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Thong Waist And Butt Lift Body Slimmer Suit


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Product Description

Women’s Sexy Open Bust Postpartum Thong Body Slimming  Shaper suit that goes with any outfit. An underwear for every lady with retro-style body-shaping, smoothening, creating a slim waist, and tucking in your abdomen and waist. 


A mix of fabrics of Nylon and Spandex, made from top-grade quality fabrics,  soft, breathable, and highly stretchy. 
The latest compression technology with 360-degree seamless craft is invisible under everyday clothing 
The thong design lifts your buttocks naturally. 
You can wear your bra with the adjustable spaghetti straps, and open bust style. 

Adjustable hook: The adjustable hooks on this shapewear will make it easier for you to use the bathroom. This shapewear can also be adjusted to fit women better. 

Adjustable shoulder straps:   You can adjust the shoulder straps of this seamless body shaper to make it comfortable for you. 

The 360 degree compression of the tummy control Bodusuit helps to show the beautiful slimming curvature. 
The perfect gift for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, a party, if you’re working or just having a good time and too really look snatched having a good time then this is it. 

Warm Tips 
To maintain shape &elasticity, avoid bleaching or ironing. Do not use hot water. 

Methods of measurement 
Straighten your spine. Relax your abdomen. Inhale only a small amount. After meals, do not measure. 
If you are unsure, measure 2-3cm above your belly button.

Size Chart(cm)

size \ positionBACK LENGTH(cm)WAIST (CM)HIPS(CM)

Customer Reviews

50 reviews for Thong Waist And Butt Lift Body Slimmer Suit

  1. Erin

    I bought the thong version for a tight dress at a Christmas party. If you want your waist to look astronomically small and to look and feel like all the lumps and bumps and belly are secured, then look no further. This is better than any other shape wear I have EVER bought. The way this shaped me shocked me.Do your self a favor and follow the size guide though. It’s not a crazy struggle to get on but I fear if I had sized down I would’ve felt sick or out of breath. It really sucks you in. It’s not crazy uncomfortable though. Again it’s much more comfortable and shaping than anything else I’ve bought over the years.

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  2. Kiki

    I am a size 14, 5’5” with a long torso, and I bought an XL. It fits perfectly. It doesn’t ride up and the front stays in place on the hips without riding up to the waist line. It doesn’t leave any panty lines and is comfortable all day. Nice high back coverage and medium tummy control (enough to smooth out lumps/rolls).

  3. Victoria M.

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Shapewear

    I did not read reviews until after I purchased and noticed a lot of women saying it was too small. Based on the measurements I would have been a large (I’m 5ft 145). I ordered a medium because I was afraid it would be too long for my torso and I am super glad I did. It fits my torso great and does a great job sucking my stomach in- though it is hard to get into. I am extremely happy with the quality for the price point. This is the best shapewear I’ve purchased, EVER!

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  4. Kimberly Ibarra

    I’m 5’4, 38 bust, 30 waist, 42 hips. It’s hard for me to find the right size for a lot of things considering my measurements. I also found that a lot of shapewear don’t do my curves any justice and make me look boxy. I ended up going with the size large, and it does just what I need it to. It’s not as efficient at smoothing as some other styles, but it definitely helps and is not nearly as noticeable as those with front zippers and clips. It also helps me retain my waist-hip proportions while holding in my stomach, so it’s perfect for what I needed. The only thing is that it’s hard for me to get it passed my thighs when putting it on, but I can definitely deal with it.
  5. RosyRosy

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    The Mighty Belly Pooch Has Fallen!

    This shapewear is the missing link between my desire to wear form fitting dresses, and my body’s inability to look good in such garments! I’m 5’4, 140 pounds, and have an annoying pooch from having two kids. Though my weight is fine, my belly pooch at times makes me look like I’m carrying #3 which sends my confidence to the floor. I’ve been wearing my different shapewears since coming home from the hospital; the good ones that really tighten up everything and give me the best figure show through clothes, while the seamless ones have no power over the mighty belly pooch. Well, this little number is the perfect combination! Like every other reviewer has said, it is a struggle to get on, but that’s what I love about it. It’s tight, and you know once it gets to its destination it’ll work its magic. Once you learn how to wiggle yourself in it, it doesn’t take that long (less than a minute for me) and getting it off is also not that bad. Once on, it looks smooth and blends so well under clothes. Did I mention that you can remove the straps? Because you can remove the straps! I see myself wearing this with so many outfits, and I cannot wait! I got a small, and it feels like it will hold through my 10-pound weight loss goal.The only con is the thong part. It does take me some time to get used to those things, but I really do love the fact that I don’t have to worry about panty lines while wearing it.

