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Invisible Seamless Tummy Control Bodysuit shaper 


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Product Description

Invisible Seamless Tummy Control Bodysuit shaper 

Our Invisible Seamless Tummy Control Bodysuit shaper is the perfect combination of comfort, style, and functionality. Made with a blend of premium nylon and spandex fabrics which aids in an unmatched stretchability it offers while providing maximum comfort.


  • High-quality fabric blend of 77% nylon and 23 % spandex provides a stretchy and seamless fit that adapts to your body’s contour.
  • Convenient Gusset Designed for practicality, the overlap gusset is easy to use, particularly during bathroom breaks.
  • Has a seamless knitting design which allows you to wear the bodysuit underneath any outfit, be it a dress, pants, or cocktail attire, without worrying about visible pants lines (VPL).
  • Comes with adjustable straps that can be adjusted to fit your body perfectly, ensuring a snug, secure fit. 
  • The full-body design of this shapewear suit targets key areas such as your stomach, waist, and thighs. This, not only flattens the stomach but also creates an elegant and smooth line that runs from your back, bust, and belly down to your thighs.

Other Benefits

    Gathering: Creates a more flattering shape by enhancing your natural form.

    No-Trace Design: This design ensures that clothing is invisible, giving a seamless appearance.

    Hip lift: Designed to lift your hips and contour them for a more contoured look.

    Body Shape: Provides overall body shape, ensuring a harmonious figure.

    Chest and Abdomen Support: Offers comfort and shape where you need extra support.

Customer Reviews

68 reviews for Invisible Seamless Tummy Control Bodysuit shaper 

  1. JRamirez
    October 23, 2022
    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Excelente, me gusta mucho

    Me gusta el material y todo solo q vino roto

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    October 19, 2022
    It was comfy and didn't cut into me or roll up but it didn't really hold anything in and i had to wear a bra for extra support. I bought it more as an undergarment to a slightly see through dress. As an FYI, if you wear this under a dress it is hard to pee with. You either have to take off the dress to pull down the shape wear or get creative, be strong and be flexible and pull up the leg and hike it to the side. Also, when pulling it out of the bag it looks like it is for a baby but it has STRETCH. 
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    October 17, 2022

    Fits from thigh to shoulders with a tight compression that is a little smaller than I’d hoped. There isn’t a built in bra but the set is tight enough to keep everything together. Smooths bumps and rolls just buy a size larger or go full compression. 

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    October 11, 2022
    This shaper hugs in all the right places! I love how comfortable it is! The material can even go undetected under a thin, jogging suit.
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    October 10, 2022
    This was comfortable but didn't support the breaststroke and didn't bind the stomach up much

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    October 6, 2022

    This is the first time I have ever purchased shape wear. As other reviewers said, it was very difficult to get on the first time. I actually hurt my back trying it out. But, it was much easier to put on the second time. Once on, it was really quite comfortable, and did not bind me in any way and was not ungodly hot either. It smoothed out lumps and bumps and made the outfit I had purchased to wear to the wedding much more flattering. However, it smooshed my boobs terribly. I ended up buying silicone bra inserts to counteract its compression of my breasts. With the inserts in my bra and the shape wear, I felt confident and looked great.I’m 5’4 and weigh 215. I bought a 2X and it fit well. 

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    October 4, 2022
    i was looking for a good undergarment for my dresses etc.. this is awesome and it's so comfortable. I was afraid it would be tight and hard to get on but it is not!!
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    October 1, 2022
    Nice quality shape wear. I feel like it’s a little short though.
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    September 26, 2022
    Me gustaría que fuera un poco más gruesa la tela. Sobretodo en el busto . Pero la compresiones es buena. Y comoda
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    September 24, 2022
    wow amazing shapewear! Has tucked in all my rolls and get everything in/place! Absolutely LOVE! Only things is because these have the shorts attachments/the fabric is like thin legging material I can only imagine it won’t last long until holes appear due to chub rub/legs rubbing but we shall see! an excuse to by another one (pricey but worth it)
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    September 14, 2022
    I really like this shapewear, it’s not too compressive but definitely smooths everything out. If you want more of a compressive feel I would size down.

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    September 13, 2022
    Soy talla large 168 libras 5’3 talla mejor ordenar talla 2x-3x no dudas muy cómoda y moldea hermoso

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    August 25, 2022
    I was shocked that this actually fit me. I ordered 4x/5x and when I pulled it out of the package I immediately thought I was going to have to send it back. It DOES fit. You have to work in onto you. But it fits and it sucked my tummy in some. I have 44DDD breasts. They do cover them but it will not push them up like a regular bra if you have larger breasts. It is very sheer so if you want to wear it without bottoms, I suggest dark underwear.
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    August 22, 2022

    A workout to get on, but once it is it’s slimming without being too constricting. Didn’t need a bra with it. Nice and lifting and I have a bigger bust. Happy with my purchase

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    August 22, 2022
    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    Don’t let anyone watch you put this on

    This is pretty strong Shapewear. It is difficult to put on, so be prepared for that. But once it’s on and everything is settled into place, it is very comfortable and does it’s job. I joked with my husband that it would be a hysterical video if someone had a hidden camera recording me putting this on. I broke out in a sweat tugging it up onto my body. 

