11 Best Lower Back Workouts with Dumbbells Female

Seriously, your lower back muscles have no days off since they are vital in helping you stand up straight, walk, and even breathe. As one of the essential parts of the body and often the most neglected, your back is responsible for everything from good posture to connecting the shoulders, hips, and more. you love this on Yoga Stretches for Shoulders

Hence, ignoring the back muscles to perform good workouts has led to many problems and health conditions, especially those concerned with the lower back.

In essence, about 75-80% of people in the world have visited their doctor complaining of lower back pain at least once. So far, a lower back workout with dumbbells can strengthen and help you maintain proper posture, enhance and engage your shoulder stability.

Although having a strong lower back is imperative for women of all ages to carry out their daily tasks with a better form to avoid injury.

In this article, I will show you some of my 11 best lower back workouts with dumbbells females, the importance and how to perform lower back workout with dumbbells, and much more. So let’s get started with the importance of performing alower back exercise with a dumbbell 

Importance of lower back workout with dumbbells female

The benefits of these best lower back workouts with dumbbells include;

  1. Improving good posture: Strengthening your lower back muscles through a workout on the spine, shoulder, back, and upper muscles will reduce the risk of injury.
  2. Secure stability: The back is complex and requires stabilizing the lower back and spine muscles to reduce chronic back pain.
  3. Improve metabolic rate: Workouts are necessary to boost metabolic rate and burn calories.

11 best lower back workouts with dumbbells female

As you perform these exercise it important the you maintain healthy diet , you can also consider these supplements for proper muscular strength. so are are the lower back exercises with just dumbbells to follows:

1.    The Dumbbell Bent Over Row

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Bent over row is a classical lower back workout with dumbbells that stimulates your lats, traps/biceps, rhomboids, and even the stabilizing muscles. performing this lower back exercise daily will help with you form and will reduce or even treat back pain. Checkout some supportive Bras that fit in this article so you know are ready to exercise adiquetely.

How to perform Procedure:

  • Grab the two dumbbells in your hands.
  • With your feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bend the knees.
  • Bend from the waist until your chest is toward the floor.
  • Begin the activity with your arms hanging directly from your shoulder and palms facing your body.
  • Pull the dumbbells toward the rib cage. Do it until you feel the tension in your back muscles.
  • Release the dumbbells slowly to starting position and repeat until you reach the desired repetitions.

2.    The Dumbbell Bent Over Reverse Fly

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The reverse fly is a lower back workout that helps maintain the tight core, the neutral spine, and movements.


  • Hold the dumbbells in each hand and stand with your hip-width feet apart as you bend your knees.
  • Make your palms face your body as you might have to hinge forward at the hips and hang your arms straight down to your shoulders.
  • Do squeeze your shoulder blades and raise your arms to each side.
  • Stop at the shoulder height and slowly lower down to start again.

3.    Dumbbell Alternating Reverse Fly

The alternating reverse fly is similar to the reverse fly and mainly stabilizes the core, the spine, and the lower back.

Procedure to perform exercise:

  • Stand with hip-width feet distance apart and bend your knees as you hold dumbbells.
  • Your arms should hang straight and palms facing your body when you might have hinged the hips.
  • Do squeeze the shoulders blades as you lift one of your arms to it and lower then the other hand. Slowly do this on each side for at least 20 reps. 

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4.    The Scapular Pushups Dumbbell

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The scapular pushups are one of the simplest and best lower back workouts with dumbbells necessary to warm up and make the lower back muscles active. It is a slight motion for both starters and professional athletes.

Procedure to perform exercise:

  • Get yourself in a high plank position with your booty and core engaged.
  • Lower your knees to the floor, and keep your arms straight with hands underneath your shoulders.
  • Extend your arms as a pencil; envision and pitch them together with your shoulder blades.
  • Lower your shoulder blades slightly as you retract and protract in a 1 to a 2-inch position.
  • Each rep should be 5 seconds, slowly return to position and start again.

5.    Single Leg Row Dumbbell

Singe leg row also strengthens the entire core, the spine, and lower and upper back muscles.