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  6. Alejandra Rdz

    What I like about this shapewear is that you do not see it under your clothes and the material is super soft and made of a good quality. However, it doesn’t hold or gives as much support on the tummy area as I would like. Still, good buy for the price.
  7. Helen

    First of all I have to say I have made decisions on purchases based on reviews only to be disappointed. So I promise you I am being completely honest. I love this bodyshaper. I’ve had a few, but this is my favorite. I started to order one that was a little less expensive, but I’m glad I went ahead and purchased this one. I am 5’3″ tall and have a 28-29″ waiste, I have a short torso, so it’s harder to find these things that fit me. So I had to work a little to get the shaper past my hips, because there’s not too much stretch. Wich I think is a good thing because it hols every thing in. The first time I wore it, I wore it for 9 hours at work and I was totally comfortable. I hope this all helps.

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  8. Summertime Fine

    This product is true to size. I am approximately 200 pounds 5′ 4 and I purchased just the extra large. I wore this before my anniversary, And was a little unsure when I opened the package, because the same I wouldn’t be able to fit it. But when I put it on wow! There was a little struggle I would not lie, only because I believe this is why the Shaper works so well. I were this the entire night, And I was Not uncomfortable at all! It definitely cinched my mommy tummy. Ladies you will not regret..Purchase this !
  9. Cortney

    I love this shapewear! I was a little hesitant because the reviews are all over the place, but I followed the size chart and it fits perfectly. I’m 5″ 7′ 198lbs 3 months postpartum. I ordered the 2xl. I have a very flabby belly/hanging “apron” and am very self conscious about it. This shapewear sucks it right in and I can still breathe and move just fine. I definitely recommend this piece.
  10. Vee Gomez

    A workout to get into but super flattering once you get it on. May need a helper lol definitely a challenge on your own. But if your tall or have a long torso be weary. The thong cuts you in half

  11. Francine abeaFrancine abea

    I was thrilled to get my order so fast. Was nervous when I took it out the package because I didn’t think I would get in it. I usually wear XL but I read some said to order up, so I got a 2XL. Baby this fits like a glove. I loved it. It took a little jumping and wiggling but it works great. I have no complaints and it’s comfortable for all day wear. Need to get a beige one next. Very good buy.

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  12. Laceykthoughts

    This one works I’ve tried many. And fits I’m 140 or 130 and 5’5 thyroid issues weight changes this works not too hot I live in Florida and it’s perfect under jeans under dresses. Buy it.
  13. coricori

    So first you need to know that I’ve purchased 6 of these 4 black n 2 beige in the past. I wear them religiously… yes Everyday! N all day. I was so excited to get a set (bought 2) b/c 1 I lost weight 🙂 n 2 I just needed them. Without hesitation I went into my shopping cart. Searched old items bought n purchased two of them. The new version has absolutely no latex. So that means it was riding up my rear all darn day. Then the thong part is n made so long that it does not hold in my baby pouch. N the part that goes over the vejaja is super super narrow…. my only question is y? Y did they mess with the product. Back to the search board cause these are Going n back n I’ll never purchase again.

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  14. Jones

    Very nice fit . Did what I needed it to do. I am 5″8″ approx. 171 lbs with some pouching in tummy area and muffin top on sides. This body shaper cinched my waist and makes you stand with good posture. Also some customers spoke bout the fit in the crotch area, but I found if you adjust the straps and not pull the shaper so tightly up the crotch area is tolerable.The bottom part of the body shaper is of breathable fabric like a mesh fabric but durable. And the very top part of the body shaper under the breast area around to the upper back is of the same durable mesh breathable fabric. I wore it for about 5 hours and it was still comfortable and did not pinch me or roll down or up anywhere. (If there is an improvement It would be cut the thong /crotch piece little thinner and/or let it be a step in instead of a snappy crotch) I would still buy another and I plan to. Thanks
  15. Andrea JonesAndrea Jones

    I was skeptical about buying a shaper online. But after reading the reviews I was excited, but still anxious about my purchase. If your looking for a nice quality shaper, with good stomach support, butt lifter, and comfortable. Look no more, this shaper is amazing! The product arrived in good condition and snatched me all the way up!

