21 Beautiful Summer Skirts: Women’s Skirts for Summer 2022)


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If someone asked you what you would like to wear for summer the first thing on your mind may be maxi dresses of all types because they are fitting and functional for both outdoor and indoor activities.

If you are a lady, the clothing for summer however that can make you look chic is actually a skirt. A skirt is the ultimate feminine dress and brings out the femininity of all the women that wear them. This summer you can actually wear a really nice skirt to go with your sweater and jacket.  Best Jeans for Apple Shape 2022

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Below are 21 beautiful summer skirt ideas you can try out this summer.

No 1. Sheln Women’s summer skirts

This is a classic summer skirt with slits that you love to have in your closet.  This summer skirt is one of the best summer skirts of 2021. It comes with a 4.0/5.0 rating and a floral print design that can make you stand out in every meeting you attend. 

No 2. Alelly Women’s summer high waist skirt

This is one of the high waist summer skirts classic. It goes for an affordable $32 and comes in different colors. You can wear this to an indoor event or an outdoor event. This particular skirt can also be classified under summer skirts for work. 

No 3. Good thread Women’s skirt

This is one of the best summer skirts of 2021. It meets the criteria for summer skirts and comes in a rich burgundy color. The skirt is flagged at the knees and gives off a corporate feel when worn in certain spaces. It can also be work to church and other formal gatherings.

No 4 Tandisk Women’s vintage skirt

This is a beautiful flower pattern skirt that looks like something out of China or Korea. It has bright green flower patterns and looks really pretty. The best part is that it goes for $16. It has over 4,000 positive reviews so far and can comfortably take a spot as one of the best summer skirts of 2021.

No 5

Feixiang Women’s Tennis Skirt

This is one of the acclaimed summer skirts with pocket we have often heard about. It goes for an affordable price of $21 and has a lot of great reviews. If I were you, I would consider this skirt as part of my summer skirts to buy. 

No 6. Taydey pleated vintage skirt 

This skirt is among Amazon’s pick for the summer. It features over 4,000 positive reviews and has almost 20 colour combinations to choose from. It is a high waist skirt and will typically not get to the knees. It can be work with flats, high heels or even sandals. 

No 7. New Choice Women’s leopard print skirt

This is one of the summer skirts to look out for this summer. This is a special summer skirt with slit. There are skirts and there are skirts and this one certainly meets the criteria for awesome. With it’s remarkable leopard print, it stands out in a black top and shoes. You can wear a sandal too, but it will work best with heels because of it’s height. 

No 8 BTFBM Women Floral print dress

This is a summer skirt that will make you feel sexy. It features light colored floral prints and a slit design that exposes the leg in a way that is nice. 

If you are looking for a summer skirt to wear to an evening event where you want to wow everyone. You should consider the BTFBM floral dress. 

No 9. DJT women’s mini flared skirt

This is also a summer skirt that is to die for. It comes in a crimson colours and features an under short that keeps the wind’s embarrassment at bay.  Mini skirts are great for showcasing those long legs. You can wear it with a strapped sandals or a moderate heel. 

No 10. Chico Women’s sport skirt

This is a beautiful cream colored leated high waist skirt that can make you look like a celebrity or a Rockstar this summer. 

No 11. Made by Johnny Women’s skater skirt

This is also a high waist skirt. The black colour pops and makes a person stand out of the crowd. You should get yourself a Johnny women’s skirt this summer. If you are not sure if you need one, just look at the price. You can thank me later.

No 12. Wdirara women’s summer split skirt

Like the others, this is an amazing summer skirt. It falls within the category of summer skirts with slit. This means that you can wear something fun while enjoying your summer. 

No 13. Xierduo women’s knee length skirt

This is a classy summer skirt. It falls within the category of summer skirts for work. It comes in bright cream colour, nude, black, blue and burgundy. Wearing this skirt during summer can make any woman the center of attention. 

No 14. Zeagoo long skirt

This is a classy long summer skirt that is perfect for outdoor events. It can be worn to the beach as a casual along with strapless sandals.

No 15. Oyamiki athletic skirt

This summer skirt contains elastic components and like a bodycon reveals the outlines of the bum in the way all women like. It comes in black and bright colors and can be work with a top and a sneakers. 

No 16 Kate Kasin Women’s knee length skirt

This is also one of the summer skirts for work. It is long and formal and can be worn mostly for outdoor events. 

No 17. Sheln’s women summer floral print

Women like bright colors. They also claim most men are colour blind. But if you are a woman, you will love Sheln’s women summer floral print skirt. It is an excellent summer skirt and can be worn in a variety of occasions.

No 18. Sheln women’s stretchy long skirt

This is perhaps one of the best summer skirts listed on Amazon. Like a bodycon, it can make you look classy and fun. 

No 19. Relipop women’s cotton skirt

This summer skirt like the floral print skirt from Sheln, is adorable. It stops above the knee and is flared. It is also pretty affordable.

No 20. BLEVOHN women’s knee length dress

This summer skirt is great for beach parties and outdoor events. You can wear it with a sandal.

No 21. Nashalyly women’s chiffon high waist skirt

This is a high waist flared summer skirt. It fits well in corporate and formal events. It can be worn with a wedge, heels, or sandals. Related Article: 11 Best Skirts& Jeans for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

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