How to get a flat tummy in 7 days|6 Steps to Get Flat Belly in one week

How to get a flat tummy in 7 days|6 Steps to Get Flat Belly in one week

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How to get a flat tummy in 7 days|6 Steps to Get Flat Belly in one week

So do you want to make your tummy flat in one week? Maybe because you have occasion or a wedding to attend and you just need that quick fix.

Or probably you have that lovely dress you love so much sitting in your closet, but it won’t just fit you. You can’t wear it because your belly is protruding.


Well, you can do something about it in this week whether you have a wedding, a function or whatever your reasons are.


You can rock that dress this week by applying the few steps I will be sharing with you in this post.

This is guaranteed that your tummy will get flat this week.


So here are the 6 Steps to Get Flat Belly in one week


  • Drink plenty water

Water assists in breaking down fat, converting it to energy. It moves nutrients all over the body thereby maintaining your metabolism.

A stable metabolism prevents your body from storing up much fat on your belly.


Besides that, when you drink less water your body adjusts and try to react to the fact that you have less water in your system by retaining the little you took causing you to bloat.


This will also affect your whole body.


Your face will start shrinking, you’ll develop wrinkles, and what is more, your skin will look ruff in addition to the belly bloat.


On the other hand, drinking lots of water flushes out toxicity and all those radicals that cause you plenty deformation.

So drink lots of water. 6 to 8 glasses a day can do a WHOLE lot.


  • Drink Lemon Water Before Breakfast

Begin your day with a glass of lemon water.  This is a fast and easy remedy to eliminate belly fat.


Lemon water helps detoxify your liver. And as you know, your liver is responsible for breaking down fat.


If it doesn’t function properly, then you have a problem


It will store up all the fat in the body, most especially your belly. As we all know, that is where most of the body fat is stored.


So make it as functional as possible to help you get rid of those excess fats.


What to do here is TO get a glass of warm water, then extract your lemon juice into the water.


Add honey to it, just to give it a little taste if you like that. But try not to add so much of it.


I personally don’t add honey because I didn’t like the taste of honey in it.


I kind of prefer it without the honey.


So you can add it or leave it, just your preference, then drink it on empty stomach just before your abs workout.



  • Eat Watermelon

Eat watermelon before every meal and last thing at night before bed.


The reason:  Watermelon contains 91 percent water and it makes you feel full.


So when you eat watermelon at the beginning of a meal and last thing before bed, it fills you up without adding a really substantial amount of calories to your meal.


Also, it keeps you feeling full throughout the day and because it contains lots of water, it definitely eradicates water retention.


And remember what I said about water retention. When you retain water, you bloat. So watermelon is definitely YES for this week.


  • Do Some Exercise

Guys to burn belly fat, you have to work out. You need work it to get it. I mean to be attractive or command authority, you have to earn it and the only way you can earn it is by working it out.


Do both cardio and abs specific exercise Crunches, climbers, running, skipping, sit-ups, and twist, just name it.


I challenge you, therefore, to do abs workout and little of cardio exercise every day, none stop for these 7 days and you will be so proud of yourself.


I will quickly insert here an abs workout video you should do this week or you can also check out other abs workout videos from Abigail here.


As for your cardio, any exercise that increases your heartbeat will do.


Example: Skipping, jump jack, jump squat, Spinning and even dancing to a song you love.


In the future I will post a comprehensive abs workout video designed to help your quick fat loss, so don’t forget to subscribe to our blog post to get updates, if you have not already done so.


  • Wear a Waist Clincher

Wear waist trainer ladies. Instantly, a waist trainer can reduce up to 4inches of your waist and belly, leaving you with a very nice cinched, small, curvy and flat tummy to flaunt at the event.

And a long use of the cincher or waist trainers can permanently reduce your tummy and waist over time.

I will recommend you get a latex waist trainer if you like to try waist training

You can make your choice from a variety of our latex cincher here.


  • Stay Away From These Things:

Here are few things you really need to stay away from this week if you want to see the result.

Just run so far far away from these items:

  1. All carbonated drinks
  2. Any gaseous food you currently consume/ like beans, apples, etc.
  • Alcohol
  1. Black coffee(replace with green tea)
  2. Chewing gum



Finally, I will advise you read this article by Abigail Ekweghi on how to get a small waist and flat tummy. It is more detailed on what is required to get a flat tummy and maintain small waist.


Hope this was helpful?  Tell us in the comment box below what your thoughts are.

Stay Pretty All Round with Shapeminow High Quality Waist Trainers

Stay Pretty All Round with Shapeminow High Quality Waist Trainers

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Happiness that comes from waist training

Happiness that comes from waist training

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When you have long tried several remedies to belly fat reduction and finally you got a solution, your heart gladdens.

Like the picture you  will not even know when you take a lot of selfie picture 😀😃 sending them to us and saying I love! I love! I love!

Let us help you look trimmed & beautiful.

Differences between waist cincher, latex waist cincher/trainer and a waist training corset

Differences between waist cincher, latex waist cincher/trainer and a waist training corset

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Hello Readers!

We often get asked “What is the difference between a waist cincher, latex waist cincher/trainer and a waist training corset (steel boned corset precisely)?”

Well we are going to address all those questions in this post and even give a little more on how all these cincher/trainers can be combined or used together to achieve maximum result in your waist training goal.

