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How to Choose the Perfect Bandage Dress for Your Body Type

If you’re here reading this, I’m sure you’re probably thinking of buying a bandage dress, and you want to find out what the perfect bandage dress for your body type will be. 

Well, this will take you through all you need to know and how to choose a bandage dress for your body type as a female.

Finding the right bandage dress is not just about picking a style you like; it’s much about choosing the dress shape, style, and design that flatters your own body type, enhancing the best feature of your specific body type while offering comfort. 

Of course, bandage dresses are very comfortable due to their stretching nature, and on that ground, you will most likely feel comfortable with the majority of bandage dresses. 

But at the same time, when you feel comfortable, you should also feel confident. Our Bandage dresses have a lot of stretch to them and they come varieties of styles and designs you can choose from, here in our Bandage dress collection. However, when choosing you need to pick the style and design, that suits your body type following this our “How to Choose a Bandage Dress for your Body Type Female Guide”.

So, without further ado, let’s go into how to pick the right bandage dress for your body type as a female, woman, or lady.

Understanding Body Types when Choosing Bandage 

Before we proceed first, what Are the Different Body Types?

Well, female body shapes are generally categorised into five different body types and they are i. pear body type, ii. apple body type, iii. hourglass Body type, iv. rectangle body type, and lastly the inverted triangle body type. 

Now how can you identify your body type to help you choose the perfect bandage dress for your body type? 

Well, here’s a quick guide:

  • Pear: If you have broader hips than your shoulders then you fall in the pear body type.
  • Apple: if your midsection is wider than your hips and shoulders, you are apple body shape.
  • Hourglass: when your hips and shoulders are balanced or in an equal proportion, with a defined waist then you simply hourglass shape. 
  • Rectangle: if you have a Unified width from shoulders to hips, with a less defined waist then you are a rectangle
  • Inverted Triangle: when your shoulders are Broader and narrower from the waist to the hips then you are inverted triangle body type.
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How Does Body Type Influence Dress Selection?

So how should your body type affect your choice of Bandage dress? Well, understanding your body shape helps you choose to right Bandage dress style that highlights your natural features. 

Simply say that the right bandage dress will accentuate your strengths and balance proportions, ensuring you look and feel your best while presenting a more classy, sophisticated put together look. 

Tip to choose the perfect Bandage Dress per Body Type

Pear-Shaped Bodies

If you are a pear-shaped lady, you need to choose a bandage dress that accentuates the waist and balances out your wider and broader hips to your shoulders.

Look for a bandage dress style that draws attention to the upper body, balancing your upper body with your lower body. 

You should go for bandage dress styles with ruffles or bold design on the neck or any bold statements in the upper body area.  

It will help balance your upper body with your hips, making you look very chic, sophisticated, and well-put-together. See these one here

Apple-Shaped Individuals

As a pair body shape a lady you want to go for dresses that create the illusion of a smaller waist and then divert the attention from your waist to any side of your body, could be your shoulder or your hipbasically

So you want to choose bandage dresses with ruching or wrap designs or any bandage dress style that has a waistband and puffy top and skirt style. 

Those Puffy top and pant styles will help balance out your body while de-emphasizing the wider waist. See these ones here

Hourglass Figures

For an hourglass body type, you literally can get away with almost every bandage dress style however we’re talking about classy and moderation hair which means you don’t want to exaggerate any part of your body by the choice of bandage dress style or design that you go for so the best choice will be an all-round form 15 Bandage dress style that follows your natural body curves without squeezing will be ideal.

But of course, we’re not here telling you what to do. wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Any of the bandage dress styles in this Sleeveless Bandage Dresses collection will look on you.

Rectangle Body Shapes

For a rectangle body shape, you want to go for bandage dresses that will add some level of curve hips or definition to your waist.  Bandage dresses with side panels will add some level of an illusion of a smaller waist and wider hips to your body. 

Generally, you want to look for dress styles that have some level of volume on the hip area and the volume on the shoulder area. Something that has designs on the shoulders or on the hip will give that smaller waist Illusion.  Here are some I have picked out for you. 

Inverted Triangle Body Types

As an inverter triangle body type, you want to choose dresses that minimize the upper body and then volumize your lower body. This will achieve a balanced appearance from shoulder to hips.  

An A-line bandage dress style will be ideal for your body type and also a skirt-only ruffle bandage dress will balance out your body for a more flattering look.  Here are options for you to check out

Additional tips Consider choosing bandage dresses

1.     Fabrics for Different Body Types

When choosing a Bandage dress you want to consider the fabric texture and weight of a light switch or thick stretchy bandage dress Fabrics will mostly Hug and accentuate your curve and will follow your natural figure.

On the other hand, a non-stretchy bandage dress will offer more structure but will not be as flexible and comfortable as a stretchy one would be, especially if the wrong size is selected.

That’s why we mostly opt for collections of stretchy bandage dress fabrics to fit your form in the best natural way.

2.     Undergarments

Choosing waist cinching and smoothing undergarments can enhance the look and fit of the dress. Our shapewear offers additional support while creating a seamless and more defined figure. You can check out our shapewear here.

Shopping for Bandage Dresses Online

When shopping for bandage dresses online,  you want to accurately measure your shoulder, waist, and hips and then compare your measurements with the provided size charts product page to ensure a good fit.

At this point, I am sure you now know how to choose the perfect bandage dress for your body type, by following the tips shared above. 

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