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    August 18, 2022
    overall comfortable, build for longer bodies

    I am 5'4'', waist at 42'', hips 54'' and bust at 52''.The suit is very comfortable and easy to get on. Only complaints is there is a bit too much compression on the chest, and it is a bit long for my body. So just took time adjusting to allow the right compression lines to sit where i wanted them.Oh and the straps are only adjustable from the back, so u cannnot adjust by urself- one star off for that :(Overall really love the look on my stomach, I ahve a small apron stomach and it really helped eliminate that! really makes pants look better. great back smoothing 

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    August 17, 2022

    Lo pedí en talla XS, y me llego en talla grande XL no pude obtener el resultado que quería
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    August 12, 2022
    it’s a workout to get this one for sure. not really any flattening or smoothing of the stomach but it snatched in my waist super tight. i was hoping for tummy flattening but id say it’s worth the price

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    August 12, 2022
    Nice garment but runs small.Not for busty women, or those of us with a long torso.Unfortunately this shaper didn't work for me.

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    July 26, 2022
    I’m just under 5’, thinner but with a larger chest, and my torso is proportionally short, so anything one-piece is impossible to wear as it comes. I was surprised to see this underwear fit so well!! No weird wrinkled mid-section or tight around my chest. I got hips but a smaller backside, and it fits well there— so I wouldn’t recommend this for those of you blessed in the rear end department. Overall comfy, wore underneath a thin white dress & was not noticeable at all.
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    July 23, 2022
    4.0 de 5 estrellas

    It’s fits smaller so size up!

    It’s super comfortable too

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    July 21, 2022
    I absolutely love this!! I can’t believe how comfortable it is and it doesn’t rise in the shorts no matter how much I walk around. It’s also not very see through its only a bit see through in the butt region lol but just throw some leggings and you’re good. I would definitely 10/10 recommend this!!
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    July 21, 2022

    This shapemi shape wear almost hit all the marks. The sizing is correct, even though it looks like it wouldn’t fit a toddler when pulled out of the package. I am 5’7, 155lbs, size 2/4 and ordered a small. The fabric is super stretchy, yet compressive. The thighs don’t squeeze too tight and the straps don’t dig into my shoulders. I found the compression around the butt to be ridiculous. Generally compression in shape wear like this is reduced in the buttocks area all the way to the outer thigh as to not flatten the rear. You can see from my photos how comically small that area is in this shapewear. I still end up with a very flat butt except right in the middle. Fail there. The compression also ends at an unusual spot under the bust causing a small roll, which doesn’t actually exist in real life. For those reasons I have reduced by one star. 

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    July 20, 2022
    Made well, material has good stretch. It doesn’t feel like I am wearing it( that’s a good thing). My only complaint is that there is not too much of a support around the abdominal area. If you need more cinching in the abdomen, this is not the product.

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    July 20, 2022
    I have been looking for shapewear to keep me secure and comfortable under dresses. i have sensory issues, so wearing certain bras and under garments is very uncomfortable for me. this shapewear smoothed me out and was really comfortable, i could wear it all day. I also wore a bra under it and it smoothed out the bras back bulge!
    A 26 personas les resultó útil
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    July 8, 2022
    Update......I wore this for the second time and inner thigh seam completely bust open........... I ordered the 2x 3x. Its a comfortable hold for under clingy dress materials. I like I do not have to wear a bra with this. Going to order another in a size down.
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    June 11, 2022
    I am a 1st shape wearer, and this doesn’t do a lot of “snatching” but it’s a 10 for smoothing. Total comfort. Could wear all day.
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    June 6, 2022

    I liked the shaper wished it had more elasticity it tore the first time I put it on. Kind of thin. 

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    June 6, 2022
    When looking at the reviews, I decided to go for size L even though I'm usually a small/Median size. When the product arrived, I was surprised at how small it looked - but, don't let it fool you, it has sooooo much stretch!!! It fits perfectly and it totally sucks everything in!! I mean, that's what you want from a Tummy Control Bodysuit right?! The quality is very decent and I like how stretchy it is so I don't have to worry about getting a new one in the future if things do change. I would wear it underneath a tight dress so it smooths everything out! Highly recommended!!
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    June 6, 2022
    This is just the right amount of compression for all day wear. I forget that I am wearing it because it is so comfortable. I would order in a size smaller than your regular size if you want more compression. I have tried this with jeans, dresses, and linen pants no squeezing marks-just seamless! Would buy again and highly recommend! Revised... taken one star away because after one wear, it has developed a whole in the seam near the butt... for the price, I would expect a bit more sturdiness.
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    May 26, 2022

    It fit well. It got here the day after I ordered it. Wearing it for a wedding. 