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  16. MarissaMarissa

    Well let me say that I am 5’7 and 135 pounds and i bought a small ! I’m not very thick but i had a kid 3 years ago and a c-section and my stomache just never looked the same . Its bloated and theres stubborn fat that always shows in whatever I’m wearing … but THIS shapewear gave me my confidence back ! The first picture just shows me in a dress and the seamless hourglass shape it gave me … it slimmed down that fat at the bottom of my back also so I look good from the side front and back !! Its not too tight , not uncomfortable, it doesnt get all gross and sweaty . The second picture shows my stomache sticking out of it so you can see what I deal with lol . But I love this !!!

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  17. Shari scott

    I had my baby 2 years ago and boy has my body changed. I’ve been struggling with my love handles and fupa, and have been struggling to get my physical confidence back. I bought this to wear on my birthday night, and OMG! After 100 diff shapewear shorts, and tummy covers, snatch wraps and waist trainers, this is BY FAR the greatest support, shape and comfort I’ve ever had! It is a bit hard to get on, but giiiiirrrrl, once it is you will love what you see in the mirror and how you look in your clothes! Its amazing! Thank you ShaperX! I’ll be feelin sexy on my birthday!!!!!
  18. Sharnell WilliamsSharnell Williams

    So, I was skeptical about getting this product. Because of the reviews people wrote; stating that the product rolled up, or didn’t fit right over your bra. Well I’m here to tell you none of that is true! At least not for me. I’m 185 lbs of pure beauty and I normally wear a L in shirts. After reading the reviews, and hearing people say that this product runs small I did listen, and got two sizes bigger. So I ended up buying a 2XL, and it fit perfect! Now I’m not going to lie, this thing was really, really, really hard to get into; as it should be, if it wasn’t tight it wouldn’t hold up all your jelly! And it wouldn’t make you look smooth. However, even though it was tight it was not uncomfortable! It happened to be surprisingly very comfortable. I could breathe just fine. It didn’t dig into my thighs or my groin area like I thought it would. And it looked amazing under my dress; now I know you see the black part but that wasn’t the product, it was my bra. So as long as you wear the right type of bra this product will not show under your clothes at all. I bought it because I’m going to a party and I wanted a shaper that would smooth me out, and still allow the natural jiggle of my booty LOL! And this product does just that! So if you have a big butt like me and you want to look smooth and snatched in the waist without losing the jiggle of your booty as other Shapers would do buy this product.

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  19. tina

    Ok so this is literally my 6th shaper purchase and I’ve returned 5 but this one is a keeper. Im sure of you’re a semi plus girl such as myself to find anything that will snatch your waist would be somewhat difficult to get up and over the thigh/hip area one of the reasons I wanted a thong (there isnt much to pull up over and adjust and also doesnt flatten my buttox). I love thats it’s a bodysuit that prevents it from rolling down (I havent found one that doesnt IDK what they advertise) and it also smoothes the upper parts of my back and underarm area that oten buldges out underneath the bra area (no need to have my waist snatched and everything else at large) I dont feel uncomfortable at all even in crotch or thong area. Only slight restriction where my gut is usually free to hang and roam about. I was looking for something to wear daily that isnt noticable underneath my clothes (lets me go to the restroom w/o complications) and also to assist with waist trainning (still unsure if that’s a myth or not) and I believe this is it I will say that the hip area rolls/rides up a bit but its nothing uncomfy so far but I am very hippy so unsure of that can be helped also unsure if that can be adjusted without causing discomfort in other areas. I am going to give this one a go round and see how it hold up if anything changes I will update but as of now I look forward to ordering another and especially ad I continue to lose weight and inches. Ordered XXL I usually wear about a 16 womans clothing.