First let’s say a cincher is a general term used to identify any garment that is designed to shape the body and give a more enhanced appearance. A waist Cincher is meant to target the waist section specifically, it will shave one or two inches off from your waistline while you are wearing it. Usually, a waist cincher is designed to provide a slimming effect underneath your clothes. Cinchers are mostly made from a combination of nylon and latex or spandex AND some with plastic boning, but recommended is spiral steel boning (Our next post will discuss why spiral steel boning is recommended). If your weight is more around your tummy area, cinchers can help give you a reduced waistline for sure, but not to the point of real hourglass curves like a steel boned corset. Compare picture(left -corset, right-latex cincher)


You should see the difference from how latex cincher holds and the grip from Jean steel boned corset resulting to a more hourglass shape. But here is what makes a cincher preferable to a corset, let’s say a well-designed latex waist cincher with 9 spiral steel which is like the maximum steel you can have in latex or other kinds of cinchers will give you all the flexibility you need while wearing it, unlike the corset. Good waist training corsets are designed with 18-28 Steel and materials mostly used in designing them ranges from leather, spandex, and polyester to satin etc. With the number of steel used in designing corsets, it is impossible get the same level of flexibility latex or regular cinchers will give, so a corset is actually a bit inconveniencing.

Though Steel boned corsets are a bit inconveniencing, they surely give AMAZING curves and will instantly take three to four (or more) inches off your waistline. Corsets also re-shape or re-mould your body over time to the shape of the particular corset you are using to waist train (like wearing braces to give the teeth direction or shape). But you must know that wearing corsets requires lots of patience and determination. In all, with proper dedication, determination and patience; waist training will give you a smaller waist even when you are not wearing the corset or you take it off plus little corset maintenance will keep the waist just that way without having increase later.

Just to clarify a little between latex cincher and other regular cinchers. Latex is designed to give instant control and a reduced waist when wearing it by burning fat over time. Other cinchers are made to only give you that instant control, but will not reduce your waist permanently over time that means when you wear the cincher, your waist is small and when you take it off it goes back. This is also how the full body shapers work. The good thing about body shapers and cinchers generally is that they are not visible under your clothes. Some people call them smootheners because the can hide perfectly in clothes, unlike Corsets that are bulkier and cannot easily hide underneath clothes.

Finally, corsets certainly can’t be worn to exercise or work out, but a cincher can be worn. Which is another area where you might benefit from cinchers(latex). They are easy to sleep in or wear overnight, and still provide some support and shaping like the corset

There are lots of products with so many differences and uses, sometimes they get one confused! Hope this help clarify this re-occurring FAQ. We would love to hear your feedback, please leave comments on areas we couldn’t discuss at this time.

Be Nice to Yourself!

How to Waist Train

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Waist training is the process of waist reduction and modification, by the use of a waist cincher or waist training corset. We can compare this to the period when a child needs to wear braces to straighten the teeth, the brace continuously applies pressure to the shattered teeth in other to straighten it. This is applicable to a waist training process, by continual application of pressure to the waist it can be modified to a coke bottle shape. Wearing a waist cincher or a corset, exercising and eating a healthy diet can dramatically restructure your waist and reduce the size; it instantly presents a beautiful and sexy hourglass shape while gradually getting rid of extra flesh around your waist. You will need to wear your trainer for 4-12 hours daily. As your waist size keeps reducing you will need to move to a smaller size of the trainer from the last one used. When you have reached your desired waist size, you then need to retain the last trainer and use that to maintain the hourglass shape you just worked had to achieve.

The trainer causes a thermogenesis effect on the body which helps your body get rid of toxins and impurities when you perspire. While wearing the waist trainer, the tight compression will help to curb food consumption which will help achieve the healthier practice of plenty smaller meals, rather than three or two large meals a day.

To get the best out of your waist training process, you need to combine wearing your waist trainer with exercise and healthy eating. We also advise that you take the process gradually, wear it for few hours on the onset and later increase the number of hours you wear them. You will be surprised at the result you can get.

We will like to say that using plastic boned fashion corsets is not recommended for waist training because it is not strong enough to exact the required amount of pressure to reduce and remould your figure.

So please……. why not start now?

Benefits of wearing waist training Corsets

Benefits of wearing waist training Corsets

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Wondering why you should wear a corset or a waist trainer? well, here are few Benefits of wearing waist training Corsets or waist trainer.


  Benefits of wearing waist training Corsets

  • First, wearing a corset can help prevent and control back pain caused by a different kind of disorder.


  • It definitely will reduce the size of the waist and make your physique to look curvier instantly and even overtime.
    Corsets can reshape and feminize the figures of a lady, making the ribcage appear more narrow, thereby helping the person to obtain a well desirable figure.


  • It can correct bad posture and prevent any skeletal issues that could result in complications.


  • It also helps you watch your weight because it acts as an external gastric band which will not allow much expansion of the stomach, that way it controls appetite and reduces your food consumption.


  • Wearing corset helps improve your self-confidence because it makes you feel beautifully shaped and we know confident comes when we know we are very beautiful, attractive and loved.


It has been proven that corset is helpful in minimizing menstrual cramps in women and also it reduces the intensity of headaches or migraines.


Why is this so?


Yes because wearing a corset gives you a proper posture & supports your neck in effect taking away tension from the neck and shoulders thereby reducing your headache and even eradicating it


Yeah!!!!! there are many more benefits of wearing a corset, just to mention few.


To me this is the bombs so ladies go get yours, I mean run get yours…….lol


How to get a flat tummy in 7 days|6 Steps to Get Flat Belly in one week