Is it okay to kiss on a first date

21 Things to Do and Not to Do on a First Date: Is it Okay to Kiss on a First Date?

If you have ever tried to date someone you cared about you would probably know that going for the first date is the hardest thing to do. You have to think about what to wear, what to say, whether to kiss the person and what to order and sometimes whether to go at all. All these considerations are perfectly normal.

If you are a lady you will consider; ‘What clothing do guys find most attractive? You may even consider ‘What is the best colour to wear on a first date?’ ‘Or How do you end the first date?’

21 Things to Do and Not to Do on a First Date: Is it Okay to Kiss on a First Date?

No 1: Is it bad to be late for a first date?

Be early (Do)

Yes, it is bad to be late on your first date you are a woman or a guy. The worst thing you can do on a first date is to be late. You immediately pass on the impression that you don’t take the person seriously. This applies to both men and women. And if your date comes out late to your appointment please don’t take that person serious except off cause they pre-informed you that they were running late due to reason beyond their control. You should do the same too if you happen to be running late on your date.

No 2:

Smile if you are comfortable (Do)

People who like each other are usually comfortable with each other. On your first date with someone, it is totally ok to smile.  Don’t do it too much though, you might come off as being too forward.

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No 3: How do I make my first date not awkward?

Don’t try to impress (Do)

You may be wondering, how do I make my first date good and not awkward? It is perfectly ok to not have it all figured out when you are out on a first date but try to comport yourself and be natural. It’s either your date likes the way act or not. If he or she doesn’t someone else will that is the law of nature even questions like how can I impress my first date? Being yourself is always going to be a winner.

No 4

Talk with food in your mouth (Don’t)

Please do not speak with food in your mouth, it is disgusting. Also don’t take too much food in your mouth at the same time, that way you will not be tempted to speak.

No 5

 Make eye contact (Do)

To build a connection with the person you have gone on a date with, you can make a lot of eye contact. Don’t look at your plate or at the window, everywhere else but the person you are with. If you like to boost your confidence level; smile.

No 6

Order for more food (Don’t)

Please try not to order more food. If you keep doing this on the date, the person might start to think you are more interested in the food than in spending time with them.

No 7

Show visible signs of boredom (Don’t)

Boredom is pretty normal if you don’t have a connection with the person. If you are actually bored, you can take charge of the conversation or simply excuse yourself. Yawning when someone is speaking is quite insensitive.

No 8

Take calls (Don’t)

Please don’t take calls during date unless it is urgent. If you scheduled the date, clear out your table and actually be present. Taking a call can send different messages to the person you are with. It will also make them feel it’s ok to take their own calls too.

No 9

Talk about yourself (Don’t)

If it is possible don’t talk about yourself for hours. The question of what is a good first date will be addressed with a date in which both parties felt heard and connected. For tips on more things to talk about on a first date please see this article.

No 10

Listen (Do)

What draws a man to a woman is probably not what you think. You can be prettier than miss world and not get a second date but have a friend as plain as the desert get married off before you. The reason is that what men really want in a woman is attention.

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No 11

Request for a second date (Don’t as a lady and do for a guy)

This can be a very desperate move, especially as a lady. Don’t do it. Instead smile and say you enjoyed yourself and then if you are a guy, this is your shot to shut if you did love the lady and if did not just nicely say good night and leave.

No 12

Eat hurriedly (Don’t)

When you go on a date, don’t eat hurriedly as though you haven’t had something that good before. Eat slowly and in bits.

No 13

Leave before the date is over (Don’t)

Do not leave before the date is over unless it is for an emergency. This will give you and your date ample time to enjoy yourselves and get to know each other better.

No 14

Eat so much you can’t stand (Don’t)

Don’t see the date as an opportunity to eat as much as you can. Don’t emphasize the food, emphasize the conversation. Listen and make eye contact. This is not always easy when you are so focused on the Chicken. On what you should not eat on a first date; try not eating milk heavy food if you are lactose intolerant.

No 15

Read during the date (Don’t)

You might be T.S. Elliot’s younger brother but please don’t bring a book to a date unless your date is very interested in books. Conversations are still the most potent way to build a connection on a first date.

No 16

Scream over the table to be heard (Don’t)

Don’t scream to be heard. Maintain your cool, even when your date says something annoying. Who really knows, someone else who is interested in you might be watching.

No 17

Stretch your hand over your partner’s food to get more sauce (Don’t)

It is rather rude to stretch your hands over someone else’s food. Don’t do it. Simple be gentleman or woman by asking your date to pass you the source or whatever you feel like reaching out to get.

No 18

Request water or a napkin (Do)

If you are thirsty, feel free to request water. No one will see requesting water in any negative light.

No 19: who should drive on a date

Driver him or her home (Do)

This goes ether ways. There are no strict rules as to who should drive on a date if you as a female have a car, why the hell can you not drive your date partner who does not have a car. And if you both have a car then I guess it is where a guy (mandate) will have to be the real gentleman that he is by driving the lady except off cause there is an understanding between both.

No 20: Is it okay to kiss on a first date?

Kiss him or her goodnight (Don’t)

If you wondering, oh!! Is it okay for you to kiss him or her on a first date? I don’t recommend you kiss your partner on a first date. Some people do it though and it might work for them but does mean it will for you. And the thing is not kissing will sometimes make the person request another date. While some folks will argue that kissing will also lead to the same results, kissing someone you just met can be an intrusion on one’s mental space before they are ready for it and besides let’s look at it that you have 100 dates before you find the right one and if you keeping each one of this dates what does that make you?

No 2:  Is wearing headphones at first date night bad?

Wearing a headphone partly or all through is no, no, no (Don’t ever do that)

Please do not plug your ears with beats by Dre while nodding to everything your date says. It is not only rude but also insensitive and besides, did you even go out on a date caring for your headphone. Even if you got bored with the date at some point wearing your headphone is the most insensitive thing today rather politely tell your date that you wish to leave for an urgent thing you need to address.


Who pays on a date?

When you are out on a date this question might pop up in your mind just toward to end of the date. And the simple truth to this is that it depends on who asked each other out, the willingness the let you pay or not and the culture and what is generally accepted in your area. In some cult-like Africa, the male pays for the date irrespective of who asked who out. And in some other cultures, the bill is split.   

How do I make my first date not awkward?

You make your first date not awkward by acting natural and not doing the thing that seems off. And if your natural behaviour is too off try to put yourself together and

How long should a first date last?

When talking about “how long should a first date last?”  I will say it depends on a lot of factors and well you guys are flowing and interested in each other. Usually a first date last as little 15 minute and long as 2, 3, 4 or 5 hours. But my recommendation is as the lady keeps it with an hour or 2. This will make you seem more interesting and also you are making room for a second date

What to talk about on a first date with a friend

There are a lot of things to talk about a first starting from who you are, love, morals to your education and career and future aspirations. For thing tips on what to about on a first date see this article.

How can I impress my first date?

First to impress the first date you want to be well dressed and in a comfortable manner, preplan or think of the possible activities that you guys might be doing during the date. Then drinking too much and don’t be boastful of your achievements. Subtlety talks about your future aspirations.  And finally, pay close attention to the body language your date is given and adjust accordingly. For an instant, if you start saying something stopped smiling then that could be an indication that what you said triggered a bad memory or so for them.

What is a good first date?

A good first date is one that both share connections and would not wait to see each other again for a second date. To achieve this, you have to plan the date before and relaxed and interact and perform activities together where you both share and feel the joy from doing the game.  

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