Procedure to perform exercise:

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  • Grab the weight on your left hand, and your palm should face your midline.
  • Start by allowing the dumbbells to hang directly under your shoulder as you have hinged forward; also, lower your torso, then lift your left leg to the chest till they make a parallel position with the floor.
  • Pull the weights to your rib cage, and then slowly start again. Moreover, you could do 20 reps on each side.

6.    The Renegade Rows Dumbbell

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The Renegade Rows is not mainly for lower back workout dumbbells but for the entire body, which targets and enhances the core. It can be modified if the knees are lowered systematically to the floor.

Procedures to perform exercise:

  • Get yourself in a plank position holding the dumbbells underneath your shoulder and hip-distance your feet apart.
  • As you maintain stability in the core, gradually lift your right weight off the floor and push your elbow up.
  • Slowly return to position when at the top and repeat for the left side too.

7.    Straight Arm Lateral Raise Dumbbell

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The use of light weights to enhance the proper functioning of the entire arms, shoulders, and even the lower back muscles has become vital for the lateral raise arm.


  • Stand upright with the hip-distance feet apart and the dumbbells.
  • With a slight bend in the elbow, keep arms reasonably straight and raise them about 1 to 2-inch higher than the shoulder level.
  • Engage your core position, lats in action, and shoulders well relaxed.
  • Get started as you lower down and repeat steadily.

8.    The Y-Press Dumbbell

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The entire Y-Press could be at various angles of the shoulder and the back muscles. It would be best to start with lighter dumbbells and heavier ones when comfortable with this workout procession.

Procedure to perform exercise:

  • Hold a dumbbell as you stand hip-width feet apart.
  • Your core should be stable as you slowly raise the dumbbells to your shoulder, elbows pointed out to each side.
  • Make the raised dumbbells diagonally to make a “Y” shape.
  • To make one rep, slowly lower the weights.

9.    Lat Pullovers Dumbbell

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Lat Pullovers are lower back workouts concerned with enhancing muscle strengthening and shoulder stabilization.

Procedure to perform exercise:

  • Bend knees with feet flat as you lie on your back to the floor.
  • Grip the dumbbells directly above your chest.
  • Make the elbow bend slightly as your back pressed on the floor with lowered weight stopping before reaching the floor.
  • Slowly lift the dumbbells and repeat from the starting position.

10.The Romanian Dumbbell Deadlift

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The workout is known as one of the kings of all exercises, and it doesn’t build and enhances only your lower back muscles but also strengthens the glutes, upper back, and leg muscles. It is very vital that you practice correctly to avoid any injury.

Procedure to perform exercise:

  • Keep dumbbells at your front on the ground.
  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and straighten your back as you squat and grab the dumbbells.
  • Start the workout by keeping your arms straight and the weights at your sides, return to the standing position, and slowly move the dumbbells to the front of your thigh.
  • Push your hips backward to make your upper body lean forward.
  • Move the dumbbells toward your toes as you have bent your knees and ensure they are close to your legs. Your head and back must be in a neutral position with your shoulder.
  • Stop when you feel the tension in your hamstrings as the dumbbells close to the knees are lower.
  • When you might have reached the lower position, do push your feet to the floor using the hamstrings and glutes and slowly push the weights back up along your legs till you get to the starting position, as you could repeat from the start.

11.Good morning with Dumbbell

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This movement is essentially for the stability of the hamstring and glutes muscles and your lower back muscles. Indeed, it is one of the best lower back workouts with dumbbells.

Procedure to perform exercise:

  • Hold the dumbbells at your shoulder, your palms facing inward as you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Slightly bend your knees, make your torso straight, and then gradually hinge the hip till your upper body is parallel to the floor.

Slowly return to position and start again. You could do 20reps. 


It has proved beyond reasonable doubt that exercises, significant lower back workouts with dumbbells, have highly improved the non-specific chronic low back pain. Hence, dumbbells allow for a broader range of motion and offer greater freedom for movement and so many grip differences.

So far, follow the procedures of the above detailed 11 best lower back workouts with dumbbells for female as you kick off yours today, irrespective of your cultural background.

As my friend once told me, “Good Health is Wealth.” Great women of the 21st century, it is time to become experts in workouts! Do like and share this informative post with others.

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