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  20. Reel JillReel Jill

    The media could not be loaded.

     I haven’t worn it outside yet but SNATCHED. I’m 5’5 38DD-35-48 165lbs. You see it. I got a L1 YEAR UPDATEI have it on right now under a jumpsuit. It’s not as hard to get into as it was the first few times but I’m still as snatched as ever. I feel like it’s kind of molding my body too, and has that sauna effect. I would buy another one but this one is still in good condition.

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  21. Nataria Gaulden

    The best shape wear i have found and it’s at a pretty decent price. If you’re on the fence I’m telling you to buy now!!
  22. Ashley

    This shapewear snatched me all the way up! I am a 2X in clothing so I bought a 2X. I look two sizes smaller and it removes the fupa and rolls when wearing a dress! It is really hard to get on and I always have to have someone help me put it on, but once it is on, I can breathe perfectly with no problem. I can sit and bend and twist just fine too. This product is a 10000/10. Just get it!

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  23. Rb

    i love this

  24. Ronnie

    My abs have been weak ever since I had my child and I must say that this product makes my stomach flat again. I don’t think I’ve ever had a product that is seamless that works this well. It was a little bit of a struggle to get over my hip/butt area but no harder than putting on my jeans. It isn’t flimsy. It has some give but only enough to get it on. I usually wear a small but have gained some weight. I still opted for a size small and I am glad I did. It didn’t flatten my butt (and I don’t want it to lol) but that’s because it slightly bunches above my butt. The slight bunching is the only negative but worth it to me.

  25. Niki M.

    People say this runs small. They are correct. I normally wear a size LARGE in clothing. I bought this shaper in a 2XL and it fit perfectly. Tight enough that i had to pull it together to zip up. But not too tight that I had to lie down on the bed to zip it up.The shorts bottom does curl up a bit as I walk because the lace part is not quite long enough to get a good grip on your skin. That can be annoying to some. Might want to consider a shaper with longer shorts or no shorts if that will bother you.All in all I like this shaper and would buy it again. It provides a nice firm hold on my flab and jiggles, creating a flattering silhouette.
  26. Maria

    5.0 out of 5 stars


    Best one yet!!!! Sure the scrap comes off once every 3 weeks when I first put it on and sure if I do squats and move all around it comes up slightly.. it works great! My prego pouch is hidden, my butt looks good and hips are outlined. Boobs push up gently! I’d recommend 8/10

  27. Tee

    This is my second purchase for the same item, sameSize. The first item was fantastic. The item however, it very ill fit… the thong is very long and the support part is extremely short and oblong. Also, the straps are not as supportive. I am extremely dissatisfied as this item arrived late and I still couldn’t wear it under my dress for my birthday photo shoot. Do not buy.
  28. Alicia Cheong

    Great support, I’ve used it a few times so far and it works.

  29. Monica Robinson

    I am a size 14/16 and the XL fit perfect, really sucks you in 🙂

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  30. Kayla Woodward

    I’m wearing a formal romper to a wedding in a few weeks- so I bought this so my tummy would be more flattering in it. Let me tell you- I felt so confident! My stomach was flat.Please measure yourself and don’t guess your sizes. If you go by the chart supplied and order off your measurements, this will fit you amazing! I hit all the number of a Large. It was snug going over my hips but nothing more complicated than tight pantyhose.The only negative is, although the straps do come off, they are not long enough to do a “cris-cross” like you would if you were wearing a Razorback dress. Luckily I took another strapless bra and used those straps and it worked great!
  31. Kate

    Surprisingly comfortable! Price is reasonable. Shipping super fast. I went down a size but that is just my preference. I really like that you put what parts ‘needs to be where’ and it STAYS PUT…too often with other shapewear garments I find I am fidgeting with riding up or down or re adjusting what gravity and the aftermath of four babies has unfortunately taken hold of. This is it… This is the thing I needed to feel confident with my mom bod. I am so glad I found it. I’ve worn for an entire night, dancing and was totally comfortable! Really happy with this purchase.

