Shapeminow is a shape wear company aimed at developing and sourcing for high Quality shape-wears, fitness and wellbeing products. We are of the opinion that everybody deserves to be confident, strong, healthy, well desired and beautiful and so we provide you with only high quality products.  

Shapeminow strongly believe that our customers are kings and queens, so we are highly committed to taking innovative actions to improving and satisfying our customer’s experience. So please, we implore you to leave us feedback by email on services@shapeminow.com.


SHAPEMINOW mission is to be the leading company focused on satisfying the needs of our customers, by researching, developing and providing quality shape-wears and general wellbeing products to improve the lives and confidence our clients. We are also committed to quality and will continual to provide best price on all products.


Our values are to always let the customers sit on the throne and be satisfied. We are Honest and trustworthy when dealing with customers and will not intentionally compromise our customer-first ethics.

We Promise:

Continuity in improvement


Customer Satisfaction


Fast delivery

Low delivery charges

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