do so on the ice. However, due to the difference in skating shoes, you may need to get used to balancing.

Rollerblading techniques can be transferred to the ice skating rink. They were similar, yet they were not identical. If you know how to rollerblade, you’ll have a more leisurely time ice skating, but your poor habits may follow you.

Keynote: Theoretically, they’re the same. Both also have a striking resemblance. You move forward by using the forward motion of your steps while balancing on a line of wheels or a metallic blade.

You can utilize the same skills for balancing and regulating your motion in rollerskating in ice skating. However, if you had any unhealthy practices in roller skating, there is a risk that you might also transfer them to ice skating. 

Do roller skates help with ice skating?

You could consider rollerskating as a sandbox for learning ice skating. Rollerskating helps you to learn essential skills like turning, balancing, and even mastering your stamina faster. Furthermore, it will help you build your self-confidence as you horn your ice skating skills.

Suppose you seek improvement in your overall balance and body alignment while ice skating; rollerskates can help you out. This handy tool will guide skaters who need to keep improving themselves in record time. Rollerblading also helps in building your leg and back muscles. 

Therefore if you wish to improve your skills by using roller skates, you are on the right track for improvement. Although roller skating and ice skating are enjoyable sports, it gets even better when you can improve your skills by doing a fair amount of practice in another.

How do you transition from ice skating to roller skating?

Are you considering switching your rollerblades for skates? Rollerskating is an exciting and entering game; however, don’t expect the transition to be entirely seamless. While both games might be similar and involve the same physics, they are equally different in some ways.

Whether it’s a permanent or momentary move, you are bound to feel a bit weird when you first put on a rollerskater. Except in some rare cases where you are a natural and blend right in, it might take some getting used to. However, when you do eventually, the experience will be a thrill.

Best practice: to make progress faster, you can practice more with friends and take a tutorial to boost your learning speed. You can also make progress by setting and achieving realistic personal goals. However, try not to push too hard; the most important thing is having fun while at it.

What is harder, ice skating or roller skating?

You are probably still standing at a crossroads concerning this issue; I understand how you feel.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, learning or practicing ice skating can be reasonable and hassle compared to roller skating. However, you must also understand that this doesn’t make ice skating impossible to learn.

On the contrary, the reality is that they both have their perks and disadvantages, especially in the risk and safety aspects. In the end, the most important thing is that you do what makes you feel the most fulfilled.

How to start competitive figure skating?

To start competitive figure skating, you must compete in regional and sectional championships before being eligible to compete in the Olympics. Only three sectional champions exist in the United States. If you place in the top four in your sectionals, you will be invited to compete in the United States Figure Skating Olympics.

There are four core figure skating disciplines. They include;

  • Individual Skating
  • Pair skating
  • Precision skating
  • Ice dancing

Numerous individuals, including myself, feel that figure skating is an artistic performance. It’s a discipline that demands a lot of stamina, balance, and flexibility. To be successful both on and off the ice, you must take several measures.

Tips for beginning your career as a competitive figure skater

  • Take on and off ice training to strengthen your flexibility, balance, and stamina.
  • Starting at an early age will make things easier if the goal is to become a competitive skater.
  • Strengthen your body with nutritious meals based on a well-planned diet plan.
  • As a figure skater, keeping your body in shape is of utmost importance.
  • Ice skating is a risk on its own; to further protect yourself, you have to use quality equipment and carry out reasonable maintenance. These measures should help protect you against unnecessary injuries.


Skating, in general, is an activity that is both calming and exciting in its way. I hope this article has been of help so far in helping you figure out some issues that have been a bother.

Would you like to find out more? If I left something out that you deem essential; feel free to drop a comment; I will be glad to help out with any queries you might have.

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