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  32. Beauty Consumer Beauty Consumer

    I am 5’5 190 lbs 41 in waist and ordered a M knowing it was going to be super tight on me because I wanted it to suck everything in and it did! I had to wiggle and pull and jump around to squeeze in but I like how it looks. Doesn’t show through clothes. I got the thong one and put boy shorts over it. It’s uncomfortable to wear but that’s because I got a smaller size for it to fit tight. I’m sure a size large would’ve also been fine and more comfortable. Have not worn it out but wore it at home for about an hour and it was digging into my back a bit, probably would help if someone could pull it up. It was most difficult taking it off as it scrunched up around my hips and thighs cutting off circulation and considered cutting it off but a few minutes of sweating wiggling I got it off.

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  33. Tréyanna

    Great customer service and great fit

  34. scarly

    I listened to all of the reviews saying “oh I ordered my size and it was too big get one down it’s more slimming” so I ordered one size down from my true clothing size. I knew I should have stopped trying to get it on when it got tight over my hips (I’m very hour glass) but I kept telling myself once I got it over my big hips it would fit by stomach fine. NOPE. This try on ended in my husband laughing so hard he was crying while he cut it open with gardening sheers because kitchen scissors didn’t work. One the positive note this thing has no give and will indeed keep you sucked in as long as you order the correct size. It’s also very thick and the material is strong so I’m sure it won’t wear over time. We will be laughing at me for this for the rest of my life

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  35. Lytleme

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Bringing Sexy back!

    I absolutely love this item! Post lipo surgery…I ordered a med..however it does seem to bunch just a little, so decided to order a small, will give feed back on that one after I try it…however I love it…ladies you must wear it consistently for a while if you want maximum results!! You will eventually get used to it! And then it becomes the norm…hope this helps!I’m 5’3 130lbs(lipo around the sides and back area)!

  36. KayleeKaylee

    I love this shapewear! I’ve bought several in the past this is by far the best one yet .I have issue with a flabby hanging belly due to having 6 children it definitely smoothed every out and makes my clothing more flattering will definitely be ordering more! I’m 5’8 193 lbs waist 35inch hips 44 1/2 inch Iin street clothes I wear a lr or med top depending on brands ordered a 2x it does what its should but I could have went down a size since I’m use to wearing shapewear and clinches.

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  37. Brandy O

    It took me a few weeks of searching for “the right one” to wear under a dress for a wedding im attending soon. Im 5.2, 160 lbs, wear medium tee, 10/12 pants. My stature is petite and most of my weight is in my belly, hips/thighs I was really torn between a medium and a large. I picked a Large and i’m glad I did! It compresses and smooths out my mid section without cutting or digging into my back and hips while still feeling very “snug & secure”. I wanted to feel like I can still sit and move around and I can. I think a medium would have given a more drastic contour but I would have felt suffocated. The thong is what it is so dont buy if you dont wear them, if you want to feel completely comfortable maybe get something with shorts but that wouldnt have worked with my dress so this was the better option for me. All and all I am relieved it works and will probably use it again if i’m forced out of my yoga pants/hoody lifestyle in the future.
  38. She_Got_Juice

    I read the reviews and by NO means am I a thong kinda girl, but for some reason I NEEDED this piece. I’m 5’5, 198lbs and I got a 2XL. It’s gonna look small straight out the package, so don’t get discouraged. It WILL take a small army to get it on, but again….don’t get discouraged. I had to take 2 breaks trying to get this thing pull up AND I was sweating on my top lip. LOL!! BUT…..when I got it on it was OVUH!! I looked snatched, nipped and tucked you hear me?!! It’s like latex covered stretch material and it covers the loooower FUPA area and the thong part is comfortable as long as you get the right size I don’t think you’ll have to worry about starting a fire back there. LOL!! I just KNEW it was gonna be like all the others, but boy was I wrong. This is the kinda piece that once you put it on….it ain’t coming off until bedtime. So, use the crotch snap when necessary. It’s true to size, so don’t go down or else you’ll rearrange your organs or pass out. LOL!! Y’all buy this and buy it NOW!!
  39. Ash Rdz

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Buy it

    195 lbs, long torso, normally wear a large in undergarments but sized up to an XL because I knew it would be snug. Smoothed the tummy & fit like a dream! No discomfort!