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    May 26, 2022
    I have ordered bodysuits in the past, and they always let me down.This however, did not. I was worried it might not fit properly, butI was very pleased at how perfect the fit was. I ordered the LRG/XLG.It checks all the boxes: Just enough tummy control without suffocating you.Comfortable Material, stretchy and soft. I would do the opening gusset a little biggerbut not a big deal.My husband loved it so much, he ordered another color for me. I just wish it came in white.I give it a full 5 star review!

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    May 19, 2022
    I've wore this once since getting it. It fit surprisingly well for how tiny it is out of package. Looks like a baby onesie! The only down side is the top/bra portion is a little thin, has good support but shows nipples... maybe if it was a thicker fabric dress or top it would be better ? Also the "gusset" is a little odd for me. I get the reasoning for it, but still a little odd. Overall I do like it and will use it again for future occasions.
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    May 16, 2022
    love love love

    love it! snatches your waist and nothing rides up or rolls. the length of the thighs are perfect so i don’t get burns between my thighs. only downside is that it’s see through, i was hopping to wear it out alone but nope, you’ll need it wear it under your outfits! 

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    May 10, 2022
    The pee hole is worthless but the body suit is perfect otherwise!
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    May 10, 2022

    Muy fácil de usar

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    May 9, 2022

    I’m 5’3 and 123 lbs for reference. Had surgery and this is so comfortable that I had to buy FOUR! Keeps my stomach tight. The only issue with the shorts one and not the thing is I have to take on and off to use the restroom. But I don’t mind but wish I had the ability to snap on and off. 

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    May 4, 2022
    This bodyshaper fits perfectly. It's breathable comfortable fits perfectly. Being a plus size it's a little tough to pull up in the back but once I got that figured out I was very pleased. No back rolls very smoothing. And I don't have to wear a bra with it. It's an all over perfect garment.

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    April 28, 2022
    FABRIC IS BIG GIRL FRIENDLY!!! Not tight or anything. Girl this feels real nice on, I’m not even mad ab it not giving me a bawdy. It’s a nice undergarment to layer with. Buy it
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    April 22, 2022
    Pretty good

    Fits as expected

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    April 12, 2022
    I bought this to wear by itself and with jeans but the butt area is too see through to wear by itself. Im still going to keep it cause it's super soft and comfy but still slimming.
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    April 11, 2022
    Love this shaper wear, comes real small but fits perfect and sucks everything u want it too in for the perfect wear underneath any type of clothing. You could wear on its on as like a body suit or wear bottoms is a tiny bit see through though.
    A una persona le resultó útil
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    April 9, 2022
    The initial shock of seeing the shaper out of the packaging was big but it does stretch really well and is incredibly comfortable. The waist doesn't seem quite as tight as I would like (and sizing down may be too snug on my thigh/hips). i love that the top fits like a braletNot a torture device or improperly sized like other commenters have stated.I would definitely recommend
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    April 9, 2022
    When I got this out of the bag it looked tiny, but I read reviews and someone had mentioned this and also commented that after putting it on it stretched plenty. It did. It is very comfortable and holds everything in place except the bra part does not have enough support for my girls. I am 5' tall and 175 lbs. and I bought the 2XL size. I am happy with my purchase and I will keep it even though I need to find another style that I can wear with my formal stretchy gown.
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    April 7, 2022
    First, very true to size. I struggled with whether to order this vs SPANX for my wedding & I am VERY VERY HAPPY I did. Perfect product. Softer fabric, easier to pull on, great gussets for opening & closing.Outstanding ‘on-site’
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    April 1, 2022
    This shaper does it all. Good hold for your breasts. Great tummy control. And the butt lift was an added bonus. Plan on getting more.
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    March 22, 2022
    This shapewear is super formfitting, which is the idea with such an item. Not the easiest to get on and remove, but that is also to be expected with such an item. It’s made of a combination of nylon and spandex. I do not wear it daily, but it is nice to have for a night out when you want to smooth out some “wrinkles”.
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    March 13, 2022

    No se pudo cargar el archivo multimedia.

     I absolutely love this body shaper it is super comfy. It holds me in very well with out feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. I’m ordering every color. I’m about 220 5’4 I ordered a XL but could’ve gotten a L because of how stretchy it is. AGAIN BUY IT! 

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    March 12, 2022
    Size down

    I am a true size M, 8 -10 depending on store and 5’9. I ordered a S/M size here and would say that it fit looser than I was expecting. In the future, I would buy again at the smaller size to see if it provides more shaping

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    March 11, 2022
    I took heed of the reviews and bought the next size up. When I opened the pkg,I actually laughed out loud and walked around the house showing it to my family. There was significant skepticism that I was going to get my body in it. There was cussing and sweating and heavy breathing (not for the faint of heart) but when it was on, it was strangely VERY comfortable, my bulges were smoothed and my tummy much flatter. I love that it's shorts and will prevent sticky thigh rub. Not much to look at by itself but definitely gets the job done
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shapeminow Invisible Seamless Tummy Control Bodysuit shaper 
Invisible Seamless Tummy Control Bodysuit shaper 

$ 24.58$ 53.73

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