7 Meals to Make with Chicken Breast (Interesting Chicken Breast Recipes)

The best meal to have is the one which you have prepared yourself. You know you and your taste better than anyone else, which reflects in both the choice of ingredients, the cooking time choice in most modern homes. But we can agree that we all love chicken. Chicken is a versatile food ingredient that seasons and adds flavor to meals. Never mind that the process of killing Chickens is not exactly fun.

You can make several meals with chicken. In this article, we are going to focus on interesting chicken breast recipesand 7 meals we can make with chicken breast. 

First off, what are the different parts of a chicken, and what is a Chicken breast. A chicken served whole comprises of the wings, laps, drumstick, and the breast. The Chicken breast is located just below the neck region. It is rich in protein and sometimes contains over 128 calories. Why people love Chicken breasts so much is that unlike the chicken thigh, it has less fat and more protein content. 

Chicken has many recipes. One of my favourite is the Chicken Broccoli Alfredo which takes around 30 minutes to prepare. The broccoli makes the meal combination healthy. It is served with pasta. This dish is sometimes called chicken and broccoli alfredo. 

Now let’s explore some quick and easy chicken recipes for dinner

No 1

Puff Pastry Chicken pot pie

This is one way to enjoy your chicken breast. If you have some of them leftover you can mix them in a casserole and top them off with puff pastry before baking. The result is the Puff Pastry Chicken pot pie.

The good news is that it can be ready in 30 minutes. You can serve it hot with Orange juice. Who doesn’t love some pie on a hot afternoon? 

Just remember to watch the oven so that you don’t eat burnt chicken pie. Healthy chicken meals like this can both keep hunger at bay and help people consuming it maintain a balanced diet. See how to make puff pastry chicken pot pie here

No 2. Lemon Chicken Piccata

You can make this by slicing the chicken and dredging it in flour. You can then add sauce with white wine and lemon flavor before serving it with pasta. 

It tastes exquisite and is best served while hot.  The lemon flavor will make you want a second helping. But try not to have a third or fourth helping. 

No 3

Cheesy Chicken Burrito Skillet 

Another addition to the health chicken dinners list. This meal can be prepared by first cooking the tomatoes, rice, beans, broth, and taco seasoning in the skillet. Add lots of shredded cheese and watch the magic happen. 

You simply have to love the Chicken magic. 

The Cheesy Chicken Burrito Skillet can be prepared for New year or Thanksgiving. It can serve as a side dish to go with the traditional turkey. You really should try out this recipe.

No 4. Black Bean Chicken

What is the perfect sauce for stir fry chicken? The answer is a mixture of black beans, cornflour and salsa. It creates a strong-flavored sauce that goes with the stir fry chicken. This is one of the healthy chicken meals. 

Try not to bite off your finger while enjoying this one. On second thought, take a chance ok your finger, and try out the recipe. I would love to know your thoughts on the Black Bean Chicken.

No 5. Grilled Chicken breast

For roast chicken dinner ideas, with grilled chicken, you can’t go wrong. To make grilled chicken breast, rub wet spice like garlic, onion powder, paprika, and oregano on the chicken you intend to grill. 

Set up the grill and put it in. Don’t forget to time it. The result will be the tastiest grilled chicken you have ever had. You can totally add this to your list of roast chicken dinner ideas. It is healthy and easy to prepare.

No 6. Apple Cider Thyme Grilled Chicken

This is one of the interesting chicken breast recipes you should try out. The good news is that it is a quick and easy chicken recipe for dinner. 

If you can’t get enough grilled chicken you really have to try this. The Apple cider thyme when added to the chicken before grilling creates a sweet flavor with a minty aftertaste. It is a roast chicken dinner idea to die for.

When the chicken is grilled, you can serve with salad and or corn. This is one of the healthy chicken dishes that can literally change your culinary life forever. But don’t take my word for it, bring out your grill. 

No 7. Bang Bang Chicken 

If you want to eat crisp flavored chicken, then you should try Bang Bang Chicken.  

You can make Bang Bang Chicken by coating chicken breast with buttermilk batter before stir-frying to a crisp.

You can then serve with the traditional chili sauce infused with honey. It is a simple chicken breast recipe for dinner anyone can make in their home. 

There are so many other ways to enjoy chicken breast, but we have restricted them to just seven in this article. Chicken breasts may not be everyone’s favorite, I personally, prefer beef, but I bet after reading their article you are ready to try out some chicken recipe with your family. What is life without good food? 

If you didn’t have chicken, which would you prefer? Some people like me like beef, others prefer roast lamb; different strokes for different folks. Some people even like snails. It’s a load of protein right? Whatever you prefer, try to balance out your diet so that your body doesn’t lack the essential nutrients you need to function properly. 

If you love Chicken a lot, remember to include salad as a side dish to have vitamins alongside protein. You deserve a great meal every day. Please feel free to vary the recipe to create your own special recipe. This would make the meal far more enjoyable.

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