  40. Amanda G.

    I just got this, and am 2 months post lipo. This is so comfy and soft. It has good compression. True to size for me.
  41. AmandaAmanda

    As someone who had a baby a few short months ago and still struggling with a little extra belly skin/flab it’s hard to feel confident in my old fitted clothes. This product is amazing and makes me feel confident again. I’m currently 5’7″ 157 lb pear shaped. I bought a medium (usual size for my tops). It’s extremely hard to get on but once in it is comfortable and flattering. I had bought a couple belly wraps before and not happy with them. The others rolled, visible under clothing, and stretched a lot. I can tell this one will keep its shape and definitely doesn’t roll.Pros: comfort, flattering, adjustable straps (can be strapless, invisible under clothes)Cons: extremely difficult to get on. Sweat a lot in it due to tightness and fabric.Love this. Can’t wait to use it under dresses this summer for weddings! Thank you for giving me back some confidence until I lose all the baby weight!

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  42. Jas

    I wear a large in clothes and I ordered a small. It really gave me a shape. I am going to buy a couple more because I love how it sucked in my belly and pushed down on my buttocks to appear bigger. 9/10 because it does constantly roll up

  43. Margarito Guerrero

    I had an umbilical hernia and this shaper was God sent. It gave me the perfect support I needed to get thru my day. I am a mommy of 3 youngest 2yr and needles to say was in mayor discomfort all the time. The only thing I can say is that it does get a little sweaty. However, I am a very hot blooded person so it can very well be me. Over all love this shaper. I just had my hernia repaired and I just ordered same shaper but with a zipper on it. I will make a review once I try that out.
  44. Alejandra T

    I have never been so impressed with a comfortable and flattering shapewear. I did have to size up as others have suggested. I have to say, this is the most well made shapewear I’ve had, and I’ve worn every brand. I am going to be ordering another for sure. One thing I would say is, the straps seem to be a little smaller for us taller folk out there. I cannot say how much I love this shapewear and I am so glad I listened to the reviews. Make sure you measure yourself. I wear a 12 / 14 and I got a size 3x. I am taller and have bigger hips and behind, but I can definitely see myself sizing down for the next purchase. I haven’t ever felt so confident about a shapewear brand to write a review like this. 10/10 highly recommend.
  45. Ooga booga

    I weigh 137, height 5”5. I got this just to tuck in the places iont like sticking out. And back fat. It’s hugs you just right I also got a medium but I kind of wished I sized down still good though!
  46. bnolan

    Great product for the price. Had never used the over the shoulder shapewear before but it’s great to not have to worry about it folding down on the top. The sides ride up a bit but it didn’t show in the dress I was wearing.
  47. Ryan Lyle Murphy

    I love it!! I can wear it under anything, doesn’t have lumps and bumps showing. I wear it under my MMA workout clothes. I’m going to buy it again in different color.
  48. Marco

    Five stars! Sexy and comfortable and definitely shapes a curvy body nicely!

  49. Jessica

    I’ll be back to add pics later… but in the mean time this is the one! I have purchased other shapers for them to either bunch or dig into my skin making me look worse. This one however, smoothed my front and sculpted my sides. I like that it was a thong so that way it doesnt make what little bit I have look flat lol.
  50. Latifer

    I ordered this before reading the reviews and just went by the size chart, but after reading the reviews I was extremely nervous thinking it was going to be too small. I’m 5’3″ 140 32 DD and typically wear 5/6 or 7/8 in pants depending on the brand and s/m tops. I ordered a size small. I expected it to be hard to get on just from reading the reviews, but if you start from the crotch and work your way up it’s helpful. I got it on in 2 mins and it came off pretty easy less than 1 min. If you’re not used to waist clinchers or thongs it may be uncomfortable, but I’m used to both so it didn’t bother me a bit. I’m not a curvy person so I wanted this to help create the illusion and slim out my rolls. I’ve been enjoying food lately and my diets not the best, I’ve gotten a little pudgy in areas. My torso is abnormally short so it bunches in the back a bit but not too noticeable. Overall, this is definitely worth the money, it’s great material, fits perfect and clinched my